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Video format for episodes?

edited January 2012 in General Discussion
Hey all having a little problem with downloading episodes and wondering if anyone else is having the same. When I try to download some of the links from mediafire, some of the episodes are in a AVI format and are in parts. I've tried watching them and converting them as well but nothing happens. Here are some of the videos I'm having problems with
MMPR episode 6, 18-21
ZEO episode 8-11

If you have any solutions Thank you


  • If you are having trouble playing .avi files, I suggest downloading Media Player Classic, or VLC player. As for the files that are in parts. If they are .rar, download winrar, if they are .001, .002, download hjsplit.
  • also some split files in rar format with give you the option to merge them into one file.
  • thanks. I downloaded MPC and it played fine wish realplayer could convert it but oh well lol
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