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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show



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    vgiannell5 Hasn't been specified.
    Maybe before or after the Legendary Battle. If before, it would explain how all those teams were there for the final battle. If after, it'd probably a precaution for future threats of a similar level.
    I'm surprised Time Force built that and allowed it to exist in the past considering their policy on trying to avoid altering the past. Seems to me like they do more alterations in the timeline to help all Power Rangers nowadays. They let Wes and Eric keep the morphers, may have let Eric keep the Q-Rex, gave the tech to communicate with the future, sent the Q-Rex zord for Orion, and now the Transportal Device.
  • Did the people of KO-35 ever forgive Karone for all of the evil she caused as Astronema?
  • @vgiannell5 I have a feeling that they did. When we saw her in the finale of PRIS, we did see her standing alongside the people of KO-35.
    Compare that to how we didn't see Ransik standing slongside Ransik in the finale of PRTF.
  • While Prince Vekar has always been jealous of his brother Vrak being their father's favorite, but was Vrak ever jealous of Vekar being first in line to the throne?
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    @vgiannell5 I'm 100% sure that's the case.
    Both Vekar and Vrak were both trying to prove themselves worthy to their father Mavro. They both showed it multiple times throughout the seasons.
    Vrak has verbally mentioned trying to prove that he is worthy and deserving of ruling. He even expressed how he felt his older brother Vekar was not worthy of being the prince of the Armada, describing him as "a fool." Vrak's actions were to show that he was more deserving and better suited to the position that was denied to him since Vekar was first in line, and I think that his actions were also some attempt of his to change things in the Armada so he could be prince even with Vekar still alive, though that probably wouldn't have happened since even Mavro knew to stick to the traditional way of the first in line being prince until death.
    Vekar has also verbally mentioned trying to prove that he is worthy and deserving of ruling and his position as prince of the Armada. Of course, though he did prove that he lacked leadership skills and wasn't a great strategist, he wasn't as dumb as he appeared. When he overheard his father's conversation with Damaras, he knew exactly what was meant. He knew that Damaras true purpose in accompanying him was to basically babysit him because his father considered him incompetent and favored younger brother Vrak a lot more, though Mavro wasn't willing to toss aside, rather, help Vekar learn and grow into a better leader.
    Yes, both Vekar and Vrak were both jealous of one another, leading to their constant battles with each other to win their father's approval and to win "their place" in the Armada. Vrak wanted Vekar's position as prince and leader of the Armada instead of being another soldier in their forces, though he seemed to have not realized that he already was in a great place with his father. It has been theorized that Mavro only placed Vrak in the Armada's Warstar advance force because Vrak held himself too high and overconfident and wanted to humble him. Vekar wanted to prove that he was worthy of his position and a great leader, plus win the approval that Vrak was entirely receiving from their father.
  • Did Ninjor create the green power coin before Rita got her hands on it?
  • @vgiannell5 that is very likely. I don't know a reason why that wouldn't be the case.
  • How long was King Mondo out of action after the Zeo rangers defeated him the first time?
  • @vgiannell5
    They never stated how long specifically he was out of action. However, given that TV show season tend to consist of one whole year or close to it, I think we can assume that Kind Mondo was out for a little over a month, maybe a few months.
    When I first watched Zeo online, and I was binging on it for some time, it felt like Mondo was gone for many months.
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    Was Sam Trueheart from Zeo the same man Tommy met in Mighty Morphin during his Zeo quest?
  • @vgiannel5 yes it was
  • Did Zeltrax know that creating the White Ranger clone would cause a glitch in the Morphing Grid?
  • @vgiannell5 it is possible, though never said for certainty.
    When the evil White Ranger clone's power starting zapping him, Elsa said "I'm not surprised really. It was only a matter of time". It's possible that Mesogog's whole crew knew about this or suspected it was possible. That makes it possible that Zeltrax was aware. Then again, it could've been a matter of different opinions. For all we know, Elsa figured it would happen while Zeltrax was ignorant to it.
    I would like to know how on Earth Mesogog and his crew knew anything about the Morphing Grid and how it would react when the Power Rangers themselves didn't know. Mesogog's crew had no prior experience with Power Rangers. Perhaps Mesogog's experiments on the White Dino-Gem gave them some info or maybe Mesogog spent years keeping an eye on matters related to the Power Rangers before he resurfaced, which is possible since he knew about Lothor and his crew recognized Power Rangers immediately after Dino Thunder's first morph. They knew enough to be able to create the White Dino Morpher.
  • Were the power of the Zeo Crystal to much for Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Tanya, and Katherine to handle just like what happened with Jason and the Gold Ranger powers?

    I'm sure it's only one of the reasons four of them became Turbo Rangers while Rocky was recovering from a back injury.
  • @vgiannell5
    For Jason, the powers were not entirely compatible with him. As I recall, the Gold Zeo Ranger powers could only be handled by alien physiology, such as Trey, which is why Jason was losing it.
    As for the first five, they actually chose to switch from Zeo powers to Turbo powers because for some unknown reason, the powers wouldn't have been enough to fight against Divatox's crew and Maligore (the lava monster she wanted to marry for power). Based on Zordon's words, it seems that the Zeo powers, weapons, and zords would not have been a match for the joined forces of Divatox and Maligore, so the Turbo technology was made to be an more powerful force in order to stop them (which I don't know how that works since the Zeo powers get stronger over time and the crystal has existed for thousands of years, maybe even a lot more).
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