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Power Rangers review: The Forces of Evil - Villains "New"



  • So, the newest Power Rangers enemy is a single power-hungry warrior who will be coming into great power by stealing it from others, including the monsters.

    Void Knight sure reminds me of Evox. A lone villain coming into power by means of others.
  • I'm liking the newest bad guys.
    1: Void Knight, the big boss. A lone villain with tech, who takes advantage of anything he finds. Turns the guardian Hengemen into his army of footsoldiers, makes the Sporix his followers as well as a means to gain power, uses the abandoned human facility Area 62 as his base of ops. Can't say he isn't resourceful
    2: Sporix Beats. Spread like a virus, spore forms make them stealthy and hard to catch, can't be destroyed, and get more powerful each time they are defeated.
  • Ok. New general in town, Boomtower.
    Oddly enough, on Facebook someone put a picture of Boomtower next to King Mondo and I got a weird family vibe off them, though clearly they're not related.
    Also, when I see and hear Boomtower, I see and hear General Shifter. Reason: same voice actor. That's gonna be fun.
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    Can someone help me out here?
    According to RangerWiki,
    "Boomtower has several significant differences to his Super Sentai counterpart. The most notable is the fact that Boomtower's upgraded form was actually the only body his counterpart adopted since his less armored form shown before "Stego Search" was a US creation. Said creation was to build up his dramatic increase in power."

    I've been looking into it and I couldn't see a difference, at first. I started to notice some small details when I went back to pics and footage more.
    1: The tower-like engines behind his shoulders are more elevated when he was powered up.
    2: The metal plating directly under the blaster on his chest is silver normally, but gold when powered up.
    3: His chest plate covers more of his chest to stomach area when he's powered up.
    4: Normally, his arms are tucked and you can't see his upper arm behind his giant shoulder pads. When powered up, the shoulder pads covers his upper arms less and the arms are covered with armor
    5: The gauntlet on his arm from his wrist to his elbow take a bit less room when powered up

    <img width="500" SRC="" />
    <img width="500" SRC="" />

    These details are small and you can see the differences through use of the American vs Japanese footage. Without a careful look, Boomtower before and after his Sporix power upgrade look exactly the same.
    Can anyone help me confirm my findings or prove that this quote is merely a rumor?
  • So, Dino Fury episode 8 "Unexpected Guest" had more unexpected things than that. In the case of the villains...

    1: The towering Boomtower has gone boom. I thought he would've lasted longer. So another villain bites the dust, or does he?

    2: Void Knight is using the Sporix power to... revive his "love"? His plan is to save someone he loves? Sounds like we've got a Ranger version of Batman's Mr Freeze. We still have to see if she is good or evil? For all we know, reviving her will be like bringing back another villain. Still, this is an interesting revelation.
  • At long last, a face behind the Void Knight's helmet. Who is he though?
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