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Power Rangers - Villain Final Plans

Power Ranger teams have often battled their enemies for a year or more.
Eventually the villains unveil their ultimate plan to conquer to world or beyond, or they come up with one final plan to conquer to world or beyond when all else fails.
This is the list of Power Ranger Villain Final Plans

MMPR - Master Vile
Master Vile brings forth the Orb of Doom from beneath the Earth's surface and uses it to reverse time on Earth. The spell turns all adults and teens into young children and elderly adults into young adults. The time reversal turns the Power Rangers into powerless children, leaving Earth open for conquest by Zedd's forces.

MMPR - Lord Zedd
Having constantly failed against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Alien Rangers, Zedd uses blueprints to the Command Center to his advantage. He sends Rito and Goldar to 1: sneak into an important section beneath the Command Center and destroy the entire Command Center using explosives (whether the Power Rangers are inside or not), 2: steal the recovered Zeo Crystal while inside the Command Center and use its powers to conquer the universe. The destruction of the Command Center while the Rangers are still powerless would leave the Power Rangers unable to fight back and Earth open for conquest by Zedd, armed with the Zeo Crystal.

PRZ - King Mondo
At the time, the Gold Ranger powers were fading from Jason and slowly destroying him. King Mondo decided to make another attempt to get the Gold Power Staff and the Gold Zeo Powers. King Mondo intended to use the powers to conquer Earth and complete his conquest of the universe.

PRT - Divatox

Divatox recruited a monster called Goldgoyle to destroy the Power Rangers, but it only managed to destroy the Rangers' zords and a few weapons. When Rygog and Elgar told Divatox that they located the Command Center, Divatox gathered an army to launch and all-out attack on the Power Rangers base. With Dimetria and Blue Centurian gone, Divatox strikes hard and fast. If the Power Rangers themselves and their base were destroyed, noone would be able to stand against Divatox or thwart her plans to conquer the universe.

PRIS - Dark Spector and Astronema

Dark Spector ordered that all forces of evil in the United Alliance of Evil, including the forces of Zedd & Rita, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, and Divatox to launch a universal attack to conquer the entire universe all at once. Astronema continued this plan after Dark Spector's destruction. This plan would result in universal conquest in mere days.

PRIS - Darkonda
Darkonda wanted to take over the universe himself. With one life left, he stole a Velocifighter that was armed with missiles that could destroy a planet or anything the size of a planet.

PRLG - Deviot
Deviot intended to obtain the powers of Scorpious through mutation within a cocoon made for Trakeena. Deviot would shed his own appearance and be given incredible powers. Deviot had set-up Scorpious for destruction so he could enter the cocoon un-challenged, but Trakeena's return prevented that. Now that Trakeena knew Deviot was a traitor, Deviot became desperate and attempted to enter the cocoon to save his life and over-power Trakeena and her crew. He intended to use the power to conquer the universe.

PRLG - Trakeena

After continuously failing to destroy the Power Rangers, wanting to get revenge on the Power Rangers for destroying her father (Scorpious), and being fused with Deviot and his evil, Trankeena planned an all-out assault on Terra Venture, which included blasting the ship from top to bottom and unleashing an army of Sting Wingers with bombs strapped to them. Trakeena intended to destroy the Power Rangers, Terra Venture, and all the people onboard Terra Venture

PRLR - Queen Bansheera

Queen Bansheera intended hold a ceremony to bring back all the demons that have ever fallen. To bring the demons back, she'd have to create a circle of stones, place the tomb (the one the demons were trapped in for 10,000 years) in the center of the circle, and use the power of the eclipse to open the gates to the Shadow World. She would create a large demon army to overwhelm the Power Rangers and Earth.

PRTF - Frax and Ransik

Frax intended to take over the world and the future with great brute force. Frax built a giant robot called Doomtron. Frax would pilot the Doomtron and use its power to conquer the world and the future. When Frax was captured and reprogrammed into a mindless servant, Ransik used Frax's plan to conquer the world and future for himself.

