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Power Rangers review: From "Teenagers with Attitude" to "Defenders of the Universe" to NOW



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    Meet the villains of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
    They are big bad warriors, but instead of being warlords, or a supernatural force, they are contestants on a intergalactic battle game show. Though one of them reigns supreme over all the warriors. Named after the show they battle on, meet...

    This is definitely something new. Long ago we were dealing with a lot of warlords. We had villains that were well-prepared for conquests. I'm talking about villains that had great power, an arsenal, an army, and more. These were guys who did a lot of work to get as far as they did and were able to push forward with confidence in their own power and abilities. We had Lord Zedd. Master Vile, King Mondo, Dark Spector, Queen Bansheera, Master Org, Lothor, Motodrone, Shimazu Mesogog, Zeltrax, Omni & Emperor Gruumm (somewhat), Broodwing, The Master/Octomus, the Ten Terrors, Dai-Shi, the Phantom Beasts, the Venjix Virus, General Shifter, Master Xandred, Serrator, Emperor Mavro's armada, the Toxic Mutants, and Heckyl & Snide.
    Motodrone had nothing other than power. When he first came into existence, he automatically knew how we wanted to rule the world and he used the resources around him to construct his arsenal. Shimazu was a warlord in his time and he attacked with just his Wolfblade monsters. Once he became a general in Lothor's army, he was not as confident like he was long ago, but there's no doubt he was once a confident villain. Mesogog's original plan may have depended on the Ranger's Dino Gems to achieve world domination, he found other ways to conquer the world, some of them using his own resources. This shows that he's a confident villain. Zeltrax may have started out as a follower of Mesogog, but he soon rose up to become a confident villain boss. He was able to get his own footsoldiers from reprogramming the Troptoids, was able to make at least one monster and robot himself, made his own arsenal, and gained some power all by himself. Omni & Emperor Gruumm did have power, an arsenal, and and army, but he needed more. They had to buy footsoldiers, weapons, and robots from Broodwing whereas Broodwing produced it all himself. The Phantom Beasts was only 8 monsters with 8 monsters serving them, but they still did well. General Shifter didn't have an army to back him up once he was banished, so he relied on whatever resources he had available and was still able to be a powerful threat. The same can somewhat be said about Serrator. Serrator had great power and a few Nighloks followed him. His master plan for conquering two worlds required manipulating Deker, Dayu, and Master Xandred, bu he's still one of those confident villains. The Toxic Mutants only had themselves to carry out plans. Despite being allies to Vrak and carrying out a few of his plans, they still demonstrated their worth and ability as confident villains. Heckyl and Snide both have great powers and have been capable of destroying galaxies by themselves despite having no army or arsenal. Though they wanted the Energems, they didn't really need them to take over Sledge's crew, take control of Sledge's bounties, or destroy worlds (conquer them if they wanted).
    Then there are those like Divatox, Ransik, Frax, Imperious. Divatox wasn't a warlord, but a pirate. She tried to rise up to power by marrying a powerful monster, but soon proved that she is a confident villain when she assembled her own army and arsenal and relied on her own power to attack the Rangers and continue her quest for universal conquest. Ransik was a mutant born from a mix of human DNA and some other stuff, who then assembled a gang of mutant criminals as the army, and got someone who develop a few footsoldiers and weapons (with and without Frax), and relied on his own power for fighting for conquest. Frax was like Broodwing. Frax built his own foot soldiers, weapons and robots. He only relied on mutant monsters a few times, but some through manipulation. Imperious had plenty of power and a few monster friends to use, and had the Master/Octomus's army to aid him since he was recruited to the Master/Octomus's army, but he was clearly a confident villain.

    Doesn't it feel like there are a lot less of those kind of villains these days? These days, we have villains that have to use something else to make up for a lack of power, arsenal, and an army. I can't say we didn't have villains in the past that did that, but they were still very powerful, even if they were missing one thing. Scorpious and Trakeena had everything, but depended on the Quasar Sabers for the power to conquer the universe. They eventually turned their attention to the Galaxy Book for that power to complete the plan. At times, it seemed like they were willing to do things the old fashioned way for conquest. Deviot had only intellect, deception, and only a few inventions to get him by. He needed to use Scorpious and Trakeena to get an army and more arsenal, plus he was depending on the power of the cocoon to make him power enough for universal domination. Vexacus is a bounty hunter with no army or arsenal, only some power and skill. He had to rely heavily on Lothor to have an army and arsenal. He even relied on some of Lothor's arsenal to carry out his ultimate plan.

