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Power Rangers HyperForce - Power Rangers role-playing game - series episodes

Power Rangers HyperForce is an interactive live-streamed tabletop role-playing game web series from Saban Brands and Hyper RPG loosely based on the long-running American children's television program Power Rangers. It launched as part of the franchise's 25th anniversary.
The show premiered on October 24, 2017 on Hyper RPG's live-streaming channel and includes members of the Power Rangers franchise along with other internet personalities. It is hosted by Malika Lim. Power Rangers Hyperforce is published on Hyper RPG's live-streaming channel and YouTube channel.
Rangers from past seasons of Power Rangers will guest star occasionally, including Erin Cahill (of Power Rangers Time Force).
Hyper RPG developed a Twitch extension that will allow viewers of the show to select a Ranger from the show and tie that Ranger to their unique ID. They'll then be able to send the Ranger on daily missions, boss battles, and raids, and a trading mechanic is also being implemented for sharing loot. To put it simply: during the stream, viewers will be able to play with the cast as well.

Peter Sudarso as Marvin "Marv" Shih, the Hyperforce Red Ranger. Peter Sudarso portrays Preston Tien, the Ninja Steel Blue Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Andre Meadows as Edward "Eddie" Banks, the Hyperforce Blue Ranger. Andre Meadows is the creator and host of the Youtube web series known as Black Nerd Comedy.

Paul Schrier as Jack Dealgoode Thomas, the Hyperforce Yellow Ranger. Jack is the most experienced of the team, as he was a beat cop as opposed to the others who are all cadets. Paul Schrier formerly portrayed Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier throughout the Power Rangers franchise starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Meghan Camarena as Chloe Ashford, the Hyperforce Pink Ranger. Meghan Camarena is known as social media personality, Strawburry17.

Cristina Vee as Vesper Leigh Vasquez, the Hyperforce Black Ranger. Cristina is known as an actress and social media personality.

Malika Lim as the Game Master. She acts as organizer, officiant regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator. She also portrays all non-player characters.


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HyperRPG on Youtube

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In the year 3017, all appears well as Time Force no longer has to face Ransik after his escape back in 3000, and their sending the Q-Rex Zord through time in the year 3013 to help the Megaforce Rangers' fight against the Armada. The Time Force Academy continues to train new recruits to continue serving and protecting the people and the timestream. Unfortunately, a group called "The Alliance" has emerged with plans to do evil. The Alliance is led by an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Four new Time Force cadets (Marvin "Marv" Shih, Edward "Eddie" Banks, Jack Dealgoode Thomas, Chloe Ashford, Vesper Leigh Vasquez) and Time Force beat officer Jack Dealgoode Thomas must band together to defeat this new force of evil. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scotts (Time Force Pink Ranger), and with the show’s Game Master (Malika Lim), the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras, and faces, along the way. Together, they'll save time, space, and the universe as Power Rangers HyperForce.



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    Alpha 55


    "The Leader

    Alliance monsters:

    Candius Cornicus



    Perfume Pony


    Dean Hines

    other monsters:

    Red Dragon

    Captain Pegs


    Napoleon Wrench


    Hogs Jr

    Hydro Jr

    other Villains:



    Lord Zedd


    Venjix Virus


    A-Squad Rangers

    Emperor Mavro

    Lord Drakkon

    Scorpina (Shattered Grid)

    Dark Specter

    Rita Repulsa





    other Villains monsters:

    Pudgy Pig


    Pumpkin Rapper (Shattered Grid)

    legendary Power Rangers

    Jen Scott aka Pink Time Force Ranger

    Aisha Campbell aka Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger II

    Gem aka RPM Ranger Operator Series Gold (Gold RPM Ranger)

    Dr. Tommy Oliver aka the Dino Thunder Black Dino Ranger (previously Green Mighty Morphin Ranger, White Mighty Morphin Ranger, Zeo Ranger 5 Red [Red Zeo Ranger], Red Turbo Ranger I)

    Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger aka SPD Shadow Ranger

    Dr. Kat Manx aka SPD Kat Ranger

    Orion aka Megaforce Silver Ranger

    Familiar Power Rangers characters:



    Anton Mercer

    Hayley Ziktor

    Other characters:




    Chaz Winchester IV

    Santa Claus

    Lady Guinevere aka White Battle Knight

    Sir Edward Banks II aka Blue Battle Knight


    Squeezy Sparkle Toes

    King Arthur

    Sir Lancelot

    Sir Galahad



    Joe Shih aka Time Force Silver Ranger

    Mystic Mother


    Adonis Washington

    Detective Song

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    HyperForce Blade Blasters