PRWF - Master Org

Master Org captured Princess Shayla, intending to use the power in her necklace to create the Orgs' greatest weapon, the Org Heart. The Org Heart combines the powers of all Org that have ever existed. When Master Org consumed it, he gained more power than ever before. In addition, the Org Heart would never let Master Org die. Master Org intended to use the power of the Org Heart to overwhelm the Power Rangers, destroy their Wild Zords, and conquer the planet with ease.

PRNS - Vexacus
Vexacus intended to conquer the planet himself. He destroyed Lothor's generals one at a time and teamed up with Marah and Kapri (who were secretly deceiving him). He wanted to destroy Lothor after destroying his allies and use a scroll of empowerment to become strong enough to destroy the Power Rangers and Lothor.

PRNS - Lothor

Lothor's ultimate plan was based on the Scroll of Destiny that he stole from the Wind Ninja Academy before he was banished to space. Lothor gathered an army of the baddest and worst aliens to fight for him prior to encountering the Power Rangers, then watched as they were destroyed one at a time. The monsters defeats were not a big loss to Lothor as their evil energies were being stored in the Abyss of Evil, a place beneath Blue Bay Harbor where the spirits of destroyed evil beings go. All the evil energy being stored were overloading the Abyss. Lothor intended to cause the Abyss to burst open and release all the evil monsters that were destroyed and use the army to destroy the Power Rangers and conquer the planet.

PRDT - Mesogog

Mesogog created a Transfiguration Beam to begin the "Dino Restructuring of Earth". The beam was built to mutate the Earth's population into mutant dinosaurs like himself, only they would be under his command. Mesogog used Elsa's power to ensure that the machine would work, but he mainly needed the power from the Power Rangers' Dino Gems. He made a deal with Trent to give him back his father in exchange for the Dino Gems. Mesogog's plan would leave the Power Rangers unable to morph and take over the whole world in a day.

PRDT - Zeltrax
Zeltrax intended to conquer the world with great brute force. He constructed a giant and unusual-looking robot called the Zelzord. The Zelzord was built to allow Zeltrax to conquer the world with ease and combat the Power Rangers' zords.

PRSPD - Broodwing

Broodwing took advantage of Commander Cruger's absence and the Power Rangers being busy battling the treacherous A-Squad Rangers. Broodwing built a large army of Krybots, recruited some aliens to be his generals, and launched an assault on SPD Command Base. He used a giant drill to create an easy entrance into the base. While the Krybots and his generals overwhelmed SPD staff, Broodwing took the controls and took control of the S.P.D: Delta Command Megazord. He intended to use the Megazord's power and weapons to destroy and conquer New Tech City.

PRSPD - Omni the Magnificence and Emperor Gruumm

Gruumm's entire year of stealing resources from Earth was all for this moment. The Troobians used Earth's resources to construct an enormous, armored, robotic body for the brain-like Omni. Omni would use this body to crush all his enemies and conquer Earth due to being bigger than any robot ever built, have armor that's impossible to penetrate, and having powerful weapons.

PRMF - Octomus the Supreme Master of the Underworld

The Master gained a new ability that gave him an edge against the Power Rangers and all do-gooders. The Master was now capable of consuming all good magic that was thrown at him. The more good magic he consumed, the more powerful he would become. The Master used this ability against the one magical being with the power to stop him, the Mystic Mother (formerly Rita Repulsa), in the hopes of making it impossible for anyone to defeat him.

PROO - The Fearcats
The Fearcats were gathering resources. They stole the Octavian Chalice, the Root of Hesper, the Sands of Sila, and Minerva's Staff. The Fearcats would use these four items to create a powerful creature capable of "destroying worlds", Agrios. Once Agrios was created, the Fearcats would attach a machine to Agrios's head which would allow them to control Agrios like a robot, then they'd use his power to wipe out the population of Earth, making it easy for them to obtain the five jewels of the Corona Aurora (the crown of the gods) and the crown itself. The Corona Aurora would allow the wearer to conquer the universe with ease.

