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Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Viewable Episodes)

edited September 2017 in General Discussion
This is the first season where we start out with only three Power Rangers and the first time ninjas are the theme.

Hidden deep in the mountains, there are secret ninja academies that train future protectors. One such academy is the Wind Ninja Academy, where people learn to control the elements of air, earth, and water. One day, the academy is attacked by an evil ninja called Lothor, who was banished into space for his practice of the dark arts and dream of world-domination. Lothor attacks the academy with an army of aliens whom he gathered and trained in the ninja arts and succeeds in removing the Wind Ninja Academy. With the academy gone, Lothor plans to conquer the universe, starting with Earth. Three misfit ninja students who survive the attack are chosen to defend the Earth from Lothor and his alien army as the element-controlling ninja heroes called Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


1 Prelude to a Storm
2 There's No “I” In Team
3 Beauty and the Beach
4 Looming Thunder
5 Thunder Strangers, Part I
6 Thunder Strangers, Part II
7 Thunder Strangers, Part III
8 Nowhere to Grow
9 Snip It, Snip It Good
10 Return of Thunder, Part I
11 Return of Thunder, Part II
12 Return of Thunder, Part III
13 Return of Thunder, Part IV
14 Boxing Bopp-a-Roo
15 Pork Chopped
16 The Samurai's Journey, Part I
17 The Samurai's Journey, Part II
18 The Samurai's Journey, Part III
19 Scent of a Ranger
20 I Love Lothor
21 Good Will Hunter
22 All About Beevil
23 Sensei Switcheroo
24 Tongue and Cheek
25 Brothers In Arms
26 Shane's Karma, Part I
27 Shane's Karma, Part II
28 Shimazu Returns, Part I
29 Shimazu Returns, Part II
30 The Wild Wipeout
31 Double-Edged Blake
32 Eye of the Storm
33 General Deception, Part I
34 General Deception, Part II
35 A Gem of a Day
36 Down and Dirty
37 Storm Before the Calm, Part I
38 Storm Before the Calm, Part II

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