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MMPR - Are They The First Ranger Team On Earth??

edited December 2011 in General Discussion
I was watching the episodes when Kimberly goes back in time to the wild west, and it got me wondering that if Kimberly makes their ancestors Power Rangers doesn't it technically make them Earths first team of Power Rangers. Making the team of Tommy, Billy, Rocky, Adam, Kimberly and Aisha Earth's second team of rangers??


  • Well, it depends i guess. In the power ranger universe, it started with mmpr, but there have been plenty of times where they have mentioned the existence. The MMPR movie for instance. The ninjetti powers were from long before them, thousands of years. Including the zords that were buried. Also, there have been a few seasons where the rangers have gotten their powers by "finding" the power that has been lost for years.

    Now, if you look at this outside the power ranger univserse, super sentai had 15 seasons before mmpr came along. Which wouldn't make them the first.
  • Thats very true... but I was refering to just the power ranger universe, because if you were to bring in the super sentai it would be even more confusing. Like the power rangers samurai passes the powers down the generation, and their opening always says centuries ago. This is what really confuses me about the power ranger universe, regardless of my love for it.
  • I think once it went back in time, then yes, they would be the second but when the show started, that hadn't happened. Technically, they would be changing what would happen in the future when they did that.

    And technically, Samurai isn't even in the same universe as MMPR so it doesn't matter in the case of that story line.
  • That makes sense that if they go in time it changes the future.
  • Yeah, but they never actually covered that in the show. Although, since the show is directed more towards kids, I don't think the kids would actually think about that so they didn't write it that way
  • I guess your right, but then again they probably should have realised that there are people out there who like to pick apart the plot holes and stuff like that.
  • I think they do. But, like I said, they're mainly pointing things at the younger audience. But, I do like how in the Origins episode for Samurai they had Bulk at least mention his stint with the Power Rangers before he got there
  • Maybe, and yh I like that bulk refers to a bit of his past with the rangers.
  • Well the power coins were also around for centuries. Zordon likely had the dino coins in his possession for at least 10,000 years. Just like Rita has possession of the green power coin. They were likely used back then at least at one point by Zordon and some rangers of his. If you recall, Rita already knew what they were called. The Dino Zords were likely the same age as the coin. Both them and the Zords being created by Ninjor and then later found by Zordon and the green coin likely by Rita.

    Now we can bring into question some other powers as well.

    Alien Rangers
    It was never said how old their powers were. Their Zords we know were made by Ninjor though.

    Zeo Crystal
    The Zeo Crystal itself has been around for at least as long as the Power Coins. It was mentioned that when Zedd tried to get it, he became deformed or whatever you want to call his look we saw. Now it is questionable if the Zeo Powers were ever harnessed by Zordon or another to form a team of rangers. At least if we take into account the Gold Ranger who's power signature was similar to that of the Zeo Crystals. If I recall though wasn't the Zeo Crystal cut into 6 pieces at one point and scattered through time. So I am thinking the 6th piece which was never retrieved, ended up on Triforia at some point and was used in becoming the power source for the Gold Ranger. How long ago in the past though it is hard to say. Got to wonder if Zordon knew about it. He probably did which is likely the real reason he didn't send Billy after that piece of the Zeo Crystal. He just used the excuse of him being back to his real age to not have do it because of the effect it could have on the timeline.

    Quasar Sabers
    These are at least 3,000 years old. Older then the Dino Coins and Zeo Crystal, possibly but probably not.

    Time Force
    While a force from the future, Wes and Ryan did travel to prehistoric days. Likely before the Power Coins were created. So it could be said they were the first first Power Rangers. lol

    Wild Force
    These powers seem to be at least 3,000 years old. So pretty much as old as the Quasar Sabers. Like the Quasar Sabers there is always a chance they could be as old as the Power Coins, but it is unlikely.

    Ninja Storm
    How old the Wind Morphers and Thunder Storm Morphers are is unknown. They were passed down in the Ninja Temples for a long time. Just as the Samurai Amulet was passed out in Cam's mother's family line. It is possible they were all created by Ninjor at some point. They could be as old as the Power Coins themselves. Though likely not.

    Mystic Force
    How old these powers could be is questionable. Simply cause of the nature of their powers is magic. It is very possible some variation of these existed as far back as 10,000 years ago. Makes you wonder if perhaps before Zordon was sealed away if perhaps he morphed in a similar manor. After all he was said to be a powerful wizard.

    First let me say I really hate this series. As for how old the powers could be. Likely about as old as the Wild Force powers and Quasar Sabers. Older then the Power Coins? I am not sure. But it is possible their creator might have also been Ninjor. If he indeed made the Samurai Amulet, I can see no reason why he couldn't have created this. Granted it more or less uses their Chi Energy. But I think Ninjor would likely also know about using one's Chi.

    Something I have noticed in Power Rangers is either some of the powers and villains date back to 3,000 or so years or they are they are about 10,000 years old. We have seen in MMPR enemies over 10,000 years and then later on Jungle Fury who were that old. Now what I wonder is if all the powers above, except Time Force and the Zeo Rangers, might have all been around at one point 10,000 years ago. Possibly there was a great battle and they united to take on the great threat that was Rita, Zedd, Dai Shi and other enemies. At some point Zedd retreated leaving Rita in charge only for her to get sealed away. But not before trapping Zordon in a time warp. After the great war, with the enemies all sealed away, destroyed or having retreated, the teams parted ways while Zordon set up a command center to keep watch on things. 2 left the Earth while the rest stayed. Over time the knowledge of the other teams became lost except to Zordon. As for Ninjor, well Zordon had never even seen Ninjor until after the dino coins were destroyed. So we know he is well over 10,000 years old. What direct contact he may have had with some of the other teams, even if he made their powers, is hard to say. Perhaps none. They could have been found much in the same manor as the Dino Power Coins were.
  • What do the rest of the seasons have to do with MMPR? That's what the real question was about.
  • Yh, what do they have to do with my question??? Fair enough your trying to justify that power rangers doesnt always follow a set sequence of events but some seasons are set in a different time line.
  • Actually, I have to disagree a little bit. MMPR-Space are in one time line and then the rest are different
  • Thats kinda what I meant by some if the other season are in a different time line, though I should have said the majority of them are in a different time line.

    Though if after space they are in a different time line how did all the crossovers, and the forever red episode happen... I think I'm just confusing myself now.
  • Yeah, that's what made me confused as well. But, in the whole actual story line (like mentioned in the pilot episode special) MMPR-Space were the only ones that are really connected. Technically, Samurai and MMPR are too because of Bulk but whatever
  • yh i got that those were the only ones that were intentionally linked, and the galaxy rangers weren't on earth but afterwards its just really confused me to no end.

    i never thought that samurai was linked to MMPR before, but the whole Bulk returning makes it so, but they say that the power is passed down from generation to generation... this is severly confusing me even more now...
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