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Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge finale - discussion and rationalization

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As of November 21, 2016, Power Rangers Dino Supercharge concluded its season with the episode "End of Extinction". However, I understand that the finale has caused quite a lot of confusion. I have no doubt that many Power Ranger fans will be left confused, frustrated, and/or angry. What happened in that last episode is undoubtedly odd and puts everything we know about Power Rangers into question.

I believe that we need to gather round and discuss this season finale so that we can make sense of this entire thing.

For those of you who have not seen the episode, a link is provided for you to see.
Power Rangers Dino Supercharge "End of Extinction"


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    Here's my opinion on the episode, to the fullest of my thoughts and emotions about it.

    They were doing well in the first half of the episode. Sledge's plan was undoubtedly the most devastating plan I've ever seen. The action that the Rangers and the people of Earth took to destroy the Dark Energem was bold. The result of all that was unexpected and definitely brought forth the biggest threat to Earth yet in Power Ranger history.
    That second half just completely wiped out everything that Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge and all the previous seasons have done! I can understand and explain a couple of the things that happened, but some of those things were just so wrong.
    I know the show is supposed to be epic, but that was not the smartest thing to do. He just erased everything we knew and all the development we've been trough! I can only rationalize and explain things in a few ways, but if this is supposed to be part of the same line as all the Power Ranger stuff we've seen in the past 2 decades, then I am so not forgiving Saban for this. Now I know how Rita Repulsa always felt, cause I've got a headache now.

    Now that I've vented all that. Here's my reasoning and logic for all that. My way of making sense of it all.

    First, my theory on the whole timeline/existence: If this stuff all occurred in the same timeline as MMPR-PRJF and PRS/PRSS to PRM/PRSM, then we are in trouble. However, we've seen Earth-destroying events and elements before, in Power Ranger RPM. We thought the Ranger world we knew and loved had been wiped out by the Venjix Virus. However, Saban changed that fate when he made the details so that RPM existed in a dimension separate from the one MMPR-PRJF exists in, which is also where PRS/PRSS and PRM/PRSM exists (as shown in the series).
    The only way the events in PRDC/PRDSC's end could make sense to us Ranger fans is if this particular team also exists in a separate dimension. Some of the evidence would be 1: the fact that in our world, the dinosaurs were wiped out by "an asteroid". In PRDC/PRDSC, the dinosaurs were wiped out by several asteroids. We have two different stories on the extinction of the dinosaurs. 2: we see no physical evidence that the Dino Gems from PRDT were within the asteroids that Sledge brought with him, 3: the events in the finale make it impossible for any of the teams of the future to exist and altered the events of the past, possibly removing a number of teams we knew.
    Seeing how the timeline was before and after the finale, I think this alternate dimension theory is the best one we've got and fits.
    (If my dimension theory is what is actually going on here, then I feel a lot better about how Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge ended, though not 100%. I'll probably think of the Power Rangers series like this:
    Earth 1: MMPR-PRJF, PRS/PRSS, and PRM/PRSM
    Earth 2: PRRPM
    Earth 3: PRDC/PRDSC )

    Secondly, my theory on non-affected memory: Keeper once said that the Energems have powers that "transcend space and time". This means that they are connected to the past, present, and future all at once. Because of that, 1: the Energems cannot be destroyed no matter what happens to the Energem in the past, and 2: can merge with changes made to them in the past and/or future. With that being said, the fact that the Dino Charge Rangers were bonded to the Energems, they probably would've been unaffected/protected by changes to the timeline. As Keeper is the guardian of the Energems, he may be protected as well. Though it seems clear that the Energems do not grant your past self awareness of your future self's experiences and memories. This is why past Keeper did not recognize the present Rangers. The Energems preserve your memories of the past no matter the change(s), but do not grant your past self awareness of the future. As for Heckyl, I imagine that the Dark Energem may have similar affects on him as the 10 good Energems affect the Rangers. If that is so, then we can assume that after Heckly was affected by the Dark Energem, it may have left remnant energy that keeps him from aging and protects him from changes to the timeline.
    I know that a lot of you right now might be wondering "What about Snide? He was created from the Dark Energem". Here's the thing. Present Snide was already destroyed and never went back in time. Past Snide was destroyed when Sledge's ship was sent into the sun (if he was captured by Sledge before the day the dinosaurs went extinct and Sledge was stranded in space), unless he was captured by Sledge during the bounty hunter's time stuck drifting in space, which would've been after the dinosaurs' extinction day. When present Heckyl was sent back even further into the past to save Sentai 6, he probably prevented past Lord Arcanon from destroying Sentai 6 during his search for the Dark Energem, therefore erasing the event of past Heckyl touching the Dark Energem, therefore, preventing Snide from ever being created. Basically, the Snide in our time is already destroyed, past Snide was possibly destroyed, and then Heckyl's changes in the past to save Sentai 6 prevent Snide from ever being created. And what I just said here also applies to Doomwing. He too was created by the Dark Energem and destroyed in the present. With the changes made in the finale, here's a few things to note. Doomwing was not on Sledge's ship when present Rangers sent the ship into the sun, so he wouldn't been destroyed then. But, since Heckyl was sent back in time to save Sentai 6, his success would've meant that past Arcanon never gets the Dark Energem, past Zenowing has no reason to go to Sentai 6, and the event that creates Doomwing never happens.
    Long story short, the ten good Energems prevents beings who bonded with them from being changed and/or erased from the timeline no matter what events in the past change, the Dark Energem prevents those who it corrupted through touch from being changed and/or erased from the timeline no matter what events in the past change. This means that Keeper, the Power Rangers, and Heckyl are safe from changes to the timeline. Present Snide and present Doomwing were destroyed and the changes to the past ensure that Snide and Doomwing are never created.

