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Jaydens sister

edited February 2012 in General Discussion
Najee was asked when the jaydens sister will appear his responce 'if their is i dont know anything about it...' this seems really odd najee has replied to me mny times and what he says is always right so its odd he knows nOthing about a female red


  • edited February 2012're reading too much into it and what he's really saying is he wants to keep it a mystery and not give it away.

    EDIT: Yeah, you're reading way too much into it. This is what Najee said in reply, word for word "if thier is i dont know anything bout it best things ta do is just keep watchin <<<."

    Basically, he's doing what the other cast members are doing. If they don't want to spoil anything they just tell you to keep watching. He knows about the sister thing, he just doesn't want to spoil it for everyone.
  • Spoiling is for jerks. lol i hate spoiling. I try not to ruin things for other people :)
  • edited February 2012
    Hell, considering most people have already seen Shinkenger, it's not really spoiling anything (in my opinion at least), but yeah I know.
  • Well I'm just gonna watch and wait to see what happens
  • Very true NightMere plus not to mention they likely can't say anything but some actors might not want to admit that so they'll try and put a spin on it.
    They probably did end up signing a NDA after all.

    Granted a lot of us (even the ones who haven't seen Shinkenger) already know a bunch of things about Shinkenger.
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