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What If: No Power Rangers, World of Evil Villains?

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Since Rita Repulsa's unintentional release in 1993, each and every villain that showed up to threaten the freedom and peace of the Ranger multiverse were thwarted by the emergence of new Power Rangers.
But... anybody realize that if Power Rangers never showed up, their world(s) would be consumed in a war among villain factions?

Thanks to Blue Centurian, we know that each Ranger team's success delayed universal conquest long enough for the villains of the early 90's to unite as the United Alliance of Evil and conquer the universe, at least until the Ranger saw the message and the In Space Rangers managed to undo the evil alliance with Zordon's sacrifice. That message revealing the future changed the timeline and allowed the alliance to form sooner, but also be defeated before they could create the evil future once foretold. This allowed the world to have a future with more new villains, but more new Rangers to stop them again and again. Without the Rangers though, there would be only an evil future, one ravaged with war among other factions.


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    1: Rita would've conquered Earth in Zedd's name and remained his servant. Though they probably would've surrendered out of fear once the Machine Empire arrived.
    2: The Machine Empire
    3: Divatox may have lost her chance to try to marry Maligore and never had the motivation to rise up as the evil villain we saw in PRT. Even if she rose up, she'd be challenging Zedd's forces or the Machine Empire. Maligore probably would've remained trapped in the lava pit in the temple forever or been destroyed by the conquest by Zedd's forces or the Machine Empire.
    4: The United Alliance of Evil would've had no problem getting the forces of Rita & Zedd, the Machine Empire, Divatox's space pirates, and others to help in the united conquest of the universe. However, other villains to seek to rule the universe themselves, whether they know of Dark Specter or not.
    5: Scorpius's forces would . Captain Mutiny would probably have just stayed in the Lost Galaxy out of reach of all villain factions and go about his day as usual.
    6: With the world conquered, there's a chance that Queen Bansheera's demons would've been released by accident or by a power-hungry villain. They surely would've rebelled against the other villains to reclaim their lost palace.
    7: Ransik's mutant gang and Frax would probably have never come to exist. Even if they did, they probably would stand no chance against all the other villains. They probably wouldn't even get a chance to time travel.
    8: The Orgs, especially the most evil of them, wouldn't stand for someone else ruling the Earth and would likely fight back. Jindrax and Toxica would either join the fight or remain in hiding.
    9: Lothor's army
    10: Mesogog's forces would likely never come to be. Even if they did exist, they'd resist but be more low-key and covert about that.
    11: Emperor Gruumm and Omni would probably wage war against the other factions for control of the universe.
    12: Octomus's forces of dark magic would probably be accidentally released and either wage war against other factions or choose to conquer any dimension, including the magical realm they fought in, except the Primary Rangerverse.
    13: Flurious and Moltor would be released only if any of the many other villain factions found the Corona Aurora, but Flurious would unwillingly surrender while Moltor would fight until his destruction unless he listens to Flurious. Kamdor and Miratrix would probably follow Flurious's example. These three groups wouldn't have the power to match a number of the factions, but probably beat a few. The Fearcats would definitely resist or join up with one or more factions for common goals.
    14: The Dai-Shi clan would
    15: The Venjix Virus would face no oppression from other villain factions since it exists in an alternate apocalyptic dimension, unless any or all of the factions find their way to his world.
    16: The Nighlok could easily remain in the Netherworld and rule there. The Nighlok who want to conquer Earth would either fight against the other villains or be too afraid to face the other villain factions.
    17: Emperor Mavro, along with his sons and Armada would
    16: Without Rangers, Lord Arcanon and Sledge may or many not clash for all 11 Energems, considering Sledge is known to fear Arcanon but may also choose to fight him for power. If Heckyl and Snide got out of their cell, they'd certainly resist, but Heckyl would be sneaky about it while Snide would be direct.
    17: Galvanax would . Madame Odius would.
    18: Without the Rangers, Evox would never exist and his faction is never formed. Scrozzle would remain in hiding in the Cyber Dimension worrying about only Vargoyle. Its debatable whether his technological genius and army of Tronics and Gigadrones would be enough against other factions. He probably would surrender to one of the factions.
    19: Void Knight probably wouldn't try to get into a confrontation with any of the other villain factions. The Sporix Beasts would probably be unleashed and fulfill their own destructive desires throughout the galaxy and fight or join other factions.
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