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Ultimate Sentai Team

edited December 2011 in General Discussion
Create your ideal Sentai Team of 6 members. Basically the same idea as the Ultimate Ranger Topic. Rule #1 - 6 members per team. Rule 2: No more than 2 of the same color. Rule 3 - No more than 2 of any member that joins later in the series.

My team:

Tyranno Ranger? (Abare Black)
Go-on Black


  • Shinken Red - Shinkenger
    Gosei Blue - Goseiger
    Yellow Lion - Liveman
    Black Condor - Jetman
    Deka Pink - Dekaranger
    Go On Silver - Go Onger
  • Tsuyoshi Kaijou-Aka (Red) Ranger =goranger
    Banba Soukichi -Big One = jakq
    Den Masao - Battle Japan =Battle Fever J
    Akaki Ippei - Denji Red = Denjiman
    Oowashi Ryuusuke - VulEagle =Sun Vulcan
    Aoyama Saburou - GoggleBlue = Goggle Five
    Jiku - Demon Hunter = GOGOV
    Naoto Takizawa -time fire = Timeranger
    Tsukumaro "Shirogane" Oogami - GaoSilver = GAORANGER
    Asuka - AbareBlack = abaranger
    Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira - deka break = deka ranger
    Gosei Knight
    Gai Ikari - Gokai Silver =Gokaiger
  • edited December 2011
    Bear with me i haven't seen too many sentai yet so sorry if this list is weird or seems a bit biased

    Blue swallow or black condor (jet man if black condor could come back to life again)
    Yellow four (either one from bioman but hopefully mika if there was a way to bring her back to life)
    Red shinken (karou from shinkenenger since she wasn't around as long as takeru)
    Pink Dairanger
  • GokaiRed
  • Shinken Red
    Shinken Gold
    Black Condor
    Dragon Ranger
    Ninja White
  • shinken red
    yellow 4 (1)
    go-on blue
    gosei knight
  • Agree with Supersentaigirl
  • Agree with Supersentaigirl

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