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Favorite Power Rangers Romance <3

I'm a sucker for romance and I've always enjoyed seeing 2 Power Rangers fall in love. Which Power Ranger romance is your favorite?


  • Hmm for me it would be a tie for Andros and Ashley, or Cassie and the Phantom Ranger
  • Andros/Ashely, Tommy Kim, Dillon/Summer
  • Andros/Ashely, Tommy Kim, Dillon/Summer
    agreed :)
  • edited February 2012
    kira & trent, Andros & Ashley, Jason & Emily(zeo), Dillon & Summer

    also another favorite of mine is Wes & Jennifer. time force is hands down the best season with the best action & romance. I cried at the end of the show when jen had to leave wes :(
  • I still can't believe the makers of the show decided to make Kim break up with Tommy. I loved that couple. They were one of the best. The only thing more evil than the Rangers enemies is the makers of the show. They ruined my childhood a bit. I grew up thinkin that Tommy and Kim would be together forever.
  • all the good couples had to leave each other At some point in the show.
    Tommy & Kim
    Wes & Jen(that one made me cry)
  • kira and trent loved dino thunder when i was little
  • that was a pretty cute one too sarwwaa but i dont feel they went deep enough into it as they did with wes & jen
  • Ziggy and Doctor K
  • oh yeah i forgot about ziggy & doc k lol
  • for me, i like the ziggy and doctor k romance better than the scott, summer, dillon thing on rpm. i did also like the trent-kira thing but thats because i like the uncontrolable evil aspect of dinowhite. there really or several good ones for me but i wanted to punch the writer who thought up theo-lily, also the theo actor himself, but thats just because he annoyed me. the dominick-fran romance was better for jf. the tori-blake romance was one thing that made ninja storm watchable for me, but so was the dustin-marah one.

    in case your wondering about the tommy romances, i liked his romance with kat better. don't get me wrong i liked kim but tommy and kat just seemed like a better paring.

    one last thing, i know this isn't exactly pr but, is anyone still pissed about the souske-miu tease and denial from go-onger. why toei why.
  • I think the best one in terms of development and characterization would have to be Wes and Jen though.
  • i agree with dekablue. wes & jen was the best written story line for how they fell in love. there love story got really interesting when they brough alex back to life! overall time force as ive stated before is by far my favorite season.

    didnt adam & tanya have a thing too?
  • what about theo & lilly. that was a good season too. & Madison and nick was pretty ok.
  • They hinted more towards Lily and Casey than Theo. I hated Theo with a passion so I hated that pairing
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