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Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Viewable Episodes)

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Welcome to a new season and new era of Power Rangers. Seasons 26 and 27 will be the first time Hasbro will be producing Power Rangers. We've seen Saban's era, Disney's era, and we saw Saban try again in the Neo-Saban era. Now let's see what this new era can do. Let's see if this new team of Power Rangers can stop the newest computer virus villain and its machine army from doing to their world what the Venjix Virus and its machine army did to the RPM Rangers' world.

In the future, a secret agency called Grid Battleforce creates a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” (Morphing Grid energy in liquid form). The world intends to use it as a new clean energy source for the whole planet. Grid Battleforce intends to combine Morph-X with animal DNA to create new teams of Rangers to defend Earth. The fear of evil using this technology is realized when an evil sentient computer virus called Evox, emerges with plans of taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. To combat the virus and it's digital warriors, Grid Battleforce activates a new and highly advanced team of Rangers to defend the universe and the Morphing Grid from evil the likes of which the universe has never seen before. Three teenagers undergo a morphinominal mutation into the Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


1 Beasts Unleashed
2 Evox's Revenge
3 End of the Road
4 Digital Deception
5 Taking Care of Business
6 Hangar Heist
7 A Friend Indeed
8 The Cybergate Opens
9 Silver Sacrifice
10 Thrills and Drill
11 Tools of the Betrayed
12 Real Steel
13 Tuba Triumph
14 Hypnotic Halloween (Halloween Special)

15 Sound and the Fury
16 Seeing Red
17 Gorilla Act
18 Ranger Reveal
19 Rewriting History
20 Target Tower
21 Evox Upgraded
22 Scrozzle’s Revenge (Christmas Special)




Beast Morphers preview

Beast Morphers (season 2) preview


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    1. Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 1 "Beasts Unleashed" is now available.
      The beastly new season has been unleashed. Let's see if it can really tap into Power Rangers, their energy, and their spirit.

    2. And so, a new era of Power Rangers begins. What do you think?
      I know I'm loving this beginning. Can't wait to see what unfolds next.

    Lovin the theme song:

    Power Rangers

    Go go Power Rangers!

    Go, Go,

    It's Morphin Time!

    For justice we fight,
    With Beast Morphin light,
    Together we rise!!!

    Go go Power Rangers!


    Go go Power Rangers!


    Power Rangers Beast Morphers

    1. I know we're in the beginning of Beast Morphers and have a long way to go, but I already have some hopes for Beast Morphers's second season.

    I am liking Evox, Blaze Ranger, and Roxy Ranger as villains. I'm aware that in Super Sentai, Evox's counterpart (Messiah) is defeated part-way through the season and Blaze Ranger's counterpart (Enter) takes over in a new form with help from an altered version of Roxy Ranger's counterpart (Escape). I am hoping that this season, we'll see Evox, Blaze Ranger, and Roxy Ranger destroyed at the end of the season and next season the villains will be new villains (using the costumes of the new forms of Enter and Escape. What I mean is:

    Beast Morphers season 1 villains:

    PRBM/ - EVOX
    [computer virus], [], []

    [digital avatar], [], []

    (digital avatar), [], []

    Beast Morphers season 2 villains:

    PRBM/ - "new primary villain"
    [digital avatar or cyborg], [], []

    PRBM/ - "new villain assistant"
    [digital avatar or cyborg], [], []

  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 2 "Evox's Revenge" is now available.
    Evox strikes back, so now the story of Beast Morpher's beginning is complete. Now, onto the adventures.

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    Power Rangers Beast Morphers episodes 3 "End of the Road", 4 "Digital Deception", and 5 "Taking Care of Business" are now available.
    Had trouble finding a version of episode 3 that wasn't flipped and I was busy.
    The road with Beast Morphers is looking great so far. We weren't deceived when they advertised this new season. Looks like the current owners took care of the problems and morphed the show back to life.

  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 6 "Hangar Heist" is now available.

  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 7 "A Friend Indeed" and 8 "The Cybergate Opens" are now available.
    Ooh boy, did things get a bit more intense in these episodes. A friend indeed opened a new opportunity for the Rangers.
    Unfortunately, this is usually the time where we enter a long hiatus and wait a long time for new episodes, unless Hasbro does things differently. Let's see.

  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 9 "Silver Sacrifice", "10 Thrills and Drill", and "11 Tools of the Betrayed" are now available. The adventure continues with new elements to make things extra fun.
    (I got episodes 10 and 11 early)
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 12 "Real Steel" is now available.
    Looks like this season is still going as strong as steel.
  • Well, the hiatus is over so we're back in business.
    Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 13 "Tuba Triumph" is now available.
    Music to my ears!
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 14 "Hypnotic Halloween" is now available.
    Happy Halloween Power Rangers fans! Hope this Halloween episode hypnotizes, I mean mesmerizes, you all.
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