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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show



  • @vgiannell5 lots of years of doing things to one another, one not seeing the other as his equal with the other trying to prove otherwise, and probably a whole lifetime of things we haven't heard about.

    These are the only known details we have on the relationship between those two.
    1: Flurious smashed Moltor's sled when they were human kids
    2: Flurious verbally announces how much better he is than Moltor.

    Considering how willing they were double-cross one another from the first episode, plus all other examples of hate we've seen, I'd say that most of their life has been spent fighting and hating each other. Definitely started when they were kids.
  • Did aliens in Time Force suffer similar discrimination as mutants did?
  • @vgiannell5 It has never been shown as far as I've seen, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
    Ransik did say that humans in the year 3000 achieved perfection and were not accepting of imperfection. Of course, not everyone discriminates.
    Trip probable faced discrimination himself since he's got a gem sticking out of his forehead.
  • When did the people of KO-35 have the time to build a second Astro Megaship after the first one was destroyed in Lost Galaxy?
  • @vgiannell5 considering that there is a nearly 3-year gap between the Lost Galaxy finale and the Forever Red episode, I'd say had plenty of time.
    But, consider the first Astro Megaship was converted into a museum before the Lost Galaxy team formed, maybe the had 4 years to do it.
    Andros did need a way to get around space.
  • Did Maya try to pull a Qwasar Saber from the stone prior to the start of Lost Galaxy?
  • @vgiannell5 Oh yes she did. When Maya was talking about Shondra, her childhood friend from Mirinoi, she mentioned that the two of them tried to pull out the Quasar Sabers when they were kids, though the swords never budged.
    It was in the Lost Galaxy episode "Memories of Mirinoi"
    I guess you have develop into someone chosen to save the universe.
  • Why didn't Miratrix realize Kamdor was just using her from the start?
  • @vgiannell5 well, everyone has a reason for not suspecting that something isn't right with the people they spend time with. Power Rangers has shown many occasions where someone doesn't suspect something is wrong until its too late. I have seen something like it myself in life.
    Kamdor gained Miratrix's trust through saving her from captivity and training her to fight, which she obviously took to heart. I suppose that she felt that Kamdor must care about and respect her plenty to do those things for her. She held onto that belief so much, even after she broke away from him for calling her a "worthless, greedy underling", which is why she crawled back to him just before he imprisoned her in the crystal.
    That right there is one more thing that ties with the topic well. People hold this belief or connection tight, then they're super hurt when something conflicts with what they thought they knew and then they revolt, only to settle and try to go back to what they thought they had in order to resume the stability they felt they had, but the reality is that what you feel is "safe and stable" was false.
    Miratrix was blinded to the truth because she felt she was respected and his equal through his actions when those actions were for him and not her. What's worse is that she grew accustomed to her perception of him and their partnership. When Kamdor's true personality appeared, she didn't think to question it even though it obviously got to her. She was willing to question what amused him during a battle they seemingly lost, but didn't think to take that as a sign that Kamdor doesn't tell her everything. If she had noticed the clues like Kamdor's "absence" when he was making deals with Flurious, him not telling her the full plan with the computer virus from the start, him going after the Star of Isis without her even though there were more than enough monsters to battle the Rangers, maybe she would've seen his treachery sooner and remained free. Plus, she never really asked him why he'd go through the trouble of saving her from being captured or training her for years.
  • Were Doggie Cruger and his old comrades on his home planet really the first S.P.D. or did the organization existed before that?
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