    Third and lastly, my theory on using the Energems in a time where they never made contact with you: As I said before, because the Energems have powers that transcend space and time "they are connected to the past, present, and future all at once. Because of that, 1: the Energems cannot be destroyed no matter what happens to the Energem in the past, and 2: can merge with changes made to them in the past and/or future." This means that the Energems are fully aware of everything that happens in the past, present, and future, in any timeline, no matter what the changes to the timeline are. The Power Rangers bonded to the Energems, making them connected to the Energems across space and time. So the bond also transcends time and space, which is how the Rangers were able to make the Energems come to them, despite the Energems never ever having made any contact with them chronologically.

    (We may have to wait until the next season of Power Rangers, or more, before we can confirm some of these theories)

    Why do I get the feeling that Saban got the idea for this finale from season 4 of TMNT 2012, the CW's The Flash, and the CW's Legends of Tomorrow? This finale did things very similar to what happened in those shows.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on the finale and my theories on how the events and elements of the finale work.

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    Due to some recent searches on information regarding the Dino Supercharge finale, the upcoming Ninja Steel season, and other Power Ranger things, I've come up with a few thoughts regarding the series.

    1. As I've already stated, I believe that we've been witness to Power Ranger adventures in different dimensions, as of Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge.
    I'll probably think of the Power Rangers series like this:
    Earth 1: MMPR-PRJF, PRS/PRSS, and PRM/PRSM
    Earth 2: PRRPM
    Earth 3: PRDC/PRDSC )
    2. I'm imagining right now that PRM/PRSM may have been the last season where Earth 1 is under attack from evil, the last time we'll see Earth 1. We already know that Earth 2 is not 100% safe since Venjix is still out there. If Dino Charge exists on a Earth 3, then I think that world is safe for good too. I get the feeling that what ever seasons come from here on out, they will be either on Earth 4 or will be in different dimensions per team.

    3. What I said for #2 brings me to this. It's believed by some people that Saban is no longer going with continuity in Power Rangers. For me, this would fit what we've been seeing. Earth one is supposed to allow aliens to live on Earth some time close the year 2020, as seen in SPD. Currently, it's the fall of 2016, so we're close to the time of SPD. The events of the finale could not possibly lead up to what happens in SPD or Time Force as in one timeline, the Earth is destroyed by a black hole while the new timeline shows the dinosaurs existing in our time.

    I don't know if I'm correct, but if so, then we're no longer seeing the Power Ranger world we've known for decades. We've left the world of MMPR-PRJF, PRS/PRSS, and PRM/PRSM. And we've already seen the world of PRRPM and the world of PRDC/PRDSC. We're in a whole new world.

    BTW I think this guy is gonna heck of a time updating this information on the Power Ranger timeline now.
  • The last episode of Power Rangers Dino Supercharge "Here comes Heximas" (the Christmas special) seems to tie up a number of loose ends that "End of Extinction" created. It seems that thought Sledge was destroyed in the past in order to save the future, not everything in the timeline was changed.
    1: The events of the original timeline seem to be remembered by those with magic. Though the Energems bonded the Rangers and Heckyl to time and space (preventing them from being affected by alterations to the timeline), it seems that Keeper and Santa Claus still remember the events of the previous timeline. For present Keeper, I believe it's due to him being the guardian of the Energems. Keeper is able to control the 10 Energems, so perhaps there's a slight bond between him and them, which would preserve present Keeper's memories as well as the new past's Keeper. As for Santa, maybe his magic transcends time and space as well.
    2: All the zords are still alive. They weren't erased from the timeline somehow. I honestly don't know how to explain it. I can only assume that the Energems may have something to do with that.
    3: The base still exists in this new timeline. My best guess is that the new past Keeper remained on Earth and built the base for himself, even though Sledge, Snide, and Arcanon are no longer around to go after them. I can't explain it all though.

    My guess for all this is that the timelines are merged somehow.
  • Looks like the first episode for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is giving us some more details surrounding this.
    Watch this to see what I mean. Beware the spoilers though.
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