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  • Well I would of add 3 guys and 3 girls on the team instead of two girls and 5 guys and for new rangers I would add another girl and to make Emma even. The colors should be Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple Blue,Black, Orange, And Brown we haven't had a Ora…
    in Intro Comment by bhd7721 July 2018
  • > @NightMere10 said: > They hinted more towards Lily and Casey than Theo. I hated Theo with a passion so I hated that pairing Theo and Lilly had always likes each other. Lilly only saw Casey like a brother and nothing more. I liked them t…
  • Preston and Sarah from Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel. Zack and Trini, TJ and Cassie, Kevin and Mia, Damon and Maya. Tyler and Shelby.
  • You know Troy and Emma should of gotten together instead of her and Orion getting together. But Red Rangers don't always have to get with the Pink Rangers all the time just look at Jason and Kimberly, Andros and Cassie, TJ and Cassie, Jack and Syd,…
  • Why didn't Troy and Emma get together instead of Orion and Emma?