Suggestions - Vanilla 2
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  • As the forum continues to grow, improvements are always great. If anyone has anything to suggest about something that should be added, removed, or altered, share your ideas here :)

  • you should alter were you put the categories. you should put them on top and so when you click on it expands and you can scroll which one
    you want to talk one!!!
    even when all hope seems lost, the power rangers will always protect you.
  • how about adding a picture tab with pictures from all the seasons
  • You should add more shows like Kamen Rider Dragon Knight in the Other Shows section.
  • Are we allowed to upload other shows... and if soo do they have to be saban/nick shows??

    Oh and you should make the episodes that users upload have different sections, like you have. i.e Power Rangers, Other Shows, Senti Rangers??
  • Perhaps a discussion where only you could post, so that you can announce all your updates on the forum.
  • THe newsest post should be right at the front instead of the back. Further more , give us the option to set up poll so we can ask question and get answer more easily
  • Honestly, I dont think anyone else should upload other shows that arent Nick/Saban. I mean, sure, they can keep it under their own downloads page, but i feel like itd either be really cluttered or deviating from the original point of the forum.

    Thats just my opinion
  • I say, stay the course... the forum's really starting to take shape!
  • what about a marketplace? i know some boards frown on such things but others have no problem with it.
  • A marketplace sounds great! But i agree with PRP, the forum needs to grow so it can really work.
  • im confused sincei dont use power ranger forums much whats a marketplace ?

  • hey prp you should put the episode title or at least the episode number the the side of the download links.
  • This is a suggestion for everybody:

    I've noticed that we have a few topics that are repeated. Like, Goseiger being the next season and what's it's called, for example. We already have a topic like that and there are some others that are repeated. I suggest that people actually look at all the topics first BEFORE they make a new one that could possibly be a repeat.

    EDIT: Just skimming through the pages of the forum I've found 4 (or was it 5) pages about Goseiger. When they could really all be under one discussion.

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