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Favorite 6th rangers in order?

edited January 2012 in General Discussion
1. Trey
2. Eric
3. Tommy
4. Ryan
5. Mike
6. Zhane
7. Gem & Gemma
8. Marrick
9. Cam
10. Antonio

those are my favorites, whats yours? Trey is the original Gold ranger before jason took over in case you forgot
ps, im not really sure if mike counts as a ranger, but he was the 6th helper in Lost Galaxy, and was one of my top 5 lol


  • 1.Tommy
    2. Jason
    3. Mike the black knight.
    That's pretty much it the rest of them are kind of bland. I know Tommy is over hyped as a ranger but I freaking loved the guy when he used a hadouken thing against the rangers, and wasn't he the only ranger to have two pink rangers fall for him?
  • cant really count jason as a 6th ranger, he only borrowed Trey's powers. Trey eventually gets them back and continues being the Gold Ranger.
  • Doesn't matter for about half that season he was a 6th ranger. So he still counts as a 6th ranger.
  • Hmm my fav 6th rangers would have to be
    1. Merrick
    2. Zhane
    3. Cam
    4. Doggie
    5. Mike

    I wanna say RJ but he was like the fifth ranger... or was it fourth
  • i'll do a Sentai version

    1. Shinken Gold
    2. Kiba Ranger
    3. Go-On Wings
    4. Deka Break
    5. Gosei Knight
  • O.o Super Sentai version
    1. Dragon Ranger
    2. Kiba Ranger
    3. I can't remember the name, but from Hurricanger it was the samurai.
  • 1. Tommy - you can't beat the original Sixth Ranger. He got his own fan-club, wrestled the leadership spot from his red ranger and hooked up with two pink Rangers... Whether it's in Green or White, he's tops on my list!

    2. Eric - A close second. He's got a no non-sense attitude, he can take on an army without breaking a sweat and, he still looks cool while wearing a bright red beret... that says it all really.

    3.Zhane - This guy was the ranger equivalent of Han Solo, He may might have had a long run with the Space Rangers but, he definetly made an impression.... His uniform was cool, his vehicles were the coolest heck, he was so cool they had to put him on ice!
  • Probably this order:
  • Rj was 4th, Dom was 5th
  • Tommy, Jason, Mike, Antonio, Zhane, Merrick
  • nice choices nightmere ;)
  • tommy,mike,gem & gemma, merrick
  • edited January 2012
    nice. The Lunar Wolf Ranger was one of the best in Wild Force. he was the only true Ranger in that season IMO but Cole was pretty awesome too
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