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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show



  • Did Carnisoar really change Jarrod's past or was it all an illusion he created to give Dai Shi more power?
  • @vgiannell5 that's a tricky one. There has never been a definite answer to that question. To quote on the Jarrod page, "Any good deeds he did when he was younger were rewritten by Carnisoar so that he never helped or took the wrong path (though it is unclear if the villain actually changed history or merely Jarrod’s memories of the past, especially since Dominic’s memories of Jarrod seem unchanged)"
  • 1. Why did Carnisoar and Jellica betray Dai Shi when Grizzaka took over his temple?

    2. Why did the Phantom Beasts want to make Dai Shi their king when they tried to destroy him?
  • @vgiannell5
    I believe both your questions can be answered by looking at the clues in the episodes and thinking psychologically.

    1. When the Overlords knew Dai-Shi 10,000 years ago, during the Beast Wars, Dai-Shi was a humongous and powerful dragon spirit that could've easily destroyed anything and anyone that got in the way. During the time of Jungle Fury, a less-powerful Dai-Shi was forced to exist in a human body in order to physically lead his army. As we know, Dai-Shi's entire clan considers humans to be weak and worthless. Seeing the once powerful Dai-Shi as a human who came to the Overlords for help to become stronger gave them a different perception of him. They let it get to their heads that they are superior to Dai-Shi, forgetting that beyond the possessed human is the same monster that led them long ago. Grizzaka has a more intense and condescending view of humans combined with his unflinching and relentless actions against Dai-Shi and the Power Rangers only supported and strengthened the feeling of superiority that Carnisoar and Jellica had already. Grizzaka's words and actions pretty much influenced Carnisoar and Jellica enough to the point where they completely forgot Dai-Shi's true nature and believed a twisted version of events they created in their own minds (they accused Dai-Shi of betraying them when they were the ones who attacked Dai-Shi when he claimed their training was insufficient, allowed Grizzaka to plot against Dai-Shi, and willingly took part in the plotted treachery that was intended to end Dai-Shi's life).

    2. The Phantom Beasts were indeed enemies of Dai-Shi during the Beast Wars. We don't know the extend of the relationship between Dai-Shi's clan and the Phantom Beasts apart from being enemies. We do know that the Phantom Beasts wanted to overthrow Dai-Shi, either to take over his clan or just to remove competition. The Phantom Beasts think themselves more powerful than Dai-Shi's clan, which may be true since their Rin-Zin power allowed them to destroy powerful opponents (Jellica), create Spirit Rangers, and more. They probably figured their power made them more worthy of leading and conquering than Dai-Shi and his forces. When all eight Phantom Beast generals and their warriors were destroyed the first time, it probably shattered what they believed and made them came to realize that perhaps following Dai-Shi's lead would've given them a better chance of surviving and winning, basically joining someone they knew had great power in order to make themselves stronger as a group (we saw what happened when Dai-Shi and the Phantom Beasts started working together; they may have continued failing but they provided a greater challenge than before even with their smaller numbers).
  • Why didn't Cam destroy Lothor's past self when he had the chance?
  • edited July 2020
    @vgiannell5 Oh he tried, but he was a bit late to react by the time he learned the truth.
    Cam had battled Kiya to protect the Samurai Amulet from the twisted ninja student, a battle Cam won. The minute the fight was over, other ninja students grabbed Kiya while a ninja master approached him to be judge, jury, and banisher. Kiya had taken on the name of Lothor at the end of his villainous rant. Cam was standing right next to the ninja master at that exact moment. Cam tried to move in the take down Lothor and prevent his actions in the future, but the ninja master moved swiftly and prevented Cam from attacking him and proceeded quicky to contain Lothor in one of those energy spheres and banish him to space. Cam tried desperately to convince the ninjas to destroy Lothor in their time, but they felt they were in no position to take such an action against Lothor for events that for them had not occurred yet and were unforseeable, plus Cam couldn't just tell them he's from the future (never a good move)
    Basically Cam realized too late that Kiya is his enemy from the future and was unable to make a move against him as he was surrounded by other ninjas who could stop him. He tried to convince them that destruction was necessary but this was a different time and none of them could see what Cam had seen in his time.

  • Was Cam's mother the reason women like Tori and Leanne were allowed in the Wind and Thunder Ninja Academies?
  • @vgiannell5 you are very much correct. Miko, who becomes Mrs Watanabe and Cam's mother, was the very first woman to be enrolled at the Wind Ninja Academy due to her impressive fighting skill, which she learned from her father as he trained her in the way of the samurai.

  • Were the Wind and Thunder Ninja Academies rivals?
  • Not as far as anyone can tell. I think pretty much the relationship between the two ninja academies was pretty much the same as the one between two different schools. You know about them, but you're not close to them, they're just there.

    That remind me
    > @vgiannell5 said:
    > Was Cam's mother the reason women like Tori and Leanne were allowed in the Wind and Thunder Ninja Academies?
    I didn't pay close enough attention to the question. Cam's mother influenced the Wind Ninja Academy, but I don't know about the Thunder Ninja Academy. Plus Leanne was the daughter of Blake and Hunter's sensei, just as Cam is Sensei Kanoi Watanabe's son.
  • What happened to Dimitria after she and the Blue Senturion left Earth to help Zordon defend Eltar?
  • @vgiannell5 There is no clear definite answer to that question, mostly its theory and hints given from appearances and words.

    Well we know Blue Senturion is still alive as we saw him alive during the final battle and when the Zordon Wave passed through. Though he's from a future where Earth was conquered by the U.A.E in 2000 but the invasion began in 1998, it appears that he stayed in the past to continue battling evil even after Zordon was captured by Dark Specter. He may have been searching for Zordon too or he was serving and protecting as many planets in the universe as possible while the In Space Rangers were battling the U.A.E. After the Zordon Wave, he's probably still serving and protecting the universe in the current timeline since the dark future he came from no longer exists. Then again, he could've traveled back to the time he came from and saw the changes, much like how SPD Omega Ranger did after saving SPD from being destroyed and aiding in the final battle.

    As for Dimitria, nobody knows. We know that Power Rangers is not big on killing off good guys, especially permanently, so its possible that Dimitria is somewhere in the universe either enjoying peace somewhere or aiding some other intergalactic heroes.
  • Did Billy had anything to do with creating the Turbo powers before he started aging?
  • @vgiannell5 That is a good question.
    My initial thought on it is that Billy did not have anything to do with creating the Turbo powers. The Turbo technology was created in response to the threat of Divatox's arrival and her plot to join up with Maligor, who apparently was more powerful than even the Zeo Crystals. Divatox had shown up on Earth not too long after Billy left. Maybe Billy's work on the Zeo arsenal was a basis for the Turbo technology or the tech was made to be a complete improvement over Billy's work.
  • While under the influence of Maligore, did Jason and Kimberly showed any resentment towards Tommy and Katherine?
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