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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show

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Ever since it's debut on August 28, 1993, the Power Rangers has provided us with tons of action, a number of lessons, and an abundance of martial arts.
Of course, when things are around for long enough, people begin to develop questions about stuff that are involved. Over the years, I've seen many fans of Power Rangers ask questions related to things on the show. Some fans still carry some questions to this day.
If anyone has any questions about things involved with the show, both in the show and about the show, may this discussion be the place where Power Ranger fans can ask questions and get answers from fellow Power Ranger fans.
Any questions?


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    Right now I have one question.
    In Power Rangers Wild Force, Victor Adler was the Master Org we knew in the season, while the original Master Org was destroyed 3,000 years prior. When Master Org returned in "Master's Herald Part 2", he was a full org, but he seemed more ruthless than ever and his voice was a bit different.
    This sparked some confusion among fans. A lot of fans say that this wasn't Adler who made his return, but the original Master Org in Adler's body. His voice and behavior in the final five episodes would suggest that it is the original Master Org reincarnated, such as his chanting during the ceremony of the Org Heart, his statement that he destroyed Animus before, the three general Orgs acknowledging him as "master" in "Sealing the Nexus", and his statement that he destroyed the Kingdom of Animaria. Though it's to be noted that in the same five episodes, there were elements that pointed to this still being Adler as Master Org. He set up Jindrax and Toxica for their treachery (they had turned their backs on Adler/Master Org when they discovered his true identity and nature. They had served the original Master Org faithfully), he acknowledged that he is still Adler when he was talking to Princess Shayla in "Sealing the Nexus". Plus, throughout the entire season, he was describing himself as if he was the same Master Org from 3,000 years ago. Plus, Cole clearly descibed him as if it's still Adler in "Master's Herald Part 2"

    Here's my question: When the Wild Force season was reaching it's end, was that Adler/Master Org in the last five episodes or was that the original Master Org in Adler's body?

    Ancient Master Org (0:00 - 3:07)

    Master Org II / Victor Adler
  • Here's my question: When the Wild Force season was reaching it's end, was that Adler/Master Org in the last five episodes or was that the original Master Org in Adler's body?
    It was the original Master Org that had taken over Dr. Adler's body basically Adler became human during his battle with Cole and when Mandilok threw him off the cliff he had passed on which was when the original Master Org's spirit had surfaced and took over the human's body this is why he told the Princess that it was too late for him to be good because he was no longer Adler.
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    I have a question: How can aliens both good and evil know martial arts if they haven't been on Earth before?
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    @MattEmily if that was indeed the Master Org in control of Adler, why did he behave more like Adler?
    His reaction to Princess Shayla calling him "Dr. Adler" clearly set him off. Most villains don't care for their civilian names. I feel certain that the Master Org wouldn't be bothered by it, that only Adler would be bothered by it. The Master Org never had a problem with Jindrax and Toxica, only modern day Master Org hated them.
    A lot of his personality traits are still identical to Adler from before his return.
    I see more of Adler than the original monster in the returned Master Org. Though perhaps the original's influence on Adler grew as his transformation progressed.

    Here's how I see it. When Viktor Adler ate the seeds, the powers flowed through him. As years progressed, the seeds mutated his body as much as at it could to Org in the decades prior to the Wild Force season while letting some essence of the original master into him, giving him some of the memories and information of the original master. Red Ranger deflecting the blast back at him began a rebooting process. When Adler dies from being thrown over the cliff, the rebooting is allowed to proceed without the human side interfering. This mutates the modern Master Org into a full Org while allowing more of the original' essence to flow into him, making him a fusion of Adler and the Master Org (though the original is dead) which makes Adler behave more like the original (sort of like what happened to Trakeena when she was fused with Deviot) while giving him everything the original knew.

    Seeing Master Org in the last few episodes and thinking about everyone saying that it's the original in a walking corpse, it just doesn't make sense in my mind when I see the way he behaves and talks.

