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Special Power Rangers Dino Thunder episodes (A Must-See Discussion)

I've been watching Power Rangers for years. I loved Dino Thunder, but there was something hidden. Thanks to this site ( I have discovered the 2 Dino Thunder videos that not a lot of Ranger fans might have seen. I present to you "Power Rangers Dino Thunder Special Episodes"...
and the episode with Tommy's video diary "Legacy of Power"

Video 1= PRDT: BEFORE IT BEGAN": In the aftermath of Dino Thuder's final battle with Mesogog, Ethan and Kira discover a big rock underneath Hayley's Cyber Cafe which is connected to the Morphing Grid. It shows Ethan and Kira the future and their generation (season 13) of Power Rangers...... Space Patrol Delta

Video 2= "PRDT: RETURN OF THE RANGER": Tommy Oliver discusses his lessons in karate through his adventures as a Power Ranger.


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