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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show



  • Did Bridge wipe out the memories of those involved in "Once a Ranger" before being sent back to the future?
  • Not 100% sure.
    SPD protocol would suggest that Bridge would have to erase their memories to avoid affecting the future, but there's nothing to suggest that Bridge would follow through with that. Bridge could've chosen to leave their memories alone.
    That's one question that may never be answered unless the producers do something to answer that. That among many things the producers have left unanswered.
  • Why did Master Vile and Lord Zedd hate each other?
  • Master Vile never really saw Lord Zedd as a worthy and competent villain. He saw Zedd as "less" and made it quite clear. Zedd of course did not enjoy that. It also seems that Zedd felt that Vile was moving in on his turf and was making Zedd look like a fool.
    Plus, not all in-laws get along well. That's what I saw.
    Hopefully there's someone who can provide more info.
  • Why did Lord Zedd decide to bury Serpentera on the moon?
  • @vgiannell5 That has never been covered on the show.
    Part of it would depend on if he buried it before or after his exposure to the Zordon Wave.
    I can only imagine that if he buried it after he turned good, then it may have been a means to try to keep Serpentera out of the hands of evil.
    Why he would do that while evil would be anyone's guess.
  • How long were Rita and Lord Zedd afraid of the Machine Empire until later on in Zeo?
  • Unknown. Well, Rita Repulsa was contained in the space dumpster for 10,000 years, Lord Zedd left for parts unknown long before Rite was contained, aliens seems to be able to live for thousands to millions of years, the Machine Empire was able to successfully conquer a large number of planets with Earth being "the last in a chain" which would take a long time given the size of the universe and the countless amount of planets in it.
    Based on what I can gather right now, it seems like they have been afraid of the Machine Empire for a lot more than ten thousand years. That's a very long time to be afraid of someone. Of course, Rita and Zedd lost their fear of the evil machines when they saw that the Machine Empire was pretty much the same as them, especially the part where they lost to the Power Rangers as much as they did.
  • How long has Grid Battleforce been around prior the events of Beast Morphers?
  • @vgiannell5 there's no information about that.
  • edited December 2020
    How could Hunter and Blake been gullible enough to believe Lothor's lies about what happened to their parents?
  • @vgiannell5 That right there is a most excellent question.
    They saw their own Thunder Ninja Academy get attacked and captured by Lothor's forces and then join up with up, right before he goes and does the same to Wind Ninja Academy, and on his explanation that the Sensei Watonabee of the Wind Ninja Academy is responsible for what happened to their adoptive parents? I myself struggle to understand that one.
  • Why didn't the RPM Rangers and Doctor K realize sooner that most of the people they've saved through out the series are already hybrids like Dillon and Tenaya or that Venjix survived having a tower dropped on him and that some of his data ended up in one of the Cell Shift Morphers?
  • @vgiannell5
    1. They didn't know there were already hybrids by the time Corinth's shields first went up. They first of learned of hyrbids by meeting Dillon. Tenaya was proof that Venjix did this a few times. Corporal Hicks being a hybrid is was alerted them to the possibility of more hybrids being inside Corinth. Nobody had much reason to think about it sooner.
    I figured that if there were more hybrids, they'd be kept inside Venjix's palace or one of his factories. I didn't imagine there'd be hybrid sleeper agents inside Corinth. The revelation was a shock.
    2. With Venjix's final defeat in RPM, they probably figured that the virus didn't have anywhere to go in those final moments. Venjix always went back to his host body in the palace. Who would've thought he'd find a way to get inside one of the morphers.
    I'm fortunate that I didn't believe he was defeated so easily by a falling tower given the times with his first mobile body. It felt too easy though very dramatic. Plus I've watched other shows and movies with villainous computer viruses. Still, aspects of your question do need to be called out. You'd think at least Dr. K would've suspected Venjix to continue existing.
  • When did Time Force built a device that allows them or any ranger team from past seasons to travel between dimensions?
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