    @vgiannell5 I believe that since the aliens have been around longer than humans, they probably developed Martial Arts first in the universe, where as the martial arts humans developed is considered to be developed first on Earth.
    Those who have lived longer, experience more.
    This may also be something useful. In Power Rangers SPD, episode "Samurai" it's revealed that an alien named Katana crashed on Earth in feudal Kyoto, Japan. He was found by a member of the Shinsengumi and trained to protect it from invaders. He became the first alien Samurai.
    Other aliens might have had similar origin stories or Katana eventually trained other aliens.
  • Here's another question. When Mesogog was created after Anton Mercer experimented on dinosaur DNA, why did he have a desire to return the Earth to the dinosaur age?
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    @vgiannell5 That's a bit more of a psychological topic, which will be harder to analyze in this case since we're talking about a mind that has been affected by the DNA of primitive reptiles and some other chemicals (depending on what was in the formula that created Mesogog).
    My guess is that Mesogog affiliates better with dinosaurs as he technically is one, plus his mind is partially dinosaur due to his mutation. His dinosaur-like mind would care nothing for other species, though his advanced mind would logically respect them especially since he needed extra help to make his vision of a dinosaur-ruled Earth a reality. It's probably a nature vs nurture thing blended with the logic of an intelligent mind that has been advanced.
    It's as good as the reason anyone desires to do something in life. Why does one desire to play sports? Why does one desire to run a business? Why does one desire to change the world for the better (whether it be to improve life for everyone selflessly or because they want things to be their way selfishly)? Why does one desire to commit crimes rather than try to do things the legal way? Why do villains desire to conquer the universe or just one planet?
    You'd probably have to ask someone who is familiar with the brain, psychology, medicine, and nature vs nurture.
  • Were Lightspeed Rescue's morphers, weapons, vehicles, and zords really man made, or were they reversed engineered from left over alien tech that got left behind during the Zordon era?
  • @vgiannell5 I wish we could know. We were never really given an answer to that. All we can do is theorize. Maybe the Rangers' morphers and arsenal were man-made. Maybe the Rangers' morphers and arsenal were reversed engineered from left over alien tech that got left behind during the Zordon era. We'll never know. All we can do is believe what we think is the answer.
    Earth's technology did seem to become pretty advanced following Power Rangers in Space's final battle against the United Alliance of Evil. However, aliens were still not allowed to live on Earth and co-exist with humans until probably now. The time SPD fought the Troobian Empire (the year 2025) was a time where aliens and humans were already co-existing. Z's past shows that aliens were on Earth as a child, which would be long before she became a Ranger. Plus, I learned recently that Earth's SPD division didn't go public until 2015, not long after the Legendary Battle. With that, I doubt aliens came to provide their technology after fall of the U.A.E in 1999 (before Terra Venture set off into space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy began. Although, how could humans reverse-engineer all the alien tech and build so much so fast? Long story short, got no idea.
  • How did Jason, Tommy, and T.J. get their red ranger powers back in Forever Red?
  • @vgiannell5 that is one of many things that has never actually been answered, like the last question. Just like the previous question, All we can do is theorize.
    For Jason, I don't know how the Mighty Morphin powers were restored. We saw the power coins get destroyed, yet Adam had the damaged Black Power Morpher during In Space and was able to morph, though the power was unstable. Could've been the same for all the Power Morphers. Though what restored them unknown. All other lost Ranger powers were brought back during the Legendary Battle, most likely through the Ranger keys, but that's probably not what happened for Forever Red.
    For Tommy, the Zeo powers were never destroyed, just replaced and put into storage. He could've brought them out again.
    For T.J. , he probably got his Red Turbo powers back the same way Justin got his Blue Turbo powers back during the Turbo-In Space Team-up. There was a spare Blue morpher in Storm Blaster's glove compartment. Perhaps Lighting Cruiser had a spare Red morpher in it's glove compartment. Although how Storm Blaster had a spare is unknown, so the same would go for Lightning Cruiser.
  • How did Tommy build a hidden laboratory under his house when he moved to Reefside?
  • @vgiannell5 that I'd love to know.
    Probably made lots of money working with Anton Mercer, had the lab and house built with help from Hayley.
  • How did Bulk get back to Earth from Mirinoi?
  • That's a good question. Bulk never even told Spike about his adventures involving the old Power Rangers, at least on camera.
  • When did Zordon take Gosei in as his apprentice?
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