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Why did Power Rangers Turbo suck! Ratings low... etc..

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Ive heard many people say and online that many people did not like power rangers turbo like the first half of the season. i personally did not watch turbo imissed a lot of episodes but why does this season suck!??


  • Maybe it's because some of the cast from previous season were leaving the show including the four Rangers being replaced by newcomers while Blake Foster remained as Justin Stewart the Blue Turbo Ranger.
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    yuh i guess but i heard that the movie many fans said nothin but negative things and they said the season was lame the first half then later got better but the first half should be the best hello!! the 4 original cast!! they said the season got better with the replacements.. wtf im still confuse waht exactly happen?!! n btw divatox the replacement talks so deep sounds like a man lol
  • I didn't think the movie was that bad. Due to the fact that unlike the first one, this one took place between the end of Zeo and the beginning of Turbo.
  • I don't think people where complaining about the movie being bad as much as the ending for Power Rangers Zeo being bad. Zeo just kind of disappeared and in came the Turbo Movie, which I thought was very well done. The first 5 episodes or so of Turbo were really good, then it started getting repetitive and then it got better and more well written with the new Team. Then everyone loved the new team in power rangers In Space. I myself always liked Turbo, but I agree that Blake Foster was a terrible actor and they should have just left Rocky as the blue ranger and then later brought Justin in with the replacements.
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    I also heard that they didnt knw how to use the japanese footage and they decided to make it a comedy season instead of a dark one... i watch an episode and the japanese footage did not make any sence to the eps story it was kinda dumb... its sad thanks to turbo power rangers was goin to be cancelled.. i wonder if thats the reason why JDF nad kat decided to leave cus of the dumb story and writting.. and i also wonder if it wasnt for this new replacement woman comin in to replace the original divatox we prob would of not be having a demitra..:) n well be having zordon till the end.. btw why did the producers decided to get rid of zordon?...
  • According to the story, Zordon was ready to go home. to see his family and what not, but yeah. I don't like how they made Zordon leave the rangers with that annoying person.
  • heres the movie review its helarius!! lmao
  • I think there are a few reasons as to why Turbo didn't succeed with fans.

    1. No ending to Zeo. We just saw the Rangers defeating Mondo and Cogs but Mondo survives. However Zedd and Rita blow up the Machine Empire and they're ready to be back in control but next thing you know, they're sleeping away, not interested in attacking the Rangers.

    2. Zordon and Alpha 5 leaing.
    3. Alpha 6 and his attitude.
    4. Dimitria and her questioning nature.
    5. Justin. Now I didn't mind him so much. I just wasn't a fan of them making him a genius when they really didn't do anything with it. Billy always did a bunch of things to help out with the team. Justin didn't.
  • I just thought he was annoying and kind of braggy about how smart he was but like you said, he never did anything with his brain.
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    My reasons for
    Not Liking the Turbo season: the plots were uninteresting, there was not enough dramatics, the guys from the previous seasons, Dimetria, Alpha 6, and the season finale.
    Liking the Turbo season: The Turbo theme song was good, Zordon, Alpha 5, they made a kid into a Power Ranger, the villains were funny, the possible romance between Cassie and Phantom Ranger, the replacements.
    Fellow Ranger fans, take note that I like to see each Ranger team have different people, not use the same guys over and over for new teams. Here's an Example:
    I don't like: The MMPR Red was Jason and Rocky.
    I like: PRIS Red was Andros, PRLG Red was Leo, PRLR Red was Carter.
    You guys get what I mean?
  • @PRThunder you have a point with the plots. The whole bomb thing was pretty boring, to say the least. Not to mention, putting a bomb on a Firetruck turns it into a monster that looks like a Firetruck?

    Also PRLG Red was Carter? I thought he was PRLR Red. Sorry, had to do that. I couldn't resist. But you do have a good point with using different people for new Rangers. It would have made things a lot easier for our Legendary War.
  • If im not mistaken when JDF n kat told the producers during turbo that they wanted to leave the show they added both Carlos and Ashley early around eps 15-17 they were originally were going to be replacing tommmy n kat as red n pink rangers.. but later they change producers n writters n he decided to replace the whole original cast n later added cassie n TJ n changed the ranger colors making TJ red n cassie pink
  • 1)They change from Zeo to turbo for no apparent reason
    2)They change the cast for no apparent reason
    3)They change the adorable Alpha 5 to the Alpha 6
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    The Turbo movie failed to transition from Zeo to Turbo well at all, partially because of the massive script rewrites and cuts it went through to strip it down to the bare minimum. But I still found it quite entertaining. That was mostly because of Hilary Shepard Turner as Divatox, who was hysterical and a breath of fresh air after the Machine Empire, who I found really boring.

    Unfortunately, when the series started and Carol Hoyt took over as Divatox, I lost the one real reason I liked the movie. Hoyt isn't necessarily a worse actress, but the way she played Divatox was bland and uninteresting, and only served to highlight how ineffective and dumb a villain she was (you'd think that after one or two tries of detonators set for an hour she'd start setting them to like... thirty seconds, or something). Plus turning Bulk and Skull into chimps wasn't funny, and robbed the show of their trademark physical humor.

    I think (along with most viewers at the time, since the ratings went up) that the half of the season after the power transfer was much better. Not because of the new rangers - they were inexperienced and couldn't act to save their lives, like most rangers just starting out - but because we got back Bulk & Skull, and eventually Turner returned to the Divatox role and made her a riot and loads of fun to watch all over again. Plus the arrival of her brother, the Space Base, the capture of the Phantom Ranger, and the ongoing Divazord plot arc made her a much more credible threat.

    I'll be honest: When Space started I was initially sad to see Astronema take over. Melody Perkins' acting early on was just atrocious, the worst acting for a villain ever up to that point, and she was far less interesting to me. Once they started getting more into her backstory and Melody started doing better in her performance, though, I liked her.

    EDIT: Also, the review was kind of funny but also unfortunately includes a lot of dumb mistakes on the reviewer's part, namely his assertion that the movie isn't in continuity.
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    It was pointless to replace the MMPR Rangers, then change the MMPR Rangers to the Zeo Rangers, and the Zeo Rangers to the Turbo Rangers, and the Turbo Rangers to the Space Rangers. Just give all the Rangers an individual identity like most seasons did. BTW I agree with @UFAlien. It had some failures, but Divatox was funny when angry. Here are 2 video of her.
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