    Then there are a few villains that seemed to really need additional power and other things to accomplish a lot. First, there was Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor & Miratrix, and the Fearcats. All of them were like the regular citizens in a world of evil. Flurious and Moltor had footsoldiers, an arsenal and power, but apparently not enough to conquer things. Even though Moltor had monsters while Flurious didn't he still couldn't do better than his big brother. Kamdor & Miratrix only had power and skill, though Miratrix wasn't as powerful as her master. Kamdor could create monsters and make them grow with the wave of his hand, but apparently didn't believe his own abilities were enough to conquer worlds. The Fearcats was the strongest of Overdrive's villains, but apparently don't think that two or three is enough for universal conquest. Once their army, whom were trapped in a magic mirror, were destroyed, they automatically sought a higher power. All these villains depended on the Korona Aurora and its jewels as the ultimate source for universal domination. Sledge had a crew to help him and some arsenal of their own, but depended on the Energems for universal domination. He couldn't assemble an army so he chose to use his bounties to do a lot of his dirty work instead of just his own crew. Lord Arcanon was a warlord, but apparently didn't have an army or an arsenal to help him conquer. Despite having power, he needed the Energems, had to hire a bounty hunter (Sledge) to get him an army, and had to take over others' crews to gain footsoldiers and an arsenal (specifically Sledge's). Now we have Galvanax. Despite being an undefeated warrior, he relies on the Ninja Power Stars within the Ninja Nexus Prism for power and the assurance of never being destroyed. His crew only consists of Ripcon and Madam Odius. Other than that, he has to convince the contestants and show's work crew (Kudabots) to do his dirty work. He has no arsenal so he has to use what everyone else has got to aid him.

    It seems like the Power Rangers have destroyed all the incredibly powerful villains, and now we only have the villains that need extra help and power to pose a great threat. Anyone agree with me?
  • I've hear a lot of positive things and negative things about Power Rangers during the Neo-Saban era. I still hear them today.
    I'll admit that the show these days isn't like it once was, but it's not the worst. It's just different these days, like so many things. Things do change over time and we can grow stronger from them. Even the show has done so.
    Remember the 5 times Power Rangers almost met its end?

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    For over a year now, I've had an interesting thought. I've noticed that the seasons from the Neo-Saban era seems to be similar to, and fusions of, past seasons. I mean we know every season's plot is that there's a villains trying to take over and a group of young adults or teenagers become Power Rangers to defend the world or universe and destroy the villains. However, many of the seasons that we get nowadays are similar to seasons from years ago. Here's what I mean.

    Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai is similar to Jungle Fury and Wild Force (PRS/PRSS is actually much different from regular seasons, but shares some aspects of PRJF and PRWF):
    1. PRS/PRSS and PRJF both deal with youngsters who are trained for years to specifically combat their respective enemies.
    2. PRS/PRSS and PRJF are both trained to use the natural powers that lie inside them (PRJF had animal spirits, PRS/PRSS had symbol power)
    3. PRS/PRSS and PRJF both had Ranger(s) that weren't given power the same way as the others (PRS/PRSS Gold Ranger wasn't born with symbol power, he used technology and intense study of the Octozord to gain power. PRJF Spirit Rangers were created from Pai-Zhug Masters, their animal spirits, and Rin-Zin power channeled through the Crystal Eyes rather than being human beings who were trained to use animal spirits and were given a boost through Jungle Fury's morphers).
    4. PRS/PRSS and PRWF both dealt with with villains who had actually been able to attack Earth before and were set up in preparation for the villains' return.
    5. PRS/PRSS and PRWF both dealt with one villain who would stand alone and battle Rangers for personal reasons.
    6. The villains of PRS/PRSS, PRWF, and PRJF fed off of something negative (PRS/PRSS's Nighloks fed off of human misery, PRWF's Orgs were strengthened by pollution, PRJF's Dai-Shi clan were strengthened by the humans' fear).

    Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce is similar to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mystic Force:
    1. The origin for PRM/PRSM and MMPR are very similar.
    2. The zords from MMPR and PRM/PRSM were all animal-themed (in a way), and MMPR Green and PRM/PRSM Silver both getting a zord with a drill tail.
    3. PRM/PRSM and MMPR both had 7 color Rangers in total by the end of their respective series.
    4. PRM/PRSM and PRMF both started with a small amount of villains in the beginning but got more as they destroyed bosses, with the last ones outnumbering them and being the strongest of their forces.
    5. PRM/PRSM, MMPR, and PRMF all started pleasantly simple, then increased with complexity as they progressed.

    Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge is similar to Dino Thunder, Operation Overdrive, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
    1. PRDC/PRDSC and PRDT were powered by gems.
    2. PRDC/PRDSC and PROO were searching the world for powerful crystals while dealing with villains who needed said crystals
    3. PRDC/PRDSC and PROO were both dealing with crystals that can affect and alter the universe.
    4. The PRDC/PRDSC villains were so similar to the ones in MMPR (Sledge was like Zedd, Poisandra was the fiancee/wife like Rita was, Fury was like Goldar, Wrench was like Babboo and Finster, Curio was like Squatt, Lord Arcanon was like Master Vile).

    Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel is similar to Ninja Storm and Lost Galaxy:
    1. PRNSt/PRSNSt and PRNS are both Ninja-themed.
    2. PRNSt/PRSNSt and PRNS both deal with small-time aliens who unite as a big force to deal with.
    3. PRNSt/PRSNSt and PRLG both have villains that only come into conflict with them because the Power Rangers are powered by the very thing the villains need in order to be powerful enough for universal domination (PRNSt/PRSNSt's Galvanax wants the Ninja Power Stars, PRLG's Scorpious wanted the Quasar Sabers).
    4. The villains of PRNSt/PRSNSt and PRLG both rely on villains from across the galaxy who fear them to fight the Rangers.

    Perhaps Saban is repeating what is familiar to him?
  • Jason David Frank revealed this photograph. Sure does bring back memories.
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    September 2nd was full of wins, losses, and surprises on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

    The Red Ranger gets his brother back, Galvanax loses his most loyal warrior, and Odius lost her ally but now has a clearer shot at Galvanax now that the only person who didn't trust her is no longer around to raise suspicion or discover her secrets.

    Looks like Odius's project is off to the scrap yard.
    Bye-bye robot "AIDEN"

    And Galvanax's most trusted warrior's reputation and life have been ripped apart by Odius's con. His pig-like mother won't be happy about this.
    Goodbye RIPCON

    At least the Romero family is together again.
  • I found something interesting on Youtube. It's a story of the origin of Zordon and Rita Repulsa. I'll let the words of the Youtuber who posted the vid describe this.

    "The following video is a rarely known of work that gives the official back story on Zordon and Rita from the original Power Rangers series as taken from the show's original bible. Narrated by DAVE MALLOW (the original Power Rangers narrator) and containing music by RON WASSERMAN (the composer of the early seasons).

    I recently discovered an old press release kit made by Saban back in 1993 which amongst several things, contained an audio tape giving details on the origins of Power Rangers including Zordon and Rita's back story, meant to be played with a book for kids and interested vendors. Since there was no video to go with this narration, I added my own using clips from Power Rangers and Super Sentai for the release of the long lost audio clip. *And for those wondering, the book that came with this audio tape just contains pictures from Day of the Dumpster. Nothing new and nothing special. Oh, and the kit contained nothing else you couldn't have gotten from the official fan club.

    I know this back story seems to contradict the back story from another version of the show's Bible (I think different ones were made between the pilot and when the show got underway). However, this is the one that actually got an official release of sorts by Saban. With the recent release of a fan film that showcased the origins of Zordon and Rita, it only seems fitting to hear how the official team behind the show imagined those origins. So enjoy listening and watching!"

