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Power Rangers review: From "Teenagers with Attitude" to "Defenders of the Universe" to NOW



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    I knew it! I knew there were more Power Rangers than the ones we've seen in 20 years. Here's the proof.

    Back in PRDT, Tommy said that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were "Earth's first team of Power Rangers". Gosei said that they unlocked modes that have never been seen before "on this planet". It means there are or were other Power Rangers and different planets or other dimensions.
    This also means that all those Super Sentai teams could be used as Power Rangers when the Ranger War happens (which also means they can use that Gokaiger footage of the Legend War in Power Rangers if they want to).
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    Power Ranger fans. We need to talk about the Megaforce Rangers new Legendary Morphers and Ranger Keys
    Gosei built the Legendary Morphers and gave the Megaforce Rangers access to the Ranger Keys in order to give them an edge against the Warstar Armada, but there are some details that need to be pointed out.
    After everything we've seen that the Legendary Morphers are capable of and what they can grant their user, I'd say that the Legendary Morpher is the most powerful and dangerous weapon ever created in Ranger history
    Zordon once said that too much specific color in one Ranger can be disastrous. The Legendary Morphers allow the user to gain more Ranger power than regular standards (especially since there have been many Ranger teams in 20 years and other teams that Earth has never seen before).
    The PROO morphers were said to have enough power to cause city-wide destruction. The Legendary Morpher and the Ranger Keys can generate way more power, which could possibly destroy more than just a city.
    If someone evil got their hands on those Legendary Morphers, they would have the power of hundreds of Power Rangers and Zords. The forces of evil could become unstoppable with even one of those morphers.

    The upside is that those Ranger Keys have been holding Power Ranger powers that were thought to have been destroyed or lost. So many teams lost these powers and believed they'd never see them again, but they've been in Gosei's Command Center all these years. Those Ranger Keys may be the keys to restoring all the powers of every single Ranger ever created. This may be why we'll have the Mega War in the future.
  • In Power Rangers Super Megaforce "A Lion's Alliance", we finally get a team-up episode (sort of). The Megaforce Rangers witness the return of a powerful zord that helped Wild Force fight the Orgs.... the Red Lion Zord.
  • In Power Rangers Super Megaforce "Samurai Surprise" the Megaforce Rangers get a surprise visit from the man who led the team that put an end to the Nighloks' reign of terror and gave the world its first "good female Red Ranger. The Power Rangers get to meet... Jayden Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger) and good old mentor Ji.

    We also get an additional surprise. There's a worse villain than Prince Vekar somewhere in space. This villain is Vekar and Vrak's father, the Warstar Emperor.
    This makes me wonder who's idea it was to conquer Earth and who sent Malkor, Creepox, and Vrak to Earth in the first place. At least now we know exactly what Warstar is. It's not a small group or an armada. Warstar is an empire.
  • I'll bet Vekar and Vrak's father will be the final main villain of Super Megaforce if both his sons are killed or wounded in battle.
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    @vgiannell5 It is possible that the Megaforce Rangers will have to fight the Warstar Emperor in the final fight, but it's also possible that the Rangers will battle Vrak in the final fight. I'd rather see the Rangers fight Vrak in the final fight. He's a more worthy oppenent and he's a better Power Ranger villains than the others we've seen in PRM/PRSM. Final fights should always have the best of the villains or the main villain.

    I liked how Power Rangers Super Megaforce "Spirit of the Tiger" turned out. The Rangers meet the Ranger who started out as a "cub" and became the warrior with the spirit of the tiger who defeated the evil dragon spirit named Dai-Shi. They meet... Casey Rhodes (Red Jungle Fury Ranger).

    I wonder if Vrak is watching the events that are going on. He could use a good look at just how many Power Rangers there are protecting the planet.
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    The future of the Power Rangers is starting to become a bit fuzzy and crazy. Saban may be attempting to perform the craziest stunt ever with Power Rangers. He may be attempting to air two different, brand new Power Ranger seasons at the same time on different channels. Power Rangers Dino Charge would air on Nickelodeon while Power Rangers Energy Chasers would air on Vortexx.

