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If you were an evil being in Power Rangers, which villain would you want to work for/with?

edited September 2016 in General Discussion
Growing up as kids, watching superhero shows, a lot of us would've wanted to become superheroes, work with superheroes, or teamed up with them. No doubt a number of us would've wanted to do that with the Power Rangers.
That's always fun to think about. Now, I want to put a slight twist on that.
Let's say you're one of the bad guys on Power Rangers. You want to help a villain conquer the universe.
Which Power Ranger villains would you want to work for/with? Why?
(It can be any villain from a boss, to one of the main villains serving the boss, or one of the monsters-of-the-week if you like)


  • There are a few villains that have caught my interest enough for me to want to work with them. My preference has always been the villains who are clever thinkers and strategists. Therefore, 3 villains I'd consider working for would be

    He may have become a psycho machine, but he doesn't hate humans like Ransik does. He only wanted to destroy Ransik as revenge for their horrific encounter long ago and became obsessed and consumed by a desire to prove robots' worth. Plus he is a very smart scientist from the future. His know-how would be invaluable, especially with how he proved how great a threat he is all on his own.

    He is a genius for his time. He doesn't hate humans, he just wants a world of dinosaurs. He is willing to even save a human's life for whatever reason he has, given he saved Zeltrax and he allowed a normal human to become his general (Elsa). He stole some technology but developed most of it himself, which is very advanced and powerful. There are many possibilities with Mesogog.

    He is not as bad as the majority of the villains you see. He's simply trying to survive in a multiverse where there are beings far worse. Scrozzle is indeed a genius with lots of potential as he has demonstrated with his multi-dimensional teleportation system, army of Tronics and Gigadrones, the robot-maker, and more. He appreciates respect from those he encounter, even those that terrify him. There are not many known limitations to his know-how.
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