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mash ups

edited February 2012 in General Discussion
how come they stopped doing mash up episodes after spd? i liked mash ups. they were fun.


  • what do you mean by mash ups? Do you mean teamups?
  • yeah mash i woulda liked to see Mystic Force be in Operation Overdrive, and operation overdrive be in jungle fury & jungle fury be in RPM. & I would like to see all of RPM be in Samurai at some point. not just series operator RED. wasnt even scotts real voice it was some other voice actor.
  • No, Dubby, it was Eka's voice. No one can imitate the same inflections in voices. Since Eka is a union actor, they couldn't credit him with his real voice, so they came up with a pseudonym: Tobias
  • Basically the reason there wasn't teamups anymore after SPD is because Disney wanted nothing to do with them. Their feeling was like "Why are we advertising old toys?"

    Also you're correct NightMere but mostly it was because of Eka's contract with Terra Nova. Fox is strict with actors who are on their shows which is why Eka had to be credited under a fake name in Samurai. He couldn't be credited under his real name because it would be a violation of his contract with Fox.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot he was on that show. I saw some episodes, but i didn't think it was that good
  • I haven't seen it. Nothing on Fox seems interesting.
  • i forgot he was on that show too lol. only interestingly good show on fox is bones bout it.
  • I can't forget much when it comes to Power Rangers. Once someone said something about how Fox does its business, I knew that is why Eka wasn't credited. and I'm sure a lot of the others were busy in the U.S. as well.
  • i honestly thought it was someone else but i guess if people are saying it was Eka under a different name, they're probably right!
  • There's no probably about it. We are right. If you paid close attention to his voice, you can tell it's obviously him
  • Definitely. It's no question that it's Eka doing the voice. I don't care how good of a voice actor you are, no one can mimic a voice 100% identical to the original.

    And Saban has never been good at it to begin with anyway.
  • at first i thought it was eka. then people started telling it was a different voice i went with it. lol
  • Don't blame you but a lot of people are just quick to jump "Oh, I see this name in the credits so he must have did the voice."

    Some people don't realize that voice actors are not that good especially the ones in New Zealand. While their voice actors are indeed talented, they can't be that good.

    Considering all of the times they've used replacement voice actors and they can't usually get very good replacements.

    Keep in mind that Zack, Trini and Jason all had bad replacement voice actors. Even Billy did.

    Saban has never been good at finding any suitable replacements.

    The replacement that voiced Aurico in "Forever Red" was so far the best replacement voice since it's hard to tell with that voice since it actually sounds like David sounded like with the Alien effect added to it.

  • agreed. when i first started rewatching the show. i was like wtf happened to jasons voice? then i noticed it was like that with the others too. anyway.
    my favorite team up was the In Space/Lost Galaxy & the Time Force/wild force team up & forever red. whats ur guys favorites?
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