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Power Rangers review: From "Teenagers with Attitude" to "Defenders of the Universe" to NOW



  • I hope Super Megaforce will have the epicness that many past seasons had.

    Speaking of past seasons, I found a video of the actors who played Bulk and Skull talking about their favorite memories from Power Rangers.
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    Power Rangers Super Megaforce episodes 1-14 and 20 have been revealed.
    Power Rangers will go "Super Mega" on February 15, 2014.
    To watch Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce, go to
    Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce (Viewable Episodes)

    Get ready for the power!

    Here's some more news. Saban has agreed to extend Power Rangers. It will continue until 2016.
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    Since Saban has agreed to continue Power Rangers until 2016, I'm guessing all the Power Rangers that know about Super Sentai realize that there are 2 teams Saban can choose from to become the Power Rangers we'll see for 2 years. Which Super Sentai team would you like to see become the new Power Rangers?


  • I wouldn't be surprised if Saban decided to extend the Power Rangers again.
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    @vgiannel5 Saban DID extend it.
    Which team would you prefer to come after Super Megaforce?
    Speaking of Super Megaforce, it will appear on TV in one month.
  • @vgiannel5 Saban DID extend it.
    Which team would you prefer to come after Super Megaforce?
    Speaking of Super Megaforce, it will appear on TV in one month.
    I meant about Saban extending it to last a lot longer than 2016.
  • We have only a few more weeks until Power Rangers Megaforce goes "Super". Who wants to talk about some of the Ranger stuff from the old days before we move forward with Super Megaforce?
    I've been checking out stuff from the past Power Rangers seasons and I cannot believe the amount of action and adventure we've seen in the last 20 years. I know lots of people have said that Super Sentai is way better than Power Rangers, but Power Rangers was good in it's own way. I'm having flashbacks to the beginnings of each season of Power Rangers and I feel like we've seen some incredible stuff.
  • I just rewatched in space for the first time in years it's still a good season and i'm starting dino thunder soon.
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    @sayla0079 That sounds good. People say "Let go of the past and move on with life". How do you do that when the past was way more awesome than the future?

    Speaking of the future, here's a picture of the evil headquarters we will be seeing for a whole year. This is the HQ of the royal leader of the Warstar forces. I present to you
    Prince Vekar's ship and the Warstar armada.

    People always said that the blue ship was called the "Warstar ship", but Warstar is actually the name of an army of evil beings from all across the universe. The blue ship was simply "Malkor's ship"

    Who is looking forward to seeing Vekar's ship?
  • I wonder how Vekar will react when he finds out that Vrak is still alive.
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    I wonder how Vekar will react when he finds out that Vrak is still alive.
    @vgiannell5 That oughta be something. But what if Vrak being alive is not good for Vekar. This isn't the first season to have 2 brothers fighting to conquer. Vrak is trying to prove to his family that he "alone deserves to lead". Then there's the question of how he'll get his final form in Super Megaforce. What if Vekar gets destroyed before the final episode (either by the Rangers or by Vrak)? Vrak is 2nd in line to the throne after all. Vekar could get destroyed, then with Vrak next in line, he'd become prince, probably receive some special powers, then get his final form and be the new leader.

    By the way, I've added a new feature to the 1st page. A link to a Youtuber who posts videos of moments from Power Ranger seasons. The link is right here and on the 1st page. Credit goes to ShadowRay22.
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    Here's are videos that gives a bit of an idea of what's to come. Check out the Super Megaforce Rangers use their new Legendary Morphers and Power Keys. Here are Sneak Peek videos of the first episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

    Mall Attack
    Power Rangers - Legendary Mode
    Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Sneak Peek - Legendary Red Ranger Mode Morph (HD)

    For a little fun, here's Power Rangers Super Megaforce on NFL
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    Exactly one week from today, Power Rangers Megaforce goes "Super Mega"
    Get ready to see the Super Megaforce Rangers continue their battle against the Warstar amry and come face-to-face with the royal Warstar leader, Prince Vekar, the brother of Vrak.

    And one year from now, we will meet the next team of Power Rangers. They will be called
    In Dino Charge, the Paragon Prisms were given to 12 majestic dinosaurs for safe keeping by an alien, but they were lost when asteroids hit the Earth and wiped out the dinos. Now in the present day, an intergalactic bounty hunter starts sniffing around Earth looking for the Prisms in order to harness their power and annihilate the world, so a team of Power Rangers forms to find the Prisms first and fight the bounty hunter and other threats with dino-powered swords, blasters, Zords, and Megazords.

    More info at
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    Before Power Rangers Super Megaforce begins, I want to give all you Power Rangers fans a gift. This is a Power Rangers game that was made for the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers. If you loved the episode, you'll love...
    The Power Rangers are in big trouble. A couple of villains have joined forces and plan to capture all the Power Rangers so that nothing can stop them from conquering the Universe. So far, the villains have captured a few Red Rangers from different teams. Using one of the Red Rangers available, you must fight your way through 9 rounds of Putty Patrollers, and defeat the boss on Round 10. Every time you defeat a boss, you free a Ranger, who becomes playable. Choose a Ranger, beat the Putty Patrol, defeat the bosses, free the Power Rangers. May the power protect you.


    Here's a video of the game
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    Today is the day, February 15, 2014. Power Rangers Super Megaforce has begun.

    LAST TIME on Power Rangers. Malkor, Creepox, Bigs, and Bluefur were all destroyed. Vrak, Metal Alice, and the Messenger made one last stand to destroy the Power Rangers before the Warstar armada arrived. Vrak stripped the Rangers of their powers before being revealed to be the brother of the "Prince". The Messenger came to finish the powerless Rangers, but Robo-Knight used his own power, and some of the Messenger's power, to restore the Rangers powers. The Rangers succeeded in destroying the Messenger and badly damaging Metal Alice. Vrak came forth and initiated the invasion, before letting Metal Alice explode and going into hiding. Robo-Knight went missing, Troy went to find him, and the Warstar invasion begun.
    The Armada invades Earth:

    NOW, Prince Vekar (Vrak's brother), his assistants (Levira, Argus, and Damaras), and the whole Warstar armada have invaded Earth. They intend to finish what Vrak, Malkor, and Creepox started a year ago. They brought new weapons, new minions (X-Borgs and Bruisers), and more powerful monsters to ensure victory.
    New Villains introduction video:
    Picture of villains (left-to-right): Levira, Vekar, Damaras, Argus

    Power Rangers Megaforce goes "Super Mega" and gains the power of 20 years of Power Rangers.

    And so, the legacy of the Power Rangers continues
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