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Power Rangers review: From "Teenagers with Attitude" to "Defenders of the Universe" to NOW



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    Get this, the "extended verison" of Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legendary Battle is now out on DVD.
    We can now relive the battle where the Megaforce Rangers team up with all the Power Rangers that preceded them to fight Emperor Mavro and his Armada one final time.
  • Ok. Power Rangers Dino Charge is making good progress. The Power Rangers started with 1 Energem (Black) and 1 Ranger (Chase), then the Blue Ranger (koda) and his Energem (Blue) were found. That made 2 Energems and two Rangers. Then the Green, Red, and PinK Energems were found and that gave us 3 new Rangers (Riley, Tyler, and Shelby. That made 5 Power Rangers. Then the Rangers got the Aqua Energem's Ankylo Zord, but no Ranger and no Aqua Energem. Now the Gold Energem is found, the Gold Ranger has arrived, and the Ptera Zord is theirs. That's 6 Rangers, 6 Energems, and 7 zords. Now they just need to find the remaining 4 Energems, 3 zords, and the 4 people who can bind to the Energem.
    I wonder how much longer the Rangers will have just Sledge, his fiancee, and three henchmen to deal with. We started with Sledge, Poisandra, Fury, and Wrench. Then Sledge had Wrench make Curio. That's 5 villains. No way it's gonna stay this way for long.
    Things never stay the same forever when it comes to Power Rangers.
  • Oh Dino Charge is getting better. Now we have 7 Dino Charge Rangers. The Red Ranger, the Black Ranger, the Blue Ranger, the Green Ranger, the Pink Ranger, the Gold Rangers, and now the Graphite Ranger.
    With that, there are only 3 Energems left to be found.
    Sledge is going to have a field day with the new guy.
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    7 Dino Charge Rangers
    8 Energems found
    9 zords found
    And 1 big battle left this season.
    Sledge now has one Energem in his hand, there's a new villain with his own agenda, and the Power Rangers are forced to make their biggest move yet: take the fight to Sledge. The next fight will determine the future. Things could turn in favor of the Power Rangers, the forces of evil, or both.

    I also found something interesting. Here's an article called:
    "Dino Charge's names and meanings (plus other stuff)"
  • Sledge may have an energem now, but he won't have it for long in the finale.
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    @vgiannell5 He may never have an Energem ever again. For some reason, I have this feeling that Sledge will not survive finale. I think he will be destroyed when the Power Rangers fight him again.
    Some people think it's dumb for the Power Rangers to go up to Sledge's ship for just that Energem, but I do see the threat. An enemy possessing one Energem may be more powerful than any other. Enegems hold untold power, so we have no idea just how powerful that one Energem is. With that untold power in Sledge's hands, that's good enough reason too take the fight to him. It makes a good enough threat for a finale.
    We all remember what happened when Kamdor had one jewel of the Korona Aurora and when Flurious got a hold of that same jewel.
    So let's brace ourselves. Sledge has an Energem, he's more powerful than ever now, and it's going to take quite a fight to stop before he uses his newfound power to conquer the universe.
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    Speaking of fighting, anyone remember all the awesome strikes and finishing moves the Power Rangers had over the years?

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    Power Rangers Dino Charge "Race to Rescue Christmas" finally aired. Based on the footage in the episode, it comes after "Wishing for a Hero", which means it comes right before or right after "One More Energem".
    The next episode we'll see will be the season finale of Dino Charge.

    I will say, it's been 11 years since Santa Claus met Power Rangers for the first time and 10 years since the last time he encountered Power Rangers in person.
    The first ones he ever met was Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy (Green Ranger) when they helped Santa prepare for Christmas. This was during the time Lord Zedd was in charge and Rita was floating in space in a space dumpster. Movie: "Alpha's Magical Christmas" (1994)
    Then he met them again a year later when Zedd and Rita had Rito and Goldar take over Santa's workshop in the North Pole in a plot to put hypnotic tops in all the childrens' presents to take control over the childrens' minds and make them naughty. Rocky, Billy, Adam, Aisha, Kimberly, and Tommy (White Ranger) went up to the North Pole to help, but couldn't morph due to various factors like a cross-current of holiday magic and the North Pole's unique polarity. The Rangers teamed up with the elves to beat the bad guys. Episode: "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger" (1995)

    Though Santa does give presents to the Samurai Rangers, he probaby only saw them up close when he snuck in and put the presents under their Christmas tree. (2011)
    Now that we mention that, he probably did the same thing for all the Power Ranger teams. I guess he has seen all the Power Rangers in person, but hasn't communicated with them, other than Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tyler, Chase, Koda, Riley, Shelby, and Ivan.

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    Check this out. Tommy Oliver, as the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, is getting his own comic book series.
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Green Ranger: Year One

    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic" />

    Here's the article about it.
  • All this talk of the old days brings back memories.
    Everyone remember the first Command Center used by Earth's first team of Power Rangers?
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    From the look of things in the season finale of Dino Charge, it seems that Sledge, Poisandra, Fury, Wrench, Curio, Heckyl, and all the members on board the ship may have finally bit the dust. They may be destroyed at last after 65 millions years. Of course, you never know if they may return.
    In the meantime, it looks like it's over for the Dino Charge Rangers,
    OR IS IT?

    There's a mysterious being in one of the solitary confinement cells on Sledge's wrecked ship and it looks like he's getting out. It's not Greenzilla (the tenctacle creature), and it certainly isn't Heckyl.
    Who is this mysterious being who says "It's my turn now"?
  • With Sledge and his crew either destroyed or missing in action, our mysterious surviving monster is going to be the new big baddie who's going to attempt world domination. The new bad guy, Snide, is going to have to deal with the Dino Charge Rangers who will soon become Dino SuperCharge.
    The time is near.
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    Does anyone remember a time where Power Rangers could've teamed up with other superheroes made by Saban?

    Back when the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS were around, they could've teamed up with the VR TROOPERS anywhere between September 3, 1994 – February 21, 1996.

    Of course, I am curious about how a MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS and SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI SYBER-SQUAD team-up would've worked out. It would've been possible at the time (September 12, 1994-April 11, 1995)

    The MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS teamed up with the MASKED RIDER in September 1995 before he became a hero on Earth.

    A year later, POWER RANGERS ZEO could've teamed with the BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS when those kids got their powers. It would've been anywhere between September 7, 1996 – May 21, 1997.

    Even the POWER RANGERS TURBO could've teamed up with the BEETLEBORGS METALLIX anywhere between September 8, 1997, 1997 – March 2, 1998 (other than in a comic book).

    Heck, imagine the POWER RANGERS, the BEETLEBORGS, and the VR TROOPERS all teaming up.

    We definitely lost great opportunities all those years ago. They would've been epic.

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    Looks like the Dino Charge Rangers are in for double-trouble. Their newest enemy: Heckyl and Snide, who are two beings in one body, like Mercer and Mesogog, only both sides are bad this time.
    Wonder how the Rangers will handle this duo.
  • Here's an interesting article I found.
    "The Power Rangers Seasons We Never Saw"
    Looks like there were a number of ideas that didn't get into the Power Rangers series.
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