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Power Rangers - VENJIX virus and EVOX virus - Analysis and Comparison

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Power Rangers have faced all kinds of villains. The villains that proved to be the most dangerous, were simply programs made of binary code, with "devastating flaws".
In 2009, one of them took control of the whole world, built an army of robotic footsoldiers and generals and monsters, and waged a war that turned Earth into a wasteland and performed horrifying deeds to humans. It took on Power Rangers RPM
Ten years later, an equally monstrous virus, with knowledge of the Morphing Grid, appeared to turn the Power Rangers' source of power against the Rangers and the world in order to conquer all. It took on Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

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Let's analyze these computer-generated evil villains.

Venjix and Evox as data and code
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Venjix and Evox on screen

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Venjix and Evox in physical forms

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    With Beast Morphers season 2 episode 19 "Source Code", we have learned that Evox is actually a revived, mutated, and upgraded Venjix Virus, well a fragment of him anyway. Dr K created and programed the Venjix Virus, but Nate Silva's experiments on morphers using Morph-X and snake DNA resulted in a piece of Venjix being merged with the snake DNA, increased intelligence, and being broken off from its unaffected portion of the virus, which created the Evox virus.
    Evox and Venjix are the same being, but I believe that they are also not the same being. Here's my analysis and comparison to support that.

    1: In RPM, we've seen that the personality and strength of the Venjix Virus is affected by the percentage in which a machine or being contains the virus.
    At 100%, Venjix is a strong, powerful, and capable of high-speed processing (including during combat).
    At 80%, Venjix pretty much the same, but may be a bit easier to defeat as shown in "Heroes Among Us" due to lacking some element of itself.
    In the human hybrids, though the Venjix Virus is present in them, the hybrids were merely under Venjix's control with no sign of Venjix's personality or essence in them, even at higher than 50%. It should be noted that Venjix appeared to be unaware of Corporal Hick's activation until Kilobyte approached him to discuss it, unless Venjix detected it and then confronted Kilobyte about it. In addition, hybrids were proven to be able to control by remote, even without Venjix's authorization
    (Basically, the Venjix's Virus's personality, strength, independence, individuality, and control is limited to what percent of the virus resides in someone or something)
    Evox is basically a fragment of Venjix. He is a percentage of Venjix. He retains Venjix's desires, views towards humans, sadistic personality, memories, however, because Evox wasn't 100% Venjix throughout the series until the last 2 episodes, it is possible that Evox was his own being separate from Venjix, in a way.
    Speaking of being, a good example to support what I've been saying is Evox/Venjix's relation to the Avatar Rangers and the Robotrons. The Avatar Rangers were created when the human counterparts were exposed to Morph-X completely infected with the Evox virus. The avatars were like machines: made and programmed. They inherited traits from their human sources, but were programmed with the Evox virus. They were evil and had personality traits of both Evox and their human sources, but were certainly separate entities from Venjix/Evox. As for the Robotrons, Scrozzle and the avatars created them by "uploading A BIT of the Evox virus" into the creation key, charging it with Morph-X, then plugging the key into any inanimate object. The Robotrons are created from a bit of the Venjix/Evox virus. We saw that the Robotrons share the virus' personality traits like despising humans and being evil, but they are visibly not just like their source since they are not as intelligent, not as powerful, and are obedient followers. Robotrons are clearly not copies of their masters since they are a small percentage of Venjix/Evox. That says something about how much Evox is Venjix since Evox is a fragment of a whole villainous virus.
    It is not known what percent of the Venjix Virus was mutated into the Evox virus, but both remain virus with extremely large data, requiring a supercomputer-like design to be contained in a mobile body (though Evox may have been a larger program due to the lack in being "whole" being compensated for with being upgraded because of exposure to Morph-X and Snake DNA which was merged with his Venjix data.
    (All this is followed up in #2)

    2: The personality of the Venjix Virus has been described as: "While it is almost always shown to be calm, stoic, patient, calculating, sophisticated, imperturbable, composed, knowledgeable, and almost polite, it is also emotionless, unfeeling, cold-hearted, power-mad, callous, treacherous, deceptive, manipulative, and dishonest", "egotistical, narcissistic, and arrogant", "tyrannical, pitiless, uncaring, and abusive", "dangerously intelligent and deceitful, capable of manipulating and deceiving others"
    The personality of the Evox Virus has been described as: "he is an outright sadistic, malevolent, cruel, power-hungry, vengeful, ruthless, vicious, and manipulative being", "ill-tempered, easily angered, and quick to resort to threats of violence to achieve his objectives", "capable of cutting deals and forging alliances", "he will not hesitate to dispose of his allies once they are of no further use to him"
    To compare personalities, they both: laugh evily, despise humans, are willing to make deals, recruit you until they have no further use for you, are willing to destroy their own followers if you become useless to them or appear to function incorrectly, make humans into their own soldiers, have no remorse when a machine is destroyed but is disturbed when a human-like general/soldier is destroyed, etc
    However, the differences are: Evox has a bit less patience than Venjix (
    (some sites say that Evox is "not as evil as Venjix" but I doubt that. Although, I do feel as though there was some difference in the personality between Venjix and Evox, but I can't put my finger on it or put it into words right now. I'll edit when I get it.
    I'm willing to bet that the differences are due to Evox being a piece of Venjix instead of a whole or its because it's been a decade since Andrew Laing (Randall Ewing) played Venjix and there's new guys running the show).

    3: The way Evox and Venjix speak can be similar, but can also vary from time to time (and not just because Evox's Venjix voice was replaced with an electronic snake voice).
    Similar speeches:
    3A. The first words we heard from Venjix was "I am Venjix. Your world is now my world, and your time is now over.
    The first words we heard from Evox was "I am Evox. The Morphing Grid will be mine!
    3B. Both scream "no" in a similar fashion when towers crucial to their big plans became part of their defeats.
    Differences in speeches:
    3A. Venjix spoke often of his "power" which I guess relates to his processing power and more at 100%) especially when talking about whatever robotic body he was going to inhabit or was already inhabiting it. Evox never brought up his "power" at all, not even when discussing getting a robot body or even when he reabsorbed all of the Venjix Virus into himself (he referred to that as the power of the Venjix Virus, never himself)
    3B. Venjix always described himself as an "immortal being". Evox never did that
  • Given how Venjix and Evox merged to become one whole evil virus in Source Code, what should be the Venjix/Evox amalgamation name?
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