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Power Rangers review: The Forces of Evil - Villains "New"



  • @zookster I imagine that they have no connection as episode 4 in Dino SuperCharge appeared to be the first time they've met.
    The white faces on all the main villains (except Sledge, Heckyl, and Snide) and the monsters are just there because their story in Super Sentai.
  • Scorpino and Rito were never actually seen destroyed by the Z wave. Same with Master Vile. They could easily still be alive.
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    @Jam-Jul Lison we didn't see a lot of villains get hit by the Z-Wave, but I think it is safe assume that they were destroyed. It's like a "two-plus-two makes four" logic thing.
    Only a few villains were turned into good, human-like beings, but everyone else was destroyed.
    Plus it was probably easier for the producers to do it this way.
    I do see your case though.
  • Rumor has it that Dino Supercharge will not only introduce us to the Silver ranger, Zenowing, but also two new villains, Doomwing, Zenowing's evil counterpart and Lord Arcanon, the being who hired Sledge to capture outlaws and sent Singe as a double-agent.
  • That would be interesting.
  • I'll bet Lord Arcanon is the most powerful being in the universe. More so then Sledge and Snide put together. He's probably the reason why Keeper stole the Energems from Sledge to keep Arcanon from getting his evil hands on them.
  • Looks like Lord Arcanon has a general. A white-cloaked monster named Screech.

    His weapon of choice is a trumpet whose music can turn anyone who listen to it into zombies and hypnotize them.
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    @vgiannell5 ...

    1: Don't you mean Sledge, Heckyl, and Snide put together? Heckyl and Snide are a two-on-one package.

    2: It might not be long before we see Doomwing and this Lord Arcanon, now that Singe's cover is blown

    3: Now that all 10 Energems are located and bonded, and all the zords have been found, we're just left with the Power Rangers fighting to end the battles once and for all. If there are a bunch of villain looking for the Energems, the big question is, which boss villain will make the final plan when the final battle happens?
  • Don't you mean Sledge, Heckyl, and Snide put together? Heckyl and Snide are a two-on-one package.
    Heckyl and Snide may be in the same body, but it's only a matter of time before Snide decides that Heckyl has been holding him back for too long and separate from him forever.
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    We've had so many interesting bad guys out to conquer the world, the universe, and beyond, haven't we?

    A self-proclaimed "emperor of all he see"
    A sorceress with a bad case of headaches
    A robot king
    A walking, robotic rocket
    The robot king's son and his robot wife with a Romeo and Juliet like backstory
    A lady pirate with a long tongue
    A giant space-specter
    A human woman who was raised by a servant of evil to be princess of evil
    A treacherous, maniacal bounty hunter who acts more like a serial killer
    A spider-like being with a name resembling the word scorpion who can't seem to stand up
    The spider-like being's pampered daughter
    A deceiving, manipulative cyborg alien who's greedy for power
    A pirate who looks like a giant pirate ship
    A demon queen
    A mutant criminal who wants revenge for being racially mistreated
    A cyborg who abandoned his good-natured ways after being blown up by the mutant he saved
    A human who wanted to destroy Earth because he couldn't have the woman he fell in love and gave up his humanity to get revenge
    An org with two genders who thought themself superior to everyone
    A space ninja with acid reflux
    A mutant cyborg obsessed with motorcycles
    A bounty hunter who's head looks like a shark
    A mutant dinosaur-human hyrbid
    A cyborg who wants revenge on one person because they didn't get the job they wanted
    A giant brain-like creature who possesses great powers, but no mobility
    An alien emperor with a few bones to pick with a warrior from Sirius
    A bat-like mercenary who only cares about money
    A Cthulhu-like monster who has no problem giving body parts to his servants
    A cursed human-turned-mummy who desires power above all else
    A cursed human with anger issues made into a walking villain of ice
    A cursed human made into a walking villain of lava and fire who wants to be superior to his brother, probably for acceptance
    A ninja from space who makes monsters by pointing his fingers
    A group of psychotic cat-like aliens with great strength
    An evil dragon spirit
    A grizzly bear-like monster
    A computer virus
    A robot general framed for treason
    A monster who feeds off human suffering and has headaches 24/7
    A monster who is quite the cut-up
    An alien from extremely deep in space who wants to prove himself worthy of leadership through intellect
    An insectoid admiral
    A pampered prince with immature behavior who wants to prove himself worthy
    An emperor with a bad temper
    A bounty hunter who seeks ultimate power
    An alien with split-personality and has the characteristics of Batman's Joker.
    An alien with split-personality with brutish behavior and is quick to lose his cool

    Quite a line-up.
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    Ok. Did anyone else see that twist with Heckyl at the end of "Wings of Danger" coming? I sure didn't.
    I can't believe this. I mean I had an idea as to how Heckyl and Snide came to be, but this is a new level. Heckyl, the insane villain with split personality, is actually a good guy?

    But if Arcanon is the warlord who destroyed the planet to get the Dark Energem, then who's the green-faced monster we saw when Keeper explained the story of the Dark Energem?
    (plus this means the Arcanon is possibly the oldest Power Ranger villain to exist)


    Speaking of Arcanon, so he and Zenowing have a similar history as Commander Krueger and Emperor Gruumm. They meet on a world destroyed by their arch-nemisis, and the hero cuts off a part of the villain.

  • This one scene deserves several "oh crud"s.
    Looks like things are about to go down on Power Rangers Dino Supercharge.
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    This villain has been quite an advesary for the past year. There's no doubt that he's ruthless, vicious, deceptive, dangerous, powerful, and hard to crack.
    But now, it's time to say bye bye to Snide.

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    With the finale for Power Rangers Dino Supercharge, I've had to write some interesting details for the final fates of the villains of Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge. These are details I hope we'll never have to deal with something like this again.
    This is the first time that the only way the villains could be defeated and the world could be saved is to stop the bad guys before the adventure even starts.

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    The finale of Dino Supercharge provided us with a lot of things for the first time.
    One of them is: having a monster attack with a plan for world domination after all the primary villains are destroyed. In this case, the monster is Heximas. Heximas is a Christmas-themed monster who was one of Sledge's bounties. With Sledge destroyed in the past in the new timeline, Heximas became the new threat to the Earth. Question is: Do I categorize him as a boss or a monster of the week?

    PRDC-PRDSC – Heximas
    [alien], [no group name], [Present: either destroyed when Sledge's ship crashed or sucked into a black hole; New Past:destroyed by PRDC-PRDSC]

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