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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show



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    Why did Poisandra want to marry Sledge in the first place?
  • @vgiannell5
    1: She loves him, for whatever reason that is seeing as how she had broke up with him right before the crash and seemed ready to end their marriage before they got blown up on the Galaxy Warriors' Warrior Dome.
    2: She is what one would call a "bridezilla"
    Any reason beyond what we've seen already is beyond me
  • What happened to both the Cyber and Crystal Dimensions after Venjix/Evox was defeated?
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    @vgiannell5 The Cyber Dimension was a post-apocalyptic world, but turned into a wasteland when the Morph-X tower exploded. That base in that dimension has been abandoned since.
    The Crystal Dimension now has no residents. The base was left intact so everything that was there is still there.
  • What happened to Miratrix after Kamdor's defeat?
  • @vgiannell5 that's up for debate. Only a few possibilities.
    1: After being imprisoned inside the crystal, the crystal holding her is left in Kamdor's now long-abandoned sea cave base, never to be found, keeping her imprisoned forever.
    2: Kamdor had the crystal containing Miratrix in his pocket when he was destroyed, effectively destroying it and her. Flurious did say that Kamdor and Miratrix are destroyed, so this one is possible.
  • How did Tyzonn's fiancee, Vella survive the cave-in the Fearcats caused on Mercuria?
  • @vgiannell5 same way Crazar did I bet. Crazar was at the cave-in and didn't leave with Mig and Cheetar, but she did take Vella with her when she left. Unfortunately, no further details have been given regarding that.
  • How did Crazar survive Tyzonn's battle spell?
  • @vgiannell5 not a clue.
    Maybe the Fearcats found her after the battle and nursed her back to health. Mig and Benglo did seem to be aware of her survival and planned for her to distract Tyzonn while they created Agrios.
    Maybe she gave Vella to Moltor in exchange for help. Moltor does seem prefer working with the Fearcats out of all the villains that were around at the time.
  • Why didn't the Overdrive rangers let the four villainous factions take each other out while they search for the five jewels of the Corona Aurora?
  • @vgiannell5 technically the Rangers were searching for the jewels while the villain factions were all competing against one another for the jewels, but considering that everyone was focusing on getting the jewels, everyone was likely to run into each other. Everyone racing to the finish line is always likely to run into other competitors unless they're ahead or behind everyone.
    The villains spent more time chasing the jewels than fighting each other, so the Rangers couldn't exactly wait around. The Rangers were trying to be ahead of the villains to make sure no of the villain factions got the jewels, but we've seen how everyone tried to get ahead. This wasn't free-for-all battle royale. This was a hunt, with a grand prize too powerful to risk falling into evil hands.
  • Were there any hints that Mack Hartford was an android?
  • @vgiannell5 yes there were. Quite a few, cleverly done.
    1: When Mack was "given" his genetically enhanced powers, Spencer whispered to Mr Hartford "I had the resequencer calibrated especially for him sir". Nobody else needed it calibrated, so why Mack only?
    2: Mr Hartford and Spencer had a super private conversation about Mack's behavior when Mack chose to turn off his tracker and Tyzonn in his lizard form. I myself didn't notice it at first, but I realized later on that this was a hint that Mack wasn't behaving as Mr Hartford expected. Makes sense since Mack wasn't behaving as his dad programmed hm too, evidenced and verbally expressed by Mr Hartford when Mack first grabbed the morpher and morphed.
    3: When Jessica from "Good Morning San Angeles" came to ask about interviewing the Rangers live, there was obviously a long-time relationship between them but nobody ever talked about Mr Hartford's wife.
    4: After recovering the compass and reversing Mack's bad luck, Mr Hartford said to Spencer in a worried tone that "there's no way that boy could've been affected by luck, good or bad" which is unusual because what person isn't affected by luck. That was dramatic enough for me to more than notice. Makes a bit more sense knowing that Mack was a machine, not a man.
    5: When the Rangers needed to get through the Fearcats' forcefield during the search for the Senturian Torch, Tyzonn said to maintain physical contact so that his Mercurian power would pass through them all and allow them all to walk through the forcefield, though Mack wasn't able to pass through even though he maintained physical contact. Since Mack is an android, he had no organic material for Tyzonn's powers to flow through.
    5: When the Rangers had a day off while the Fearcats searched for the Senturian Torch, Mr Hartford and Spencer were talking about Mack. Mr Hartford said "It's only been 2 years since Mack came around..." witch Spencer replying "Yes sir. Two years ago it was just you and me". At first, I thought that maybe Mack moved in with them two years prior to that, but then we learned that Mack first came online 2 years prior to that day.
    6: During the Halloween party after saving Ronny and getting the Battlefleet Megazord, Mack was dancing, dressed in a robot costume, which got an extremely worried reaction from Mr Hartford for a minute. What a subtle hint that was at the time.
    7: Dax pointed out that the photographs of young Mack with Mr Hartford clearly showed that Mack does not have a shadow compared to everything else in the photo, with Mack asking Dax if he thought Mr Hartford had "created" the photo. Talk about photoshopping, Mr Hartford probably used pics of his younger self to pass off as a young Mack in the altered photos.
    8: After returning from battle against Kamdor's Datum monster, which unleashed a computer virus, Mack kept repeating "good thing" like a record player that got stuck. The big reveal had me thinking that somehow, Mack had been magically changed into a machine by Kamdor's virus. My jaw dropped so hard when Mr Hartford said knowingly "you're an android. I created you."
  • Why do Flurious and Moltor hate each other so much?
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