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V.R. Troopers (Viewable Episodes)

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There have been many imaginative shows on TV in the past. VR Troopers was one of the many good, imaginative shows from the 1990s. The show tried to profit from the fascination with virtual reality in the early 1990s as well as the success of Saban's other property, Power Rangers. The show featured early CGI and video effects mixed with Japanese stock footage from three different Metal Hero Series: "Superhuman Machine Metalder", "Dimensional Warrior Spielban" and "Space Sheriff Shaider". VR Troopers was the first official "sister series" to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Unfortunately, it ended after 2 seasons because it ran out of stock footage from the Japanese versions.
I got the list of episodes from online sources, but I'm not 100% sure that it's in the chronological order. Feel free to correct me if I have them in the wrong order.

Teenagers Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Starr (aka Hall) and J.B. Reese are called to meet the mysterious Professor Horatio Hart at his lab in the mountains, on the outskirts of Cross World City. Once at the lab, Professor Hart reveals to the teens that Tyler Steele (Ryan's father who's been missing for 10 years) was experimenting with another reality parallel to our known known as the Virtual World. Unfortunately, he found conflict with Grimlord, the evil master of Virtual Reality, who has been planning to conquer our reality. Grimlord also manages to manipulate things in our world as Karl Ziktor, a wealthy industrialist. Professor Hart gives Ryan, J.B., and Kaitlin the Virtualizers, which gives them the ability to transform and don armor which gave them the power to face Grimlord's horde. Together, the three friends defend our world, our reality, and other realities as the VR Troopers (Virutal Reality Troopers).

Season 1

1. The Battle Begins Part 1 (03/09/1994) (Part 1 and 2 included) (1/2) (2/2)
2. The Battle Begins Part 2 (10/09/1994) (1/2) (2/2)
3. Error in the System (14/09/1994)
4. Lost Memories (15/09/1994)
5. Battle for the Books (16/09/1994)
6. Oh Brother (19/09/1994)
7. Grimlord's Challenge (20/09/1994)
8. Computer Captive (21/09/1994)
9. Kaitlin's Little Helper (22/09/1994)
10. The Virtual Spy (23/09/1994)
11. The Virtual V-6 (26/09/1994)
12. No One's Friend (27/09/1994)
13. Dogmatic Change (28/09/1994)
14. Searching for Tyler Steele (30/09/1994)
15. Save the Trees (03/10/1994)
16. A Dirty Trick (04/10/1994)
17. Kaitlin's Front Page (05/10/1994)
18. The Dognapping (07/10/1994)
19. My Dog's Girlfriend (10/10/1994)
20. Digging for Fire (11/10/1994)
21. The Great Brain Robbery (12/10/1994)
22. The Dojo Plot (14/10/1994)
23. Grimlord's Greatest Hits (19/10/1994)
24. The Disappearance (25/10/1994)
25. Nightmares 31/10/1994)
26. Secret Admirer (03/11/1994)
27. Grimlord's House of Fear (04/11/1994)
28. Three Strikes (07/11/1994)
29. Danger in the Deep (08/11/1994)
30. Small But Mighty (09/11/1994)
31. Defending Dark Heart Part 1 (14/11/1994)
32. Defending Dark Heart Part 2 (15/11/1994)
33. Defending Dark Heart Part 3 (16/11/1994)
34. Defending Dark Heart Part 4 (17/11/1994)
35. Ghost Biker (18/11/1994)
36. Endangered Species (21/11/1994)
37. Field Goal (22/11/1994)
38. The Littlest Trooper (23/11/1994)
39. The Reality Virus (29/11/1994)
40. Friends in Need (30/11/1994)
41. Good Trooper, Bad Trooper (06/02/1995)
42. The Transmutant (07/02/1995)
43. Who's King of the Mountain? (08/02/1995)
44. The Couch Potato Kid (09/02/1995)
45. The Old Switcharoo (10/02/1995)
46. Race to the Rescue (13/02/1995)
47. Fiddler on the Loose (14/02/1995)
48. Virtually Powerless (15/02/1995)
49. New Kids on the Planet (20/02/1995)
50. Message from Space (22/02/1995)
51. The Rise of the Red Python Part 1 (27/02/1995)
52. The Rise of the Red Python Part 2 (28/02/1995)