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    While working on some discussions recently and thinking about the effect(s) that Dino Charge traveling back and changing the past, I discovered that the Rangerverse that we've grown up watching is a universe that has been altered by time-traveling many times. As a kid, I thought that all the seasons were all part of the natural flow of time and I didn't think much of time-traveling. Seeing in in Time Force made me a bit more aware of its effects and why it sucks at times. Now that I'm older and seeing time travel more often, I now understand that the the whole Power Rangers universe is a big chrono-mess.

    Here's a list of each of the times that the Power Rangers had time-traveling involved...


    1. Rita Repulsa used the Ghost of Darkness to summon the Wizard of Deception to send somebody (it's unknown who) back in time.
    It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this.

    2. In season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Wizard of Deception's magic wand was capable of sending people back in time. He sent the five-man Mighty Morphin Power Ranger team to colonial Angel Grove, turning a trio of rats into monsters to deal with them. Tommy Oliver took his wand and traveled to the past along with his clone Tom Oliver. After rescuing the other Rangers, Tommy returned to the present with his team while Tom stayed in the past.
    It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this.

    3. In season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a Wormhole caused Kimberly and Goldar, Needlenose and the Z-Putties to travel from 1995 to 1880.
    This caused the creation of the Wild West Power Rangers in 1880, making them Earth's first team of Power Rangers instead of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

    4. In season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Rangers sent the Zeo Crystal's five sub-crystals through time to different locations in different time periods.
    The crystals became part of legends and they affected the areas in which they were placed and the people that learned about them (even without knowing the sub-crystals' true nature.

    5. In Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, stuck in their young forms, Tommy, Kat, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam are sent into the past to retrieve pieces of the Zeo Crystal. Each of them was sent to a different location in a different point in time,
    It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this, aside from giving some people relief, ).

    6. In Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Aisha gives her Zeo Crystal to Tanya to replace her as a Ranger. Aisha had decided to stay in the past to help the sick and aggressive animals.
    Aside from Aisha's family's history being altered so that they never leave Africa, and Tanya becoming a Power Ranger while being a child in an adult body, It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this.

    7. In Power Rangers Zeo, Prince Gasket trapped the people of Earth in a time loop, forcing them to relive the same day over and over so that he could observe the best way to attack them.
    It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this.

    8. In Power Rangers Turbo, the Blue Senturion traveled back in time to warn the Turbo Rangers that the United Alliance of Evil would conquer the universe and divide it up amongst themselves in the year 2000.
    This gives the Rangers knowledge of what's to come and it gave them a fighting chance. Eventually, the United Alliance of Evil would be wiped out by the Zordon Wave, preventing the conquering of the Universe and allowing future teams of Power Rangers to exist.

    9. In Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, through unknown means, Carter Grayson was able to return one day into the past to stop the other Power Rangers from being destroyed.
    This allowed the Lightspeed Rangers to live long enough to defeat Queen Bansheera and her demons and allow the world to have a future.

    10. In Power Rangers Time Force, Ransik travels from the year 3000 to the year 2001 with four Time Force Officers in pursuit.
    This caused a long list of changes to the timeline. 1: Time Force Rangers first appear in 2001 at the same time Power Rangers Wild Force began forming.

    11. In Power Rangers Time Force, it was revealed that Time Force's first experiments in time-travel caused their Quantumsaurus Rex to be sent back to the time of the dinosaurs while its control box was sent to a time long after the dinosaurs' extinction. Eventually the control box was found and Eric used it to become Quantum Ranger. Soon after, Quantum Ranger and Red Time Force Ranger went back in time to the age of dinosaurs to retrieve the Q-Rex.
    When the Q-Rex was to the age of the dinosaurs, it seems that time wasn't affected significantly while the control box made Eric the Quantum Ranger. Eric and Wes traveling back in time to retrieve the Q-Rex, which prevented it from being destroyed with the rest of the dinosaurs. Once the Q-Rex was brought to 2001, it gave the Rangers an added advantage against Ransik and his mutant gang and ultimately was both what nearly destroyed the world and what helped save the world in the Time Force Rangers' final battle.