PROO - Miratrix
After being banished by Kamdor, a vengeful Miratirx sought to become extremely powerful. She found the Power Rangers using the Octavian Chalice to ask the gods for a way to find the pink jewel of the Corona Aurora. She interrupted the ceremony so she could obtain power from the Octavian Chalice. Miratrix was given power that continuously increased and she transformed into her final form. She intended to use her new powers to destroy all her enemies and get the five jewels of the Corona Aurora (the crown of the gods) and the crown itself. The Corona Aurora would allow the wearer to conquer the universe with ease.

PROO - Kamdor
After imprisoning Miratrix in a crystal, Kamdor intended to get the five jewels of the Corona Aurora (the crown of the gods) and the crown itself without interruption. Kamdor used the blue jewel to summon an asteroid to distract the Power Rangers while he went after the jewels and the crown. The Corona Aurora would allow the wearer to conquer the universe with ease.

PROO - Moltor
After losing the Tri-Dragon Key, and already possessing the Corona Aurora (the crown of the gods), Moltor intended to launch an all-out attack to destroy each and every Power Ranger, so that he could get the five jewels of Corona Aurora without further interference. The Corona Aurora would allow the wearer to conquer the universe with ease.

PROO - Flurious

After obtaining the blue jewel from Kamdor and the Corona Aurora from Moltor, Flurious tracked the remaining jewels to Hartford Mansion and launched an attack. He captured the Red Ranger and threatened to destroy him unless the Power Rangers surrendered all the jewels. With all five jewels and the crown, Flurious intended to use the crown's godly power to conquer the universe. The Corona Aurora would allow the wearer to conquer the universe with ease.

PRJF - Dai-Shi

After a whole year of gaining more and more power, Dai-Shi became powerful enough to bring back all his fallen warriors. Dai-Shi planned to open a portal to the Spirit World and bring back the worst of the worst monsters that ever served Dai-Shi, including the Five Fingers of Poison, the Overlords, and the Phantom Beasts, to assemble a new Beast army. This would cause a second Beast War. Dai-Shi intended to use his new Beast Army to destroy the Power Rangers and conquer Earth.

PRRPM - General Shifter
Since most of Earth was already conquered by the Venjix Virus, and being limited on resources, General Shifter intended to take control of the most powerful force on Earth, the Power Rangers. Shifter had built a small key-shaped nano-magnetic transmitter that was designed to people under his control once they entered the victim's body. Shifter would be able to control the victim via remote. The plan was to take control of one or more Rangers and use them to destroy Venjix and conquer all of Earth for himself.

PRRPM - Venjix Virus

For a long time, Venjix was capturing humans and doing experiments to turn people in half-human half-robot hybrids. Venjix also implanted a self-generating virus inside the machinery to ensure that it spread throughout the hybrids' bodies. Once a hybrid was 50% robotic, Venjix could activate them and take control of them. It turns out that Corinth City had countless hybrids inside. Venjix intented to activate all the hybrids in the city using an electro-magnetic wave generated by a device that Tenaya 15 acquired from cartel leader, Fresno Bob. Venjix would use the hybrids to help him overwhelm the Power Rangers and Corinth's army, and conquer Corinth City before destroying it.

PRS/PRSS - Serrator the Nighlok King
Serrator wanted to become a supreme ruler of the Nether World and Earth. He devised a plan that would take lots of time, but possibly allow him to conquer the two worlds, the only risk being that it may destroy both worlds. Serrator had turned Deker into a half-human half-Nighlok 200 years prior to meeting the Power Rangers. Serrator intended to create "wedges" of misery (spots where great misery happened) in the Earth. The wedges formed a straight line. Serrator would then get Deker to use his sword, Urumasa, and strike the middle of the line Serrator made. Only Deker could make this possible as he was "filled with Nighlok rage and human sorrow". Deker's strike would create a giant crack in the Earth that would cause the Nether World to flood into Earth, therefore allowing Serrator to conquer two worlds at once.

PRS/PRSS - Master Xandred

Master Xandred intended to conquer the Earth by flooding it with the Nether World's Sanzu water. To do so, he needed to cause suffering and misery in the human world. Each time they do so, the Sanzu River rises. In the end, the misery that Dayu carried with her since the day she became a Nighlok, was more than enough to cause the Sanzu River to flood the Earth. Master Xandred used this to launch and all-out attack to conquer Earth.

