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Power Rangers review: From "Teenagers with Attitude" to "Defenders of the Universe" to NOW



  • @sayla0079 I think there are many people who can relate
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    Power Rangers fans, 2 weeks ago, Creepox made his last stand in an effort to destroy the Megaforce Rangers and was finally destroyed (as shown in the vids from a few comments ago. On 3-30-2013, Admiral Malkor ordered Vrak to recruit new villains to join their quest for world conquest. Vrak found 2 evil villains to recruit. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to
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    Does anyone want to give an opinion on the villains we've met so far in Megaforce?
    We've got
    INSECTOIDS: Admiral Malkor, Prince Vrak, Creepox
    TOXIC MUTANTS: Bigs, Blue Fur

    @PowerRangerPlanet , @NightMere10 , @Dubby , @sayla0079 , @MattEmily , @vgiannell5 , @Ranger91 , @DekaBlue , @Yanman10 , @PoisonLotus , @EHT30J1981 , @zeorangerboy , @iFresh , @darkvincentes , @zyusouken ?
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    This is a review discussion about Power Rangers in the last 20 years, so it would be nice to talk about all those years with somebody. I feel like nobody cares about how far the Power Rangers have come within 2 decades.
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    Does nobody want to talk about the show for the last 20 years since we have gotten so far?
    @PowerRangerPlanet , @NightMere10 , @Dubby , @sayla0079 , @MattEmily , @vgiannell5 , @Ranger91 , @DekaBlue , @Yanman10 , @PoisonLotus , @EHT30J1981 , @zeorangerboy , @iFresh , @darkvincentes , @zyusouken, @harsh ?
  • My question:

    Why do evil villains never learn NOT to mess with Planet Earth?! XD!
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    @GoldenTurbo these villains consider themselves to be superior to all human beings, even ones that wear power-filled spandex and operate giant machines. I'm surprised that villains keep coming to Earth even though in the last 20 years, every villain who challenged the Power Rangers were defeated. You'd think that villains would fear the name Power Rangers and never come to Earth. Speaking of which, when Admiral Malkor, Vrak, and Creepox came to Earth, they challenged the Rangers like they were nothing special while other villains learned that the Power Rangers were going to be a challenge quickly. Guess these new villains came from somewhere very far away since they seem to have never heard of the Power Rangers and take a long time to realize how powerful these "teens with attitude" are.
  • Exactly my point.... XD! I see about Malkor...but still funny
  • @GoldenTurbo what do you think of the Toxic Mutants?
    There's a video a few comments up that shows their first battle with the Megaforce Rangers
  • They are creepy.... but I see what they are trying to teach us as well as just making a villain for the Rangers.
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    I'm still trying to figure out the Toxic Mutants. In their first conversation in the underground caves they seem angry about the humans not cleaning up the toxic waste (which is what created them), yet their plan is to cause more toxic spills. I'm surprised that they're not thanking the human race for creating them, then have their evil plan to eliminate the human race by global toxication.

    Vrak recruits the Toxic Mutants:
    Enter the Toxic Mutants:
  • that is confusing....
  • @GoldenTurbo
    You see what I mean? In the beginning, they are angry that humans are carelessly polluting the Earth, but they want to continue polluting it. It would make a whole lot more sense if they were thankful to be created out of Toxic Sludge and be evil enough to take over the world.
    Both videos help me present my case
  • That doesn't make sense to be either.... but I guess... umm..err... you got me on that one.
  • Well at least there's something about them that makes sense....they are evil and they want to rule the world. And their plan to cause Global Toxication may be just what their bosses Malkor and Vrak need to finally rule the world with the Toxic Mutants at their side.
    The Toxic Mutants actually remind me of the Orgs (from Wild Force) and Mig and Benglo the Fearcats (from Operation Overdrive). Like the Orgs, pollution helps the TMs (Toxic Mutants, and the two of them remind me of the Fearcats because there are 2 of them and they are both probably just as evil.
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