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Power Rangers in 2021-2022 = POWER RANGERS DINO FURY

Back in February, we got ourselves a very short glimpse into the future, and saw the next Ranger team to rise up, charge up, and bring the thunder, after a sneak peak at 2020's continuing adventures of Beast Morphers.
Now we can begin discussion of what's in store for us when the newest dino-themed team of morphinominal heroes arrive.

Here's the Beast Morphers trailer that let us know what's coming after.


  • Already, we are getting fan-made openings for the upcoming Ranger season.
    This opening and its theme are a blast. I would love for this to be the official theme when the new season arrives.


    Dino Morphing,
    Dino Thunder,

    Dino Charging,
    Feel the Rumble

    Always training,
    getting Faster

    Learn the ways from
    Dino master

    Time for Battle
    Draw your Long Sword

    Get your shields up
    Call the Dino Zord

    Evil Swarming,
    Time to fight back

    Here we go now
    Dinos Attack!


    They Will Win the Fight

    With their Dino-Might

    Calling on the ancient power of the Dino Soul!

    Learning to control, Teachings of the Scroll

    They won’t give up Go Go Power Rangers Dino-knights!

    Armour shining Bright, Big Jurassic Bite!

    Calling on the mighty power of the Dino Soul!

    Bravery untold , Beating Hearts of Gold, Never give up!

    Go Go Power Rangers Dino Knights!
  • We now have official news!!!
    Now we know the name of the newest dinosaur Ranger team to rise, DINO FURY
    And we now have a basic plot for the new season:
    "When an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat."
  • So it's back to fighting evil aliens again. I thought we were through with that after Ninja Steel.
  • @vgiannell5 Good luck with that one. We've had aliens so many times. MMPR-PRLG, PRNS, PRSPD, PROO, PRM/PRSM-PRNSt/PRSNSt.
    It was interesting when PRLR had demons, PRTF had mutants from the future, PRWF had Orgs, PRDT had mutants too, PRMF had the forces of dark magic, PRJF had those beast monsters (not sure what they were exactly),PRRPM had robots and a computer virus, PRS/PRSS had Nighloks from the Netherworld, PRM/PRSM had mutants and robots as a bonus, and now PRBM with a computer virus, digital avatars, and interdimensional robots.
    I do agree that aliens has been over done. It'd be cool to see them get more species of evil again. The Orgs, Nighloks, and beast monsters were all nicely unique. We need more things like that. Computer virus villains certainly send chills down my spine considering what they do in horror movies and in Terminator movies, as long as they aren't used too often.
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    Our first official trailer for Dino Fury.
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    Ok. Finally some newer info, though not too different from our more recent sources.
    SPOILERS AHEAD as usual.

  • And now, a new trailer is dropped...

    I'm ready to rock with the new Power Rangers.
  • Ok. As of Feb 10, 2021, word is that Dino Fury will have a season 2, like the seasons for the past 10 years (Samurai to Beast Morphers). It's amazing though that that's already been announced when season 1 of Dino Fury hasn't even started yet. Plus there's news that season 1 will have 44 episodes.
    Well, all truths will be revealed in time. This is good news with hope though.
  • At last!!! The official opening is revealed

    I am disappointed though. It's not as epic as I thought it would be. They could've done much better in my opinion.
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