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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Viewable Episodes)

edited September 2017 in General Discussion
Time to blast off into space once again.

After the total destruction of the United Alliance of Evil, the universe is safe again. On Earth, a large colony of humans from Earth prepare for a journey into space to find a new planet to settle on, by travelling on a giant, environmental space station called Terra Venture. Meanwhile, on a far side of the universe, an evil insectoid known as Scorpius is planning to steal five legendary and powerful swords called Quasar Sabers from their resting place in a stone on the inhabited planet of Mirinoi and to use their power to conquer the universe. A group of a few brave Earthlings and one woman of Mirinoi band together against Scorpius. They pull the Quasar Sabers out from the stone and the power of the Sabers transforms the five heroes into the newest defenders of the universe, and other galaxies, the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. With assistance from Alpha 6 and DECA on the Astro Megaship, the new heroes use their Quasar Sabers to protect Terra Venture on its mission through space from Scorpious, his daughter Trakeena, and other evil beings that threaten it and plot to conquer the universe.


1 Quasar Quest, Part 1
2 Quasar Quest, Part 2
3 Race to the Rescue
4 Rookie in Red
5 Homesick
6 The Lights of Orion
7 Double Duty
8 The Blue Crush
9 The Magna Defender
10 The Sunflower Search
11 Silent Sleep
12 Orion Rising
13 Orion Returns
14 Shark Attack
15 Redemption Day
16 Destined for Greatness
17 Stolen Beauty
18 The Rescue Mission
19 The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 1
20 The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2
21 Heir to the Throne
22 An Evil Game
23 Memories of Mirinoi
24 Green Courage
25 Blue to the Test
26 Mean Wheels Mantis
27 Loyax' Last Battle
28 A Red Romance
29 The Chameliac Warrior
30 To The Tenth Power
31 The Power of Pink
32 Protect the Quasar Saber
33 Facing the Past
34 Turn Up the Volume
35 Enter the Lost Galaxy
36 Beware the Mutiny
37 Grunchor on the Loose
38 Until Sunset
39 Dream Battle
40 Hexuba's Graveyard
41 Raise the Titanisaur
42 Escape the Lost Galaxy
43 Journey's End, Part 1
44 Journey's End, Part 2
45 Journey's End, Part 3

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