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  • Probably this has been suggested already, but having a way to navigate to the different pages of a topic at the top as well as at the bottom would be nice.
  • block feature
  • How about a facebook group that you can add us all to? It'd be great for quick updates or news! :)
  • Well for a bit of a selfish suggestion, you could add torrents of some of the Sentai series you already have every episode for. I'd be downloading almost all of them. For a suggestion to the forums you could hold contests or something with a prize, something like, you will upload the winners choice of Sentai or Power Ranger series to be upload before any other. Something small like that.
  • edited May 2012
    Why am I see people being mean to others? Isent this a place for suggestions???
  • This site really should have more control on how it's users act and behave. Like rules or something. Some people are just plan jerks and need to get over them selves. Or we need to make rules and punish them when they are jerks.
  • @Supersentaigirl you'd think so but not based on how people act around here. Granted it's easy for me to say/type because it's easy to get annoyed based on what other people say.
  • Frankly, it kind of pathetic to see fellow rangers argue and be mean to each other. This is a site for expressing our love and joy for Power Rangers not for some site where everyone dispute among each other. I hope this chances as we are not here to argue, we are to share and discuss the views on most of our childhood favorite TV series!
  • Actually, forums are for discussion of stuff, which is inevitable for any fandom.
  • @NightMere10 yeah that true! But still no need for people to be mean ti each other!
  • It's bound to happen. Especially because people get easily ticked off on the internet and not everybody agrees on everyone's opinion. Fights happen on every forum more times than I can count. I guarantee you that.
  • I got a suggestion for video uploading. Maybe we can upload it as a private video on facebook and we post the embled html link here. Then PRP post the HTML link to let us view the video. THis way the video will be undectable except to us
    thats pretty much how Henshin Fever works, except the videos aren't private.
  • I'd still say we should use Veoh. I've seen tons of sentai and rider there, uploaded from 2004 - 2005 too.
  • Yeah but veoh now blocks copyrighted videos from being uploaded (I had this problem with a sailor moon vid and my bioman vid)
  • Hey prp do you think you can make it where we can delete our posts in case we worded it wrong or whatever?
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