    Hyper Force Vortex Blaster
    -Iapetus Claws
    -Oceanus Blades
    -Coeus Shield
    -Hyperion Bow
    -Crius Hammer

    Iapetus Blaster

    Oceanus Trident

    Coeus Axe

    Hyperion Scythe

    Crius Cannon

    Hydra Blades

    Cronus Laser

    Selene Lance

    Asteria Talons

    Scorpius Boomerang

    Perses Sword

    Pink Battle Warrior Armor


    Chronos HyperForce Megazord:

    Lion Hyper Zord (Red Ranger)
    Serpent Hyper Zord (Blue Ranger)
    Ram Hyper Zord (Yellow Ranger)
    Cerberus Hyper Zord (Black Ranger)
    Phoenix Hyper Zord (Pink Ranger)

    Hydra Hyper Zord (Green)
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    Season 1 (Watch live: Tuesdays at 6pm Pacific Time)

    1 Welcome to Time Force Academy [October 24, 2017]

    2 It's Morphin Time! (Halloween Special) [October 31, 2017]

    3 Whatever Happened to Scorpina? [November 7, 2017]

    4 Aisha Campbell Returns! [November 14, 2017]

    5 We Need Megazord Power! [November 21, 2017]

    6 Vesper's Betrayal [November 28, 2017]

    7 It's Boom Time [December 12, 2017]

    8 Holiday Special Featuring Santa [December 19, 2017]

    9 Dr. Tommy Oliver Returns! [January 2, 2018]

    10 Family [January 9, 2018]

    11 A Ranger in King Arthur's Court [January 16, 2018]

    12 Save Marv [January 23, 2018]

    13 What Happened to Rita Repulsa [January 30, 2018]

    14 SPD Emergency [February 6, 2018]

    15 Absorption [February 13, 2018]

    16 Homecoming [February 20, 2018]

    17 Director Ransik [February 27, 2018]

    18 Stage 4: The Armada [March 6, 2018]

    19 Shattered Grid Part 1 [March 13, 2018]

    20 Shattered Grid Part 2 [March 20, 2018]

    21 Enter the Green Ranger [March 27, 2018]

    22 Fight for the Corona Aurora [April 3, 2018]

    23 Rebirth… Kind Of [April 10, 2018]

    24 Finale (Part 1) [April 17, 2018]

    25 Season Finale [April , 2018]

    Special: "Power Rangers Villains" [March 25, 2018]
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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episodes 1 to 6 are now available.

    1"Welcome to Time Force Academy"
    Time Force cadets Marvin "Marv" Shih, Edward "Eddie" Banks, Chloe Ashford, Vesper Leigh Vasquez and Time Force beat officer Jack Dealgoode Thomas are assigned to save the universe after an evil group called "The Alliance" emerges. Their pursuit of the Alliance's leader puts them on an morphinominal adventure.

    2 "It's Morphin Time!"
    The Time Force cadets and officer Jack struggle to acclimate to the many aspects of their newly recruited roles as Hyperforce Rangers. After getting better acquainted with their time ship the Rangers arrive at Angel Grove on Halloween night in the year 1994. They begin their search to apprehend "The Leader" of "The Alliance".
    (This episode takes place the same day as "Zedd's Monster Mash" [MMPR S2 Ep21])

    3 "Whatever Happened to Scorpina?"
    The Hyperforce Rangers find themselves in a difficult situation trying to save Jack's life while their time ship comes under attack from "The Leader". They'll find themselves dealing with the resulting damage, the tension within the group, and one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' enemies: Scorpina.
    (This episode takes place the same time "The Power Transfer" [MMPR S2 Ep27 & 28])

    4 "Aisha Campbell Returns!"
    The HyperForce Rangers ponder how to stop Scorpina and Vulcanos from stealing Finster's clay. They receive some unexpected help. This leads to them meeting a Power Ranger of this time: Aisha Campbell, the second Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger.
    (This episode takes place shortly after "Goldar's Vice-Versa" [MMPR S2 Ep29])

    5 "We Need Megazord Power!"
    The HyperForce Rangers haven't got much time before a change to the timeline becomes permanent. To make things worse, they must fight the forces of Lord Zedd. The Rangers' are put in a situation where they'll need Zords of their own to win.

