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Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Viewable Episodes)

edited September 2017 in General Discussion
Time to see this team of Power Rangers unleash the fury.

10,000 years ago, an evil dragon named Dai-Shi attempted to wipe out the human race so that he, his beast warriors, and animals could rule the Earth. Brave warriors channeled their animal spirits and after a great battle, known as the Beast War, they were able to defeat Dai-Shi's forces and capture Dai-Shi inside a box. In present day (2008), Pai Zhua (Order of the Claw), which was formed by the warriors that defeated Dai-Shi, continues training people in their arts to become warriors to protect the Earth in the event that Dai-Shi escapes. Pai Zhua Master Mao selects three warriors take on that task, and just in time as Dai-Shi gets free, reawakens his army of fear, and begins attacking and scaring humans in order to gather enough fear to restore the great powers he lost and conquer the world. The three Pai Zhua warriors follow Dai-Shi to the city of Ocean Bluff and find a new master. Their new master grants the students a way to fight Dai-Shi and his forces. He gives them Solar Morphers which allow them to become the ferocious, animal-spirit-armed team of heroes known as Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


1 Welcome to the Jungle part 1
2 Welcome to the Jungle part 2
3 Sigh of the Tiger
4 A Taste of Poison
5 Can't Win Them All
6 Dance the Night Away
7 Pizza Slice of Life
8 Way of the Master
9 Good Karma, Bad Karma
10 The Blind Leading the Blind
11 Pushed to the Edge
12 One Master Too Many
13 Ghost of a Chance part 1
14 Ghost of a Chance part 2
15 Bad to the Bone
16 Friends Don't Fade Away
17 No 'I' in Leader
18 True Friends, True Spirits
19 Path of the Rhino
20 Dash for the Dagger
22 Race to the Nexus
23 Arise the Crystal Eyes
24 Fear and the Phantoms
25 Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
26 One Last Second Chance
27 Don't Blow That Dough
28 Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
29 The Spirit of Kindness
30 Maryl and the Monkeys
31 To Earn Your Stripes
32 Path of the Righteous
33 Now the Final Fury

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