    On pre-historic Earth, an alien entrusted the powerful Paragon Prisms to 12 majestic dinosaurs for protection, but when the dinosaurs went extinct the prisms were lost. Now an intergalactic bounty hunter has arrived, determined to reclaim the prisms and destroy our planet in the process. A new team of heroic Power Rangers must join together, find the lost prisms, and use their Dino Chargers to charge an arsenal of dino-fueled swords, blasters, zords, and Megazords to save the world.
    Read more:

    Power Rangers Energy Chasers tells the story of the Entron, a powerful energy source strong enough to support entire cities around the world. When an evil army arrives on Earth in search of harnessing the Entron for its evil deeds, a team of three must unite as Power Rangers to keep the power from falling into the wrong hands. In order to save the day, these heroes will utilize all new powers and join forces with a team of animal-like robots that will help the Rangers tap into even more powerful potential.
    Read more:

    It wouldn't be the first time in history that two teams existed at the same time. Power Rangers Time Force was fighting Ransik while Power Rangers Wild Force was slowly forming. However, it would be the first time in history that we'll get to watch two teams fight evil at the same time.

    What do you Power Ranger fans think? Is this awesome? Has Saban gone crazy? Is this an April Fool's Day trick?
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    On this day, April 5, 2013, another part of Power Ranger history has been made. A new Power Ranger is born and ready to fight the Warstar Armada and other evil beings. Meet


    What do you say to this Power Ranger fans?
    @PowerRangerPlanet , @NightMere10 , @Dubby , @sayla0079 , @MattEmily , @vgiannell5 , @Ranger91 , @DekaBlue , @Yanman10 , @PoisonLotus , @EHT30J1981 , @zeorangerboy , @iFresh , @GoldenTurbo , @darkvincentes , @zyusouken , @harsh , @PoisonLotus, @thejim , @mike356 ?
  • I missed the episode so i have no idea
  • Not bad. But how did he get an Armada ship to get to Earth in the first place?
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    @sayla0079 You can watch episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce at this discussion. The link for "Silver Lining Part 1" be there soon.

    @vgiannell5 I bet we'll find out in "Silver Lining Part 1"

    Now we have 7 Megaforce Rangers. Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, Robo Knight, Silver. Once Robo Knight is found and back in action, the Warstar Empire will be in for quite the butt-kicking.
    The team will look good like this.
    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic" />

    It's just like when we had 7 Rangers in MMPR.
  • I'll bet Orion is going to explain himself like who he is, where he came from, and how he became a Power Ranger in the first place.
  • wouldn't it be funny if it turned out he was from eltar?
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    I got some info about our alien Megaforce Ranger, Orion. His home planet was called "Andrasia" so he is an Andrasian. He found the Silver Ranger Morpher and Key on his home planet before the Warstar Armada came and destroyed his home world.

    As of "Silver Lining Part 2", Orion now has his own zord and Megazord. His zord comes from the same place that 4 Time Force Rangers came from, but the zord is named after and based on the zord controlled by non other than the Quantom Ranger. Behold the Silver Megaforce Ranger's
    Q-Rex Drill, which transforms into the Q-Rex Megazord.
  • With Orion's story, more and more pieces of the Warstar puzzle. When Malkor, Vrak, and Creepox came to Earth, we had no idea who they were, where they came from, or why they chose Earth. All we knew was that they were evil and the Power Rangers would defeat them one day. Now we know more about them and the other Megaforce villains than before. This is what I can piece together:
    The Warstar Empire, led by the Emperor (whose name is apparently Mavro) want to conquer the universe (like many villains before them), but they don't enslave races, they wipe them out. The Warstar Armada attacks Andrasia to conquer it (probably some time during Super Samurai). During the invasion of Andrasia, the Emperor discovers another planet, Earth. Since they are busy attacking Andrasia, the Emperor sends one of his sons (Vrak), his admiral (Malkor), and his admiral's warrior (Creepox) to prepare Earth for invasion before the rest of the Armada is done with Andrasia and arrive on Earth. Some time in the middle of Megaforce's year, the Armada leave for Earth and leave some Armada members behind to watch Andrasia. Soon, the Armada is close enough to get a view of Earth and witness the destruction of Malkor and Malkor's ship (with Vrak inside). They send the Messenger to consult with the only remaining Warstar member on Earth, Metal Alice (Vrak's loyal robot). The Messenger discovers that Metal Alice saved Vrak and soon, reports that Vrak is alive and the Earth is ready for invasion. The Rangers defeat the Messenger and Metal Alice, leaving Vrak as the only Warstar member left on Earth. He gives the Armada to "go" to begin the invasion of Earth.

    As you can see, there was more to the first season of Megaforce than we knew. In my opinion, Megaforce/Super Megaforce provides the most "uniqueness". No other season of Power Rangers has ever done anything like this.
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