    6 "Vesper's Betrayal"
    The HyperForce Rangers travel to the post-apocalyptic dimension of Power Rangers RPM and make their way to Corinth City to find help. Unfortunately, they'll find themselves in a confrontation with the Venjix Virus's army of robots, which will lead to a devastating turn of events involving their own Black Ranger, Vesper.

    And how's this for an animated opening for Power Rangers HyperForce?
  • Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 7 "It's Boom Time" is now available.
    The HyperForce Rangers are captured, one Ranger short, and left without their morphers. Inside one of Venjix's factories, they meet a fellow prisoner named Gem (the Gold RPM Ranger). The five Rangers team up to escape the factory, recover the HyperForce morphers back from Venjix, save their Black HyperForce Ranger, and escape from the Venjix Virus and this dimension.
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    Power Rangers HyperForce episode 8 "Holiday Special Featuring Santa!" is now available.
    The HyperForce Rangers have taken time to talk about all that has happened since their shocking turn of events in Corinth. They are magically transported to the North Pole on Christmas Eve in the year 1985. They learn that Santa Claus is in danger from the evil Krampus. The Rangers and Santa will need to work together to overcome Christmas's worst nightmare.
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    Power Rangers HyperForce episode 9 "Dr. Tommy Oliver Returns!" and episode 10 "Family" are now available.

    9: Marv, Eddie, Vesper, and Chloe get an unexpected surprise when Jack arrives with Tommy Oliver from the year 2005. It's been discovered that The Leader is in Reefside city in the year 2005, attempting to locate locate Dr. Anton Mercer to use him to revive his evil alter ego Mesogog. The Hyperforce Rangers and Tommy Oliver head back to Reefside City in 2005 to catch The Leader and stop Mesogog's return. They find that there's more in store for them than expected, such as a clue to The Leader's plan.

    10: The HyperForce Rangers encounter a foe they've already faced before. They capture and lock up the villain unboard their time ship before continuing their quest to find The Leader as well as figure out how Zordon fits into The Leader's plan. Soon, demonic visions begin tormenting each of the Rangers on the ship. The Power Rangers must figure out what is real and what is fake.
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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 11 "A Ranger in King Arthur's Court" is now available.
    After Eddie, Jack, Vesper, and Chloe are trapped in the 6th century, they are led by knights to their castle of Camelot where they meet Lady Guinevere and Merlin. The Rangers and the knights of Camelot agree to help each other with their problems. Meanwhile, a startling surprise leads Eddie to worry about his existence in the future.
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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 12 "Save Marv" is now available.
    Eddie, Jack, Vesper, and Chloe decide to use an unusual method of trying to find Marv, just before hearing from Jen Scotts that Time Force is sending an agent to help them. Meanwhile, The Leader attempts to use Marv to ascertain how the HyperForce Rangers are tracking his stolen ship so easily while he's not able to track their ship. Big surprises are in store for the Rangers this time.
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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 13 "What Happened to Rita Repulsa" is now available.
    Insecurity begins to overwhelm the male HyperForce Rangers. When an anomaly is picked up in Briarwood in the year 2005 (a year before Mystic Force's battle with the forces of darkness bgane), Jack decides to transport to the day before the anomaly in an effort to finally stop The Leader and the Alliance. With Vesper nowhere to be found, Marv, Eddie, Jack, and Chloe go. They soon have an unexpected encounter with someone from Ranger history that answers the question: What happened to Rita Repulsa?
  • Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 14 "SPD Emergency" is now available.
    Following up on a secret mission for Joe Shih, Marv's brother, the HyperForce Rangers arrive at Newtech City in the year 2025 (Not long before the Troobian Empire arrives and SPD B-Squad become Power Rangers). While investigating, the Rangers attempt to remain incognito by passing themselves off as "H-Squad" from planet Kaien's S.P.D. division. Unfortunately, the dangers of this time period put them at risk of being discovered before they can complete the current mission.
  • Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 15 "Absorption" is now available.
    The HyperForce Rangers continue to investigate Joe Shih's mission in New Tech City while trying to remain undetected by pretending to be SPD H-Squad. They have found Joe alongside a gang of mutants, which leaves them even more curious as to what he's doing in this time period. Unfortunately, things begin to take a bad turn for the Rangers, leaving them backed against the wall. They'll need to figure out how to get through this sticky situation before it's too late to find out what's going on and stop the mutant gang from using the proton accelerator for their evil schemes.
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