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dreams or nightmares involving power rangers

edited July 2012 in General Discussion
I got this idea from a message board posting on rangercrew list any weird dreams you have had involving power rangers or sentai.

heres mine

I remember one I had years ago (this was in s1 mmpr and vr troopers had just started) all I remember is the mmpr group did something stupid and got the boot and the vr troopers took over.

I had a really weird one that was a pris/hellsing crossover in which cassie was a damphmier (half vampire) and Alucard was her father.


  • I had a very odd dream where the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger gets injured in a fight with a monster, then suddenly he gets replaced/switched by a female Lost Galaxy Red Ranger, who finishes the fight. Me and the other Rangers were very confused. Once the fight is done, the male Red Ranger comes back.
    The Red Rangers switched up the same way Green Lantern John Stewart gets replaced/switched places by Green Lantern Hal Jorden in the Justice League animated series.
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