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Most Memorable Season Growing Up?

edited January 2012 in General Discussion
What was your childhood season? what season did you start watching at?
My favorite Childhood season was MMPR & Zeo
I started at MMPR when it first aired!
I stopped watching after Time Force & have recently watched all the older ones, i like them all but OverDrive


  • Well my most memorable season is In Space and thats cause Space was when I started watching it.
  • Honestly, I think this could easily fit under the "What's your favorite season" thread, because it's basically just stating the same thing
  • nice, i didnt see that thread. my bad :/
  • MMPR no doubt but i like in space cause of the storyline cryied when zordon died
  • i guess i'd have to go with MMPR season 1. i grew up watching old eps of Ultraman and Godzilla movies and MMPR was something i immediately loved. then...they introduced the Green Ranger and i was blown away.
  • In Space was another one of my childhood favorites! I remember going to my aunts house every saturday to watch it because we didnt have TV for half a year haha
  • edited January 2012
    Time force cuz that when i was really watching it but my dad said i have been watching power rangers since i was 6 MONTHS lol
  • i used to watch Time Force & Lightspeed Rescue with my cousin. I remember we saved up money & got us the Lightspeed Rescue video game for the gameboy haha.
  • I started watching from the beginning. My favorite season is Power Rangers in Space but MMPR will always be the most memorable/nostalgic for me.
  • edited January 2012
    MastaDan, i thought i was the only one, i was 3 when the show first aired. i watched all the way till dino thunder! now im going through netflix & watching them all. i hope the better quality versions of the episodes get uploaded here so i can just use those haha
  • Honestly, I think this could easily fit under the "What's your favorite season" thread, because it's basically just stating the same thing
    Not necessarily. Most memorable and favourite could be a very different thing. For most of the people here, including me, MMPR will probably be the most memorable from our childhoods, but that doesn't mean it is the favourite of everyone here.
  • That's a good point, coreymon
  • yeah, like i said MMPR is my most memorable...but it isn't my favorite.
  • mmpr is one of my favorites/most memorable. but MMPR kinda sucked after the first season then got okay the 3rd season. zeo is were power rangers started getting really good!
  • My most memorable and favourite season is in space
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