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Power Rangers Turbo (Viewable Episodes)

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Shift into turbo for this season of Power Rangers

The Machine Empire is disabled, Rita & Zedd have opted not to resume their struggle with the Power Rangers, and the Zeo Rangers are preparing for the next stage of life following graduation from Angel Grove High (class of 1997). Angel Grove's time of peace and quiet is cut short when a peaceful wizard comes to Earth seeking safety. He is pursued by an evil group of pirates led by the lady pirate named Divatox who is known as the Intergalactic Pirate Queen of Evil and the Toxic Diva. She plans to conquer the universe. The Rangers do what they do best and intervene, making Divatox their newest enemy. To combat Divatox, the Rangers develop new Ranger powers using advanced Turbo technology. The road to beating Divatox proves to be a strange one as old friends go and new ones arrive, like Justin, a young boy whose path becomes intertwined with that of the Power Rangers. The long-time Rangers, along with a new member, battle the wicked pirates with their new high-octane powers as Power Rangers Turbo.


1A TURBO: A Power Rangers movie
1B Shift Into Turbo, Part I
2 Shift Into Turbo, Part II
3 Shift Into Turbo, Part III
4 Shadow Rangers
5 Transmission Impossible
6 Rally Ranger
7 Built for Speed
8 Bicycle Built for the Blues
9 The Whole Lie
10 Glyph Hanger
11 Weight and See
12 Alarmed and Dangerous
13 The Millennium Message
14 A Drive to Win
15 Cars Attacks
16 Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part I
17 Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part II
18 Passing the Torch, Part I
19 Passing the Torch, Part II
20 Stitch Witchery
21 The Wheel of Fate
22 Trouble by the Slice
23 The Phantom Phenomenon
24 Vanishing Act
25 When Time Freezes Over
26 The Darkest Day
27 One Last Hope
28 The Fall of the Phantom
29 Clash of the Megazords
30 The Robot Ranger
31 Beware the Third Wish
32 The Gardener of Evil
33 Fire in Your Tank
34 The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
35 Spirit of the Woods
36 The Song of Confusion
37 The Accident
38 Cassie's Best Friend
39 The Curve Ball
40 Carlos and the Count
41 Little Strong Man
42 The Rival Rangers
43 Parts and Parcel
44 Chase into Space, Part I
45 Chase into Space, Part II

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