    12. In Power Rangers Wild Force, the Mut-Orgs (Orgs with mutant DNA) travels from the year 3001 to 2002 to team up with Master Org to conquer the world. Four of the Time Force Rangers, along with Ransik and Nadira went after them.
    This caused a team-up that allowed the Time Force Rangers and Wild Force Rangers to meet. This would have affected their familiarity during the Forever Red episode since Cole would not have known Wes and Eric then had the Mut-Orgs not traveled back in time.

    13. In Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Cam used the Scroll of Time to travel into the past and retrieve the Samurai Amulet from his mother, Miko Watanabe.
    This altered Lothor's origins, allowed the Samurai Amulet to be used by Ninja Storm, and prevented a future where the Ninja Storm Rangers were destroyed from ever happening.

    14. In Power Rangers SPD, Emperor Gruumm uses a time portal was to summon Katana, an alien samurai from feudal Kyoto, Japan, to 2025.
    It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this or if it was affected at all.

    15. In Power Rangers SPD, in one future, the Troobian Empire succeeds in destroying the SPD Rangers and Space Patrol Delta, which allows them to conquer Earth with ease. Many years after that, a division of Space Patrol Delta in the future has gained the technology of time travel, but it is rather limited in only sending across an officer and reducing them to a ball of light outside the usage of their SPD powers. This was the means by which Sam, the Omega Ranger, travels back in time, and assists SPD in their fight against the Troobian Empire.
    This prevented Space Patrol Delta and its Rangers from being destroyed, allows the Rangers to survive many battles afterward long enough to defeat the Troobians for good, and gave the Earth a better future.

    16. In Power Rangers SPD, Broodwing used the Dino Gems to transport the three-main Dino Thunder Rangers from the time of their High School reunion to 2025. After the team-up battle, the Dino Thunder Rangers back to the moment in time they were pulled from, with their memories of 2025 erased.
    Due to the memory erasure, no knowledge of the future was brought back to the past and therefore, the timeline was not affected in any way.

    17. In Power Rangers SPD, Emperor Gruumm passed his Terror Spacecraft through a wormhole to travel from 2025 to 2004 to conquer Earth without interference from SPD. Learning of this, the SPD Rangers followed through the wormhole to team-up with the Dino Rangers against the Troobians.
    All the Dino Thunder Rangers, except Tommy Oliver, underwent memory erasure. Only Tommy Oliver and his enemy Zeltrax retain information about the future. It is unknown how anyone else who saw Gruumm's Terror Spacecraft or any of his monsters and footsoldier were affected by this event. With all this said, it's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this.

    18. In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Bridge Carson, now the Red SPD Ranger, came to 2007 as one of five Retro Rangers summoned by Sentinel Knight to replace and later fight alongside the Overdrive Rangers against Thrax.
    It's unknown how the time-stream was affected by this, aside from guaranteeing victory for the Overdrive Rangers during the team-up.

    19. In Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Time Force sent the new Q-Rex Zord from the year 3015 back to 2014 to serve as the Silver Megaforce Ranger's Zord and Megazord. The Silver Ranger called it back through time whenever he needed to engage in a Megazord battle against giant monsters.


    1. In Power Rangers Dino SuperCharge, when Sledge started pulling the Earth out of orbit so he could freeze everyone on Earth and pry the 10 Energems and the Dark Energem from the Rangers' hands with ease. The Rangers destroyed the Dark Energem to unlock the Energem's full power. The Dark Energem's explosion created a black hole that swallowed up Sledge's ship (with crew onboard) and the Earth (with billions of people on it). To save the Earth, all 10 Energems were used to create a time portal to transport the 10 Rangers 65 million years in the past to destroy Sledge long before he can make his return and cause the adventures leading up to Earth's destruction.
    By destroying Sledge and his crew, the Rangers prevented their adventures from ever happening (though the Energems prevent those bonded or affected by them from being affected by timeline changes), prevents the Earth from being destroyed by the black hole and gives the planet a future, and changed many other events throughout the 65 million years.

