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History Rangers

That was Mack's Helmet is Red Operation Overdrive Ranger so what happen to Mack Hartford and another Operation Overdrive Rangers?


  • @EHT30J1981 Nothing happened to Mack.
    RPM existed in different dimension. It wasn't the same dimension where Mighty Morphin - Jungle Fury and Samurai-Megaforce existed.
    If you saw Power Rangers Super Megaforce "Legendary Battle", you'll see that he's still alive and defeating evil.
  • not to mention it wasn't Mack's helmet anyway since it was a modified Overdrive helmet so it wasn't meant to be an Overdrive Ranger it was meant to be something else.
  • It was probably meant to be a prototype helmet for RPM.
  • @PRThunder that's possible... who knows how long Dr. K was working on Project Ranger.
  • edited February 2015
    I was thinking about first Power Rangers from past history story and I wander which Power Rangers order against villain in past?

    Wild West Rangers

    Ancient Samurai Rangers

    Also which Power Rangers in end future

    Time Force Rangers

    SPD Rangers

    RPM Rangers

    But I think is was first one villain from past is was Dino Charge Rangers in 65 million years ago from outside galaxy universe come to Planet Earth and I see dinosaurs was begin.

    So I wander is there another different villains from outside galaxy universe or Planet Earth in thousands year ago?
  • @EHT30J1981
    You have a good question. There's a lot of factors to consider. Don't forget about the Power Rangers that have never been seen before on Earth.
    That will be a lot to consider.
    Of course, the show will show us villains as it goes on.
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