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edited July 2012 in General Discussion
hey everyone I have the intro up for my fic on youtube if you want to check it out enjoy.


  • and this is way late but heres the second intro with the first cast add on for the fic

  • Well I would of add 3 guys and 3 girls on the team instead of two girls and 5 guys and for new rangers I would add another girl and to make Emma even. The colors should be Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple Blue,Black, Orange, And Brown we haven't had a Orange or Brown rangers just White, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Black, Green, Blue, and Red. The couples should be Red and Orange, Yellow and Brown, Pink and Black, Purple and Blue. Why Red Rangers and Pink Rangers always gets together, Blue and Pink at times gets together, Yellow and Blue or Black or Green Rangers always gets together. So we never had a Red Ranger and Orange Rangers Relationship or Pink Rangers and Black rangers couples sometimes Pink Ranger and Blue Rangers have chemistry look at TJ and Cassie, Kevin and Mia, Preston and Sarah.
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