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Best PR first morph and battle

edited February 2012 in General Discussion
There have been many people who destined to be Power Rangers. Their first morph probably felt good and their first battle was a piece of cake thanks to their new powers. Post a video of your favorite first morph and battle


  • Does this count?:

  • you mean something like this???
  • Probably the Ninja Rangers
  • Dubby was thinking the same way as me, but Nightmere brought a good vid too. Even though I was thinking about the very first battle of any team, but Nightmere's video counts because it's the first fight with new Ranger Powers
  • ah. my favorite first morph/battle was time force.
  • Sorry, PRThunder, I didn't really understand what you meant
  • I was saying that even though Dubby's vid fits what I was talking about, your's would also work
  • oh okay, that makes more sense then your other comment made!
    but yeah, the time force video i posted is my favorite first morph & battle for a lot
    of reasons.
    1. Wes is the best
    2. that kinda rhymed
    3. He does look a lot like Alex :O
    4. it was epic.
  • -___- Please tell me you don't mean Wes looks like Alex....
  • lol. he does kinda...
  • *facepalm* That's because he's played by the same actor
  • really?? Lols... oh... i did not know that
    you may continue facepalming lmao
  • really, you didnt know that
  • Everyone knew it. The only other way would be the actor had an identical brother. How was Alex and Wes in the same scene where Alex reveals to the others he's alive if the actor played Wes and Alex?
  • edited February 2012
    Jason Faunt would first shoot the scene as either Alex or Wes (in this example let's say Alex), and then go back and shoot the scene as Wes. Then they'd composite the two together on the same screen. Generally when they do that, they only show the frontal image Alex or Wes, and then have someone stand in to be the back of Jason Faunt's head if they show a single shot of Wes or Alex. Either way, they'd film in front of the set or a green screen and add it in.

    Hope that helps and I hope that made sense. They do that all the time when actors play two roles.
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