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Masked Rider (Viewable Episodes) - Power Rangers spin-off

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This show was a spin-off of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1995.

Previously, on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
As the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, Kimberly, and Tommy. ) begin their third year of battling Zedd and Rita's forces, Alpha 5 discovers that his home planet, Edenoi, is under heavy attack and he is worried about his "father", King Lexian, whom he's been unable to locate. On Alpha's behalf, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (minus Kimberly as she is sick at home) teleport to Edenoi to investigate. They arrive to find the planet in ruin, the environment polluted by poison gas as a result of mining soil, and the people enslaved. The one responsible is Count Dregon, a power-hungry being, and Lord Zedd's rival, who plans to become invincible using the powers of an ancient insect-themed warrior of Edenoi, known as the Masked Rider. A few Edenites, including their Prince Dex, mistake the Power Rangers for enemies and attack them. Dex transforms and reveals himself as the current Masked Rider. Once Count Dregon attacks them, Masked Rider and the Edenites realize that the Power Rangers are their allies. Together, Masked Rider and the Power Rangers fend off Count Dregon's Plague Patrol and Cogwarts. The Power Rangers return home to save their own planet. However, Count Dregon begins plotting revenge on the Power Rangers by destroying them, conquering their planet (Earth), and enslaving their fellow Earthlings. Knowing that Count Dregon is planning to attack Earth next, King Lexian sends Dex to Earth to defend it against Count Dregon.
(To see Masked Rider's first appearance watch MMPR Season 3 Episodes 1-3 "A Friend in Need" parts 1-3)



Prince Dex is the grandson of King Lexian. Dex originates from the fallen planet of Edenoi. In Edenoi's royal family, the powers of the Masked Rider are passed down from generation to generation. As the current Masked Rider, Dex is sent to Earth incognito as "Dex Stewart" to stop his evil uncle, Count Dregon, from enslaving the people of Earth He is adopted by the Stewarts and tries to interact with American culture. Dex has many capabilities that Earthlings don't have. He can materialize a crystal on his forehead to transmit his thoughts to others, use it to scan and x-ray, and sense nearby danger. Dex has superhuman strength, super-speed, light wave generation, and telekinetic abilities. While trying to blend in, he appears unusual to everyone else. In order to transform into Masked Rider, he shouts out the phrase, "Ectophase Activate!"

1 Escape from Edenoi: Part 1
2 Escape from Edenoi: Part 2
3 License to Thrill
4 Pet Nappers
5 Bugs on the Loose
6 Arcade Ace
7 Super Gold: Part 1
8 Super Gold: Part 2
9 The Grandma Factor
10 Something's Trashy
11 Water Water Everywhere
12 Ferbus' First Christmas
13 Stranger from the North
14 Dance Crazy
15 The Green-Eyed Monster
16 The Heat Is On
17 Know your Neighbour
18 The Dash
19 Battle of the Bands
20 Ferbus Maximus
21 Unmasked Rider
22 Ferbus' Day Out
23 Jobless
24 Back to Nature
25 Testing 1, 2, 3
26 Showdown at Leawood High
27 Power Out

28 Saturday Morning Invasion
29 Passenger Ferbus
30 Mixed Doubles
31 Million Dollar Ferbus
32 Ectophase Albee
33 Race Against Time
34 Cat-Atomic
35 Indigestion
36 Dex at Bat
37 The Invasion of Leawood
38 The Eye of Edenoi
39 Exit Nefaria, Enter Barbaria
40 Detention

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