RPM/PRSM - Prince Vekar
Prince Vekar was tired of failing, and being second place to his younger brother (Vrak). When his father (Emperor Mavro) sent him the powerful Armada Megazord, Vekar decided to use it to destroy the Power Rangers himself and prove himself worthy.

PRM/PRSM - Prince Vrak
With Prince Vekar destroyed, Vrak was now officially declared a prince. He decided to use this opportunity to finally prove himself worthy to his father (Emperor Mavro). First, Vrak captured the Silver Ranger in order to use his lifeforce to power up the drills Vrak was creating. Second, Vrak used the Silver Ranger's Sixth Ranger power to reprogram Robo Knight to evil. Then Vrak used two monsters to absorb power from the Rangers' attacks and create two more drills once they were destroyed. The three drills would drill into the Earth's core and cause the entire planet to be destroyed.

PRM/PRSM - Emperor Mavro

Emperor Mavro was determined to destroy the Earth in retaliation for his sons' demise. He called every single Armada ship in his arsenal to attack Earth. He intended to overwhelm the Power Rangers, destroy them and their arsenal, then destroy everyone on Earth, leaving the Earth free to conquer and plunder for resources.

PRDC/PRDSC - Sledge the bounty hunter
Sledge discovers Greenzilla eggs and spends nearly a year planting them around the world, for two reasons.
1: The Greenzilla is a powerful, gigantic monster capable of decimating a cities. Since there were 6 eggs, there were 6 Greenzillas. Once they hatched, the Greenzillas would destroy everything and everyone, allowing Sledge to take the Energems with ease, and allowing him to finally conquer the universe.
2: A part of the Greenzilla eggs' nature is that they form tentacles that can burrow deep into a planet and latch onto the planet. Because of the strength and durbility of the eggs' tentacles, Sledge used them as hooks so that he can tow the Earth into deep space using his ship and it's Electro Net cables. Once the Earth was far enough from the sun, everything and everyone on the planet would be frozen. Sledge would be able to pry the Energems from the Power Rangers' hands with ease, and allowing him to finally conquer the universe.

PRNSt/PRSNSt - Galvanax
The Ninja Power Stars from the Ninja Nexus Prism grants invincibility to those who have all of them together. Galvanax stole a powerful magnet from Victor and Monty since it demonstrated the ability to attract the metal of the Ninja Power Stars and the other Ninja Throwing Stars (for the zords, fusion, Megamorph Cycles, etc). Since the magnet already got Galvanax the Ninja Throwing Stars, Galvanax decided to use it to rip the Ninja Power Stars from the Rangers without ever getting near them. With all the stars together, Galvanax can use them to become invincible and conquer the universe.

PRNSt/PRSNSt - Madame Odius
Her final plan spans over a thousand years. 1: the would create an army for herself, which she did my using a satellite with mind-controlling properties being sent through Earth's television. 2: She would use the Ninja Nexus Prism to make herself powerful and invincible. This part was more complex. At first, the Prism died destroying Galvanax which caused the Ninja Steel and everything made from it (Power Stars) turned to dust. When the Prism was revived, it used the stronger and more powerful Ninja Super Steel to remake all the Power Stars and weapons. With some leftover Ninja Super Steel, Odius forced the star to create a Ninja Nexus Super Star for herself, which she successfully merged with.

PRBM - Evox Virus
The Evox virus was actually an incomplete virus and needed to be whole to be at full strength for his ultimate plan. He allowed himself to be captured by Grid Battleforce so he could easily steal the access codes to all Morph-X towers and get the RPM Cell Shift Morphers so he could obtain the rest of his original coding from Ranger Red's morpher (guess why). At full strength, he had the Morph-X from towers everywhere converge into a single tower so he can absorb all the Morphin Grid energy and use it to create the most powerful form ever, wipe out humanity, and conquer the world, just like in RPM's dimension.


Which final plan is your favorite and why?


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