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Better Evil Ranger?

edited January 2012 in General Discussion
Tommy Or Trent? I personally like Trent better but tommy brings back Childhood memories that Trent doesnt!


  • Hmm i like Trent cause he had more of a story line, but Tommy, like you said brings back memories.

    Thiugh I did like Jason and Kimberly when they were evil in the turbo movie... Even though it was for like 5 minutes
  • yeah Jason was kinda cool bad. lol i forgot about that.
  • I'd have to say Jason and Kim even if it was for less than ten minutes. It was cool seeing Jason in another light instead of being a goody-goody and AJ really went for it with the evil thing and made it cooler than when Kat was evil. Kat just annoyed me when she was evil, Kim was awesome
  • Tommy, no contest
  • kat just annoyed me in general lmao i was mad when Kim left the show!
  • Tommy was the better of the evil Power Rangers. He had a great evil laugh, good acting, powerful morphing ability and seemed to take pleasure in causing the destruction. He would have destroyed the rangers on their first encounter if it wasn't for Rita ordering him to withdrawl. The only reason why he lost to Jason in part 5 was because of the sword. It was his weakness. Destroy it and the spell was broken. So Jason had a target.
  • BTW another thought. What about the Psycho Rangers? If any evil rangers were better then Tommy it would be them.
  • yes, trent, tommy & the psycho rangers were the best! i liked all of them
  • I liked Tommy the best as the evil Ranger. He had an awesome and still creepy laugh, his character was well developed (if a little cheesy to begin with) and had an air of mystery right from the start. JDF acted him brilliantly and it was obvious he could wipe out the rangers if he really wanted to. But, the psychos came a close second. I'd just choose Tommy as the psychos were monsters that were inherently evil, whereas Tommy was a human who became evil and still took pleasure in causing destruction.
  • hunter & blake were ok. they were nothing special though. i thought they were better when they joined the other ninja storm rangers.
  • Tommy, Trent, and the Psycho Rangers.
  • agreed prthunder.
  • Tommy, Ryan, Trent, and the Psycho Rangers.
  • yeah. i was just about to see if anyone remembered that Ryan Mitchel started off as an evil ranger, but it was only for like 2 episodes? i think
  • The Psycho Rangers were awesome. Besides the GWE mini series, that part in In Space had me hooked
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