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HI guys!
Im having a contest! i hav been having writers block when it comes to writing fanfics so i decited to have a contest for the best gokaiger fanflic idea! the winner will get:
-Bragging rights
-their fanfic being featured and written by yours truly
Here are the rules:
-can be any gokaiger couple (can be them with other super sentai members)
-must be a new idea no copying!
-must include a title and a short discription about the fanflic
the ballot closes on 2\25\12!
Good Luck! :)


  • I think you should do a MarvelousXAhim! Ok so what I was thinking, is... You should write a story called

    You Found Me

    Marvelous and the other Gokaigers are searching for the Universes Greatest Treasure and run into a few problems on the way. Marvelous loves Ahim but is to 'shy' to admit it. He is trying to protect her durining a seemingly HARD battle and she gets kidnapped by Basco! He vows to get her back and kill Basco once and for all. Basco wants her for reasons Unkown to them except for him. He wants her to be... HIS BRIDE!! She is a princess after all... And when Marvelous finally saves her (goes aboard the ship finding her on the ground after Basco slaps her (because she refuses to be his bride) and she falls hittin her head on the side of a chair) he takes her from the ship. Then they become friends with Sally because Basco betrayed her. And when he tries to get the bomb off of Sall to save her, he gets hurt in the explosion with Sally! She finds him laying on the floor/ground and helps lift him up a bit she talks to him not knowing what to say. He is still unconsious and she looks about to cry. But then he says her name... And you can figure the rest, neh?!
  • MarvelousxAhim UST.

    Sypnosis: Those 2 can't find time to be together because the others are always (unintentionally and intentionally) interrupting them. Maybe truce with Basco.
  • Update * i have chosen the winner! i will message that person and tell them that they won! ;)
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