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Back from deployment, taking requests

edited November 2012 in General Discussion
Hello once again!

Just got back from deployment, and ready to start uploads!

Looks like wupload went down in my absence, so I'll start by replacing my old links. I'll start taking new requests.

If I dont receive any requests, I'll just start with Battle Fever J and work my way up.

I have all sentai's, power rangers, and pretty much any other show you can think of, full season, full subs, and in full mp4 format.

I would like to ask if someone can upload super samurai episodes 1-15 for me, so my PRS can be complete.

Good to be back!


  • If you have it please upload abaranger thx.
  • Abaranger coming up
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    If you have it, please upload big bad beetleborgs and big bad beetleborgs metalix.
  • Oh you are cruel. Big bad beetleborgs is one of the very very few show's I dont have. I did have it, but the quality was so bad it was completely un-watchable, so I got rid of it.
  • Sadly, I lost my good copies due to an hd failure, so I only have those lower quality ones.
  • If you have it, please upload masked rider, tmnt the next mutation, and vr troopers.
  • Got all three, will get to it soon
  • ok this is a tall order, all these shows were subbed by tv nihon but all the links are gone now if you could upload garo both series and movies, gransazer, justirizer, sazer x, madan senki ryukendo, tomica hero rescue force and rescue fire, b ighter and b fighter kabuto that would be great if not thats cool I just to ask.
  • ...Wow... haha, well this is a tall order indeed. I do have all of these, but I dont think I will upload all of these, not here anyway. Perhaps I'll start uploads at TV Nihon. Some of their links are still active, as I just downloaded Tomica Heros both seasons from there, like, yesterday haha.
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    thanks I appreciate it, oh and just out of curiosity for those tomica heroes did you download them through torrent or direct download, because all of the direct download links are gone.
  • Torrent
  • CAn you upload Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog episodes 13,17,28,29,35,36,49 as the links on the main site have been deleted please
  • HOLY COW, now there is a show i havent seen in a long time. You got it, I'll have to dust that one off haha, it will be here soon.
  • Could you also upload the entire Power Rangers series up to PRSS and the entire Sentai series when you get a chance?
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