Season 2

1. Mutant Mutiny (11/09/1995)
2. Trooper Out of Time (12/09/1995)
3. Secret Power (13/09/1995)
4. Quest for Power Part 1 (18/09/1995)
5. Quest for Power Part 2 (19/09/1995)
6. Quest for Power Part 3 (20/09/1995)
7. Quest for Power Part 4 (21/09/1995)
8. Quest for Power Part 5 (22/09/1995)
9. Fashion Victims (25/09/1995)
10. Game Over (26/09/1995)
11. Watered Down (27/09/1995)
12. The Negative Factor (02/10/1995)
13. Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass Part 1 (03/10/1995)
14. Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass Part 2 (04/10/1995)
15. Kaitlin Goes Hollywood (09/10/1995)
16. Grimlord Takes Root (10/10/1995)
17. The Disk (11/10/1995)
18. Virtual Venom (16/10/1995)
19. New World Order (17/10/1995)
20. Grimlord's Children (18/10/1995)
21. The Millennium Sabre (24/10/1995)
22. Grimlord's Dark Secret Part 1 (02/11/1995) (1/2) (2/2)
23. Grimlord's Dark Secret Part 2 (03/11/1995) (1/2) (2/2)
24. On the Wrong Track (06/11/1995)
25. Forward into the Past (07/11/1995)
26. Into Oraclon's Web (08/11/1995)
27. Santa's Secret Trooper (13/11/1995)
28. The Charmeeka Invasion (14/11/1995)
29. Dream Battle (15/11/1995)
30. A Hard Day's Mutant (20/11/1995)
31. Magnetic Attraction (21/11/1995)
32. Get Me to the Lab on Time (27/11/1995)
33. Grimlord's Big Breakout (28/11/1995)
34. Field and Scream (05/02/1996)
35. The Duplitron Dilemma (06/02/1996)
36. Despera Strikes Back (07/02/1996)
37. The Ghost of Cross World Forrest (12/02/1996)
38. Grimlord's Dummy (13/02/1996)
39. Time Out! (20/02/1996)
40. Galileo's New Memory (21/02/1996)

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    Here's a few bonuses.

    In a couple of VR Troopers episodes, the VR Troopers were forced to do battle in a place called the "Battle Grid" Their suits were simplified versions of their armored forms and they looked like they were made of spandex. Here are the...


    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic" />

    Season 1

    3. Error in the System (14/09/1994)
    10. The Virtual Spy (23/09/1994)
    14. Searching for Tyler Steele (30/09/1994)
    16. A Dirty Trick (04/10/1994)
    17. Kaitlin's Front Page (05/10/1994)
    18. The Dognapping (07/10/1994)
    22. The Dojo Plot (14/10/1994)
    40. Friends in Need (30/11/1994)
    42. The Transmutant (07/02/1995)

    Season 2

    16. Grimlord Takes Root (10/10/1995)
    29. Dream Battle (15/11/1995)

    Bonus number two is the alternative theme music for VR Troopers.

    One more gift for everyone. Everybody likes music. Here are some music videos from the VR Troopers show. Here are the...


    "Hear This Lion's Roar"
    "It's All In Your Mind"
    "We Are VR"
    "Who's a VR Trooper"


    Big Bad Beetleborgs / Beetleborgs Metallix (Viewable Episodes)
    SuperHuman Samurai Syber-Squad (Viewable Episodes)
  • it was one of my favorite shows when i was a kid
  • @sayla0079 I'm glad to hear that. Perhaps you can do me a favor. I bet you've seen more episodes than I did, so would it be possible that you can check if all the things are good? Many of the links have lengths shorter or longer than 20 mins. If there are any bits of the episodes missing from the links or if something is wrong with the episode, let me know.
  • my dog's girlfriend is missing a couple minutes in the middle (during the kaitlin/skuggs fight) but it doesn't overly affect anything.
  • Hey @sayla0079. I have a few questions.
    Q1: I know in VR Troopers season 2, Ryan's suit is destroyed and replaced with a new one, but do you think it would have been cooler if Ryan kept his suit and they created a 4th VR Trooper for the team?
    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic" />

    Q2: Should the Red Python have been kept around?

    Q3: Do you think this guy (Metal Hero Juspian) should have been used in VR Troopers?
    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic" />
  • 1.yes

    2.yes (could have done what spielban did)

    3. juspion could have worked since he has a similar design to jb.

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    @sayla0079 I think you'd like this. Shout Factory released VR Troopers on DVD. I hear it should be in better quality and definition.

    Shout! Factory - VR Troopers - DVD Menu
    Shout! Factory - VR Troopers Season 1 Volume 2 - DVD Menu
    Shout! Factory - VR Troopers Season 2 Volume 1 - DVD Menu
  • I did hear about this i just don't have the money right now but thx for the info
  • I'm gonna save up so I can get them one day.
  • I've bought them all, including beetleborgs, and next mutation, but I don't think i'll be putting them on here, it's sort've a moral issue for me lol
  • it's okay prp i'm the same way about downloading and burning shows that are officially on dvd here.
  • it's okay prp i'm the same way about downloading and burning shows that are officially on dvd here.
    I mean, I opened my site to begin with, because nothing was officially available anywhere, so I gave people a means of watching it. Saban did exactly what I wanted them to do, so now there's no reason to.
  • I will still try to upload the DVD quality of the series once I buy the DVD 's.
  • edited May 2014
    @PowerRangerPlanet they may be selling DVDS of Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, and other old shows, but that doesn't mean everyone will be able to get it. There will still be a need for this site. There are still fans out there that won't that luxury of getting DVDs. That's where you'll come in.

    @zeoraner5 Glad to hear you'll upload episodes.
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