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Power Rangers In Space (Viewable Episodes)

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If you loved Power Rangers In Space... you've got it. Let's rocket!

Blast off into the final frontier as the Rangers take off for outer space. Four powerless ex-Turbo Rangers pursue lady space pirate Divatox into space, hoping to stop her before she returns to a now Ranger-less Earth. Meanwhile, the United Alliance of Evil (which consists of Rita & Zedd, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, Divatox, and other villains), led by the powerful Dark Spector and his co-leader, Astronema, the princess of evil, have made plans for universal domination. What was once an effort to stop Divatox became a universal mission to save Zordon from Dark Spector and stop the United Alliance of Evil from conquering the entire universe. With new powers, the team soar through the cosmos in the Astro Megaship, search for Zordon, and battle evil across the universe as Power Rangers in Space.


1. From Out of Nowhere (1)

2. From Out of Nowhere (2)

3. Save Our Ship

4. Shell Shocked

5. Never Stop Searching

6. Satellite Search

7. A Ranger Among Thieves

8. When Push Comes to Shove

9. The Craterite Invasion

10. The Wasp with a Heart

11. The Delta Discovery

12. The Great Evilyzer

13. Grandma Matchmaker

14. The Barillian Sting

15. T.J.'s Identity Crisis

16. Flashes of Darkonda

17. The Rangers' Mega Voyage

18. True Blue to the Rescue

19. Invasion of the Body Switcher

20. Survival of the Silver

21. Red with Envy

22. The Silver Secret

23. A Date with Danger

24. Zhane's Destiny

25. Always a Chance

26. The Secret of the Locket

27. Astronema Thinks Twice

28. The Rangers' Leap of Faith

29. Dark Specter's Revenge (1)

30. Dark Specter's Revenge (2)

31. Rangers Gone Psycho

32. Carlos on Call

33. A Rift in the Rangers

34. Five of a Kind

35. Silence is Golden

36. The Enemy Within

37. Andros and the Stowaway

38. Mission to Secret City

39.Ghosts in the Machine

40. The Impenetrable Web

41. A Line in the Sand

42. Countdown to Destruction (1)

43 Countdown to Destruction (2)

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