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The Morphin Grid - How Powerful is it? - Pros and Cons

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What is the Morphin Grid? It's a mysterious field of unique energy that connects all life in all dimensions. Everyone knows it most as being the source of Power Ranger powers across the multiverse. Slowly with time, humans have learned more and more about it, though Grid Battleforce's attempts to harness it caused a series of events that have demonstrated that the Morphin Grid is far more than anyone has ever known and much powerful that anyone ever imagined.

I think, with everything that happened in Beast Morphers, that we should begin talking about this mysterious energy field and see if we can come to understand it and realize just how powerful it truly is.

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To start us off, let's let Adam Daniels, the mayor of Coral Harbor and father of the Red Beast Morpher Ranger, give us a brief recap of the Morphin Grid connection to the battle between good and evil


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    Morphin Grid - HISTORY

    - Has created countless Power Rangers throughout the multiverse for countless ages.

    - Has been discovered to be suppressed by the Rock of Time (which was destroyed by MMPR)

    - Discovered to be able to manifest in physical forms (example: rock that displays visions of various Ranger teams which Kira and Ethan found, Morph-X the liquid energy source used by Grid Battleforce

    - Ethan and Kira found that the Morphin Grid's physical form as a gem-covered rock can grant you visions of different teams of Power Rangers, which Tommy Oliver most likely used to create the Ranger history in his video diary.

    - Has been used as clean source of renewable energy by Grid Battleforce as well as a way to create new Power Rangers in a new way.

    - Has been used to create avatars of people, make monsters from ordinary objects, splicing different objects and DNA sample, merge two people into one body.

    - Used by Devon Daniels to call other Power Rangers for help against Evox without the need for a communicator or phone simply by standing within a stream of its energy.

    - Was used to accidentally swap Nate and Steel's bodies, though the result would be eventual degeneration.

    - Resurrected the robot Steel and made him completely human
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    - Grants incredible speed, strength, endurance, knowledge, and fighting skills to those who use it.

    - Can morph objects or people into another form or being.

    - Can grant visions of different timelines, universes, and points in time.

    - Can store peoples' memories of events.

    - Can power any device.

    - Can splice or separate objects, people, animals, etc to a variation of levels.

    - Can be used to call on anyone else with a connection to it.

    - Can swap bodies, though with eventual degeneration as a result.

    - Can revive deceased beings

    - Can alter the physical structure and physiology of anything and anyone.
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    Morphin Grid - PROS AND CONS


    - Grants incredible speed, strength, endurance, knowledge, and fighting skills to those who use it.

    - When stuck in Ranger form, it allows human beings to live without food or water for an unknown period of time.

    - Can morph objects or people into another form or being.

    - Makes an excellent non-pollutant energy source.

    - Makes communicating other Power Rangers easy, especially without communication devices.

    - Good for preventing permanent deaths of Power Rangers.


    - Could probably help someone live/survive a very long time without the need for food or water, which probably does something good for world hunger

    - If a large army of Power Rangers were needed for a big fight, the Morphin Grid could bring deceased ones back to aid current teams.


    - Cannot handle two of the exact same powers being used at once (example: Kimberly using a Pink Power coin from the present and the Pink Power coin from the past; two White Dino Thunder Rangers)

    - The Morphin Grid's energy as Morph-X is highly explosive.


    - The Morphin Grid's liquid form (Morph-X) can be used to make bombs, even ones more powerful than nuclear or atomic ones, given how one Morph-X tower's explosion is equivalent to a nuclear bomb.
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