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Power Rangers - Specials & Movies

edited September 2017 in General Discussion
The Power Rangers show came with a few specials and movies over the decades. Figured I'd share them with you Power Rangers fans.
Let me know if I missed any or should add any.

MMPR 00 DAY OF THE DUMPSTER (pilot episode)
Austin St. John and Walter Jones go over the history of the Power Rangers from MMPR to PRLG, as well as reveal the original pilot episode for the show:
Five teenagers, who hang out in an average bowling alley, and occasionally use their karate skills to fend off a gang of mean bullies, are summoned to save the world by an intergalactic being named Zoltar. He gives them the power to become Power Rangers, and to call upon giant dinosaur robots called Droids to combat the forces of space witch Rita Repulsa, her warrior Goldar, monster-maker Finster, and the bumbling duo Mongo and Grock.

On Christmas Eve in Angel Grove, little Alpha 5 is sad because he is all alone in the Command Center. Why? The Rangers are busy helping Santa Claus in preparation for his big trip around the world. To cheer Alpha up over being left alone, again, Zordon presents Alpha with a Christmas tree and then teleports in various children to spend time with him.

A gigantic egg that contains the evil slimy maniac Ivan Ooze for centuries has been discovered and opened. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers prepare to face their most formidable foe yet. Ivan Ooze makes moves to cripple the Power Rangers before unleashing his diabolical plot to conquer the world.

After being trapped in a cave during a spelunking adventure, Bulk and Skull while trying to find a way out, recall the various situations they've ended up in.

The Zeo Rangers have just recently got themselves a break due to the Machine Empire being disabled for now and Rita and Zedd opting not to continue fighting the Power Rangers. Peace on Earth is once again disrupted when a wizard named Lerigot from the planet Liaria comes to Earth, seeking shelter from evil space pirates who are pursuing him. The pirates are led by the lady pirate Divatox, who wants to gain the power to conquer the universe. She plans to use Lerigot to get to the lost island of Muranthias where she'll find a source of incredible strength and power. The Zeo Rangers, along with a new ally, will need to use their new Turbo technology in order to protect Lerigot, fight Divatox and her crew, and prevent evil from ruling the universe. This time, the Power Rangers shift into Turbo.

POWER RANGERS (2017) movie
After five troubled teenagers in the city of Angel Grove meet, they discover five unusual gem-like coins. The teens soon discover that the coins have given them incredible powers and begin searching for answers. As the teens discover the origins of their coins and powers, an ancient evil being named Rita Replusa reawakens and begins searching for a crystal powerful enough to destroy planets so that she can conquer the universe. To save their world and beyond, the five teens will need to learn to overcome their differences and personal issues in order to truly come together as a team and fulfill their destiny: to become the ultimate superhero team, the Power Rangers.


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