    2. In Power Rangers Dino SuperCharge, after the Dino Charge Rangers destroy Sledge and his crew in the past, Keeper send Zenowing and Heckyl through time again to prevent Lord Arcanon from stealing the Dark Energem and destroying Sentai 6. Zenowing and Heckyl most likely destroyed Lord Arcanon and Singe.
    By destroying Lord Arcanon and Singe, Zenowing and Heckyl prevent Snide and Doomwing from being created, prevent Sentai 6 from being destroyed and gives the planet a future, prevent Earth's encounter with Arcanon's forces while ensuring the planet's future after the Dino Charge Rangers' changes to the past, and changed many other events throughout the 65 million years. Zenowing and Heckyl are protected from changes to the timeline because they were both affected by the Energems).

    Now ain't that messed up?
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    Came across this picture online. It's from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 "Lights, Camera, Action". It made me think back on the times learning martial arts. The thought that came to my mind was "good reason to never practice martial arts without an experienced martial artist to teach you"
    I'm glad I never ended up doing this while doing the "flying kick", though I can feel when I do the move how you could.

    On a side note, I saw this image online too. Made me think, what if the Power Rangers went Trick-Or-Treating in their Ranger form? Or what if there was a Halloween episode where they had to Trick-Or-Treat in Ranger form to covertly search for a monster, who doesn't recognize them because everyone is in costume?


    And speaking of costumes, check out this pic of Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver) with some fans in Power Rangers costumes.

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    I heard that there's now a role-playing game for Power Rangers. It's called Power Rangers Hyperforce.
    Some will be playing while the online world watched. It can be watched on Twitch.

    Here is the link to the discussion following this role-playing game's online adventure by HyperRPG.
  • I found some videos involving the original plans for Power Rangers back in the 1990's.

    An unknown promo for Galaxy Rangers.

    The original opening for MMPR during the pilot episode
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    This year's villains have been cancelled.

    Goodbye GALVANAX
    Say hello to Ripcon for us.

    Show's over, Ninjas win!

  • So Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel just started off with an incredibly rare moment, especially for villains. Never has this happened in Power Ranger history.
    It may be a sample of what's in store for the 25th anniversary with the latest ninja Rangers as well as another clue as to what dimensions Dino Charge and Ninja Steel take place in.

    How do you like this Power Rangers fans?
  • POWER RANGERS might be getting a new logo soon.

    This is the logo we started out with.

    This is the first time the logo changed.
    The changes: silver lightning, silver wordings, new 3D angle appearance.

    The second time the logo changed. This logo has had many variations, but is the same we've had for nearly a decade. Similar versions exist for Neo-Saban Era.
    The changes: "Saban's" removed due to ownership change.

    Logo change for MMPR series 2010 reversioning

    Logo change for the 2017 Power Rangers movie

    This is the logo we may be getting in 2019 when season 26 arrives.

    What do you think of this?
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    Did you Ranger fans know that Matt Austin, the guy who played Bridge Carson (SPD Green, Blue, and Red), had imaged that S.O.P.H.I.E and Boom from SPD would become SPD Rangers?

    If that were the case, this is the team we'd have since Bridge's promotion from Green Ranger


    Schuyler "Sky" Tate (portrayed by Chris Violette)
    [human], [officer]
    Bridge Carson (portrayed by Matt Austin)
    [human], [officer, the strange one]
    S.O.P.H.I.E (portrayed by Natacha Hutchison)
    [cyborg], [computer programmer]
    Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (portrayed by Monica May)
    [human], [former street thief, tomboy]
    Sydney "Syd" Drew (portrayed by Alycia Purrott)
    [human], [officer, rich girl]


    Bridge Carson (portrayed by Matt Austin)
    [human], [officer, the strange one]
    S.O.P.H.I.E (portrayed by Natacha Hutchison)
    [cyborg], [computer programmer]
    Boom (portrayed by Kelson Henderson)
    [human], [chief gadget tester]
    Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (portrayed by Monica May)
    [human], [former street thief, tomboy]
    Sydney "Syd" Drew (portrayed by Alycia Purrott)
    [human], [officer, rich girl]
  • Speaking of SPD. I think a picture from Super Sentai DekaRanger possibly gives us an idea as to what many